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I have been stuck in this state for 30 years!...

Im downstairs by myself with my parents upstairs. i heard scratching on my door leading to the outside, i can hear breathing in the distant which i think is coming from outside my room! im freaking ...

 Is it normal to feel like a failure when you can't help somebody?
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 Dont laugh...can you actually be addicted to chocolate?

 My doctor prescribed me prozac. Does this mean I am crazy?

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 I'm scared whats wrong with me?
I have been stressed for a long time, i also have derpression
but this moring i woke up feeling really sick and felt like i wanted to faint, also my mother who is diabled fell over this moring, ...

 My sister who is 18 years old cries every night for no reason and is always moody and sad and emotional...?
i think she may be depressed but about what? her life is good, no problems at all, she doesnt wana talk to a counsilor as he/she wud b a stranget then...help, any advice plz?!
Additional D...

 do adults/parents think teens being depressed is just puberty?
i took online depression quizzes
and i got pretty bad scores
i want to tell my parents
but i dont think they'll believe it because i act silly and stuff at home
i feel like ...

I watched a scary movie couple days ago and after i just cant sleep, i'm noot like a normal kid, i'm jittery, very gloomy, i.. i hate it!, but This may help: I'm sorta young, and ...

 I want to try weed, but i'm still not entirely sure...?
I just want to try it, i'm the only person out of all of my friends, cousins, who hasn't.. I feel kind of pressured yet again I do want to try it. I'm afraid but they all say that ...

 suicidal thoughts, got out of the hospital for attempt in december?
I am feeling suicidal right now.
I have called my therapist and talked to her.
She asked if i wanted to go to the hospital.
I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt mid-December.

 I am scared!!!?
I am pretty sure i have postpartum deprssion. I am going to the doctor tomorrow moring. I am scared she is going to take my baby away or put me in a mental hospital. I don't feel i am a harm to ...

 i need this answered in like 15 minutes haha pleasee thank you!!<3?
ok well its 345ish now and i have to get up at 5. if i go to sleep now will it help me at all or is it just better to stay up?? kayy ...

 sad songs about depression?
for some strange reaosn all i can listen to is sad, depressing music. even when i'm feeling relitavely happy.

how do you know when you are medically depressed ? if theres such a thing....

 Weird habits you have that you're not sure anyone else has?
well maybe you know some people do it, but whatever:
i always step on every crack on the sidewalk.
weird habits- what are yours?...

 Positives of being pale?
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 Should I commit suicide?
I am a thirteen year old boy. My life has been poor from the start. I am always unlucky, I have no friends, no girlfriend, i'm not strong at any subjects, not good at sport and my family hate me....

 what are good ways to "de-stress" yourself?
things that don't take very long, but can still make you less stressed....

 is there something wrong with my 16 year old daughter?
My daughter is sixteen and scared of everything. She has slept in the bedroom that my husband and i share for the past four days because she thought there was someone she couldn't see in her ...

Why don't mental health professionals laugh when you laugh?
..Or is it just me?

becausee i lovee to lick them

Matthew F
Because they're better than you.

tiny dan
you are wasting your time with a shrink , its better to talk to a friend or family member about your problems , take the money you save and take your friend or family member out for dinner

David H
My moms a mental health counselor and she has the largest laugh I know of. It's Famous/imfamous where I live.

umm will idk my therapist laughs when i tell her something funny she laughts maybe your metal health professionals are too serious

Sometimes they do...it depends on the situation, the subject matter, the appropriateness of the laughter.....otherwise, remaining neutral is the most appropriate response. Laughing can sometimes be misinterpreted, so it's use with caution. kjl

coz dey got no sense of humourr

broken crystal
It depends on what you're laughing at. Some people don't take their problems seriously, which is a sign of denial and they don't want to encourage that. Or they don't want to make you feel like your problems aren't important. A lot of people feel guilty for seeking help because they think they are "whining" or other people have it worse, so if your psychologist or psychiatrist laughed they may be doing more harm than good.

No New World Order
They like you. Otherwise they'd just sit there quite scribbling away.

David C
The don't laugh when you laugh because they are too busy trying to figure out why you are laughing?

They always seem like they're not really involved in the conversation. They don't respond to much, actually...they just write down a few notes about how the person is acting.

...And sometimes act snobbish, but I guess that comes with the job.

sam s
well if you are their patient they definately wouldnt want it to appear that they are laughing at you.

probably because they've heard it all and you might not be funny. i don't mean that in a bad way, but just because you find something funny, doesn't mean that it is funny...just to you. also, laughing is sometimes JUST a sign of nervousness.

hey, this is one of the most interresting questions I've come across so far! You know, I was wondering sometimes why I laugh (and don't find it funny later)? isn't laughing a defense mechanism? biologically, it's almost indistinctable from behavior such as crying (did you ever see "them" cry with you?)?

it realy is a defense mechanism... trust me on this... I've stand there and watched young mother's and father's cry over their just died baby... and all I could do... was nothing. But it hits a few days, weeks, months and sometimes years later. It doesn't mean that one doesn't feel anything, it's just a poor attempt of not being human...

they won't laugh cause they have to play the good guy cause some people laugh when they deal with stress (i do this). I laughed at my teacher once and made him laugh when he was teaching so laughing usually is contagious

Because they're analysing and judging every single tiny thing you do so they can give you some kind of diagnosis because all most people want is a label for their neuroses right? hehe

Either that or you're laughing at some seriously weird stuff

My doctor, who is an internist, laughs with me, about me and some of my weird questions, and is the most human health professional I have ever met. Takes forever to get an appt. with him, but he's worth the wait. Everyone loves him. His name is Frank Karneges.

mimi x.
i dont know haha but it annoys me.
ill make a fantastic joke and my therapist will be like
"......so how does that make you feel?"

i would say that they have to remain objective in order to help you. if they laugh or cry they are becoming emotionally involved and this hinders their ability to do their job.....now that that is out of the way.................WHEW!....you feel that something was missed when this person or people didn't or won't laugh with you....you are most certainly RIGHT! if people would just let their guard down a little sometimes, there would be a lot less need for mental health professionals around .....hmmm...maybe it's a money thing.

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