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 i love you guys on yahoo answers?
i have depression, it runs in my family, my sister and brother took their own life, i use yahoo answers to cope, even if i do not know anyone of you, i love that fact that you take the time to read ...

 I always think that Ill miss out on something if I sleep, does anyone else get this???

 I have depression since i was a youngester. I have tried mulitile medications. There are next to nothing left?
I though have noticed the ssri class of meds seem to work betters than others. the only problem was that it caused extreme constipation. But mentally i did feel better. I think the onlt ssri med i ...

 My head feels strange like I'm sleepwalking almost...?
My head feels weird. It's kinda dizzy and when I walk I feel like I'm sleepwalking. I can hardly think and I feel like I'm half asleep. I was sick yesterday and this morning but now my ...

 i feel like im in a?
fog of love. everything is perfect now, i have been waiting all my life for this time. Have you felt this way?...

 wat do u think is best gift to give ur elders on birthday?

 Need help with poser!?
There's a girl at my school who is very rich, has very nice parents, all relatives alive, has nothing wrong with her life, has a private boat and goes to the Carribean every weekend, and yet she ...

 What is ur biggest fear?Only FEAR not PHOBIA?
Phobia is unnecessary fear...
bt Im talking abt just fear which valid 1....

Mine is CAT,I don't know why bt it irritates me,scare me & there is a nasty feeling when I see CAT&...

 How do we live a meaningful life?
Why is it so hard to live in the present without constantly worry about the future?
Why is it so hard to take chances?
Why is it so easy to be skeptical of your talents?...

 Do you think that physical abuse is worse then emotional abuse?

 I am 23, I thought life was meant to be better than this?
I am 23 and have almost no friends, I work doing temporary contracts, so I have breaks in between, I earn about £200 per week when working (not a lot) and I live at home. I cant drive and my only ...

 I have a social disorder?
i really wish i wasnt true but i have to accept that i am. I know its SAD (social anxiety disorder). For some reason i cant make eye contact with anyone and for some reason in class i tend to cover ...

 why am i crying?
there is nothing going on in my life right now, sure i have been stressed lately. but would that cause me to break down and cry. i cried in the bath tub last night for no reason at all. what gives?...

 How do I stop comfort-eating? I do it whenever I'm under emotional strain. What can I do instead?
I used to self harm - I haven't done it for a few months, but I'd much rather have cuts over my legs than be fat. I just don't know how else to cope with stress, disappointment, ...

 What will you do when you feel negetive about watever happens in your life?
How to get rid of negetive thoughts and cocentrate in our job?...

 What makes you remember things?
does friut make you remember ...

 What is the best way to overcome mothers death?
my mother passed away and i really miss her can u ...

 What are ways to exercise my mind to relieve stress before it causes an emotional and physical break down?
I'm re-asking this question. Before anyone answers, please be serious about your answer. As of right now, I can barely sleep at all and I'm having trouble sleeping. I can never leave the ...

 I think I have had depression for about 3 years now, and it's getting worse. What should I do?
And how do I know if I haven't just been sad this whole time?

I get very anxious and stressed over small situations. I am exremely insecure. The eating disorder I had in high school ...

 Wish i was dead...what do i do?
I have another account but just don't want to ask this Q on it...

I'm 18 years old, fm and have been self harming(cutting) since i was 11 years old.
A couple of days ago i ...

bb c
cold-hearted women,why?
what can u do for a cold-hearted women, is there a cure?

nope no cure for being cold hearted

Most likely if a woman is cold-hearted, it's because she's been hurt a lot in the past. Just give her time and let her warm up to you. Be patient. Take your time. Show her that you can be trusted. Do nice things for her. In time, if she is willing, she will warm up.

well you mean cold hearted, because..well i know what therapy or well, the hearts are really hot not cold the blood is hot but thats for feelings.. well i don't know your question are you talking about yourself or another woman.

Miss Brooke
Pray for her!

volunteer it makes you feel sooo good

No. We were born this way. Can't fix us. Be gone with you.

a warm-heart...

yes, be kind and gentle to her. there is usually a reason for a woman to be cold-harted. could be upbringing, bad experiences etc. try your best to melt the ice around her heart. lol

Dig into her past.

Be patient. she will eventually see that you really cared and open her heart slowly.

that is to disguise cuz they brought sin into this world and more than the devil himself

lol I don't think so. Maybe something to warm them up to you.

Its gonna take one hell of a man to break her if at all possible.

find a new one.

go to therapy and talk to people.

This person may have been hurt in the past and is protecting herself with the shield of being cold hearted. Depending how much time and effort you want to invest in the relationship, delve into the past (obviously this will occur over months or years, not in one or two days or weeks). She probably is a sweet individual who is very afraid of being hurt again. Also, is/was there some abusive relationship in her past?
Good Luck to you!

A cold hearted woman is a very insecure woman, just have pacience and show her how to be more warn.

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