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 My best friend might kill herself tonight PLEASE HELP ME!?
my best friend is only 14 years old she just lost her aunt grandpa grandma and father last year now tomorrow she found out her other grandfather is dying her mother is in deep depression and i am ...

 am I funny??? allora???
why does everybody say i'm not funny???
sigh... :'(

 I think i have deppression im 15 years old? dont know how to tell my mom?
Dont know how i got it but i think it was becase of a decision of highschool that affected my college years. depresed cause i think my mom didint like my ...

 Will taking my anti psychotic medication Invega help with my dellusional thinking?
I take something small and it turns into this humongous very wrong distorted view which causes so many problems. Now theres other reasons im prescribed invega and cymbalta but will invega help with ...

 Should I feel guilty about having bipolar?
My mother just found out that they diagnosed me, a 15 year old girl with bipolar. She keeps crying about saying she feels so horrible watching me go through things she can't help me with.

 Do I have a phobia?
Ok so i'm TERRIFIED of roaches.
I have been like that every since I was little.
but each time I see one I get really scared and like my heart starts racing really fast and it feels ...

 is there something that can improve my concentration?
I have trouble reading because i cannot concentrate. its not that i'm a poor reader it's just because i become easily distracted with other thoughts or just simply drift away and become ...

 If you were suspicous of someones question, that you strongly believed that the writer was threateing suicide,?
What would you do,? I have his phone number as I found it in an answer he wrote, should I contact his family? What would you do?
Additional Details
OK I've called their home and ...

 Does it automatically mean I'm crazy cause I have no friends and prefer to be alone?
Most of my family members come over to my mom's house everyday. And a lot of my brother's friends come over quite often as well. Usually my mom's friends are in the den and my brother&#...

 who do you fantasise about?

 How do You Go to Sleep Fast without Any Drugs?
i Can't go To Sleep =P
Any ideas on how to Fall asleep Fast?...

 Autism / Asperger's Questions?
I strongly suspect my 2 1/2 year old son has some form of Autism. The only thing that makes everybody a little skeptical is that he shows plenty of emotion, imaginative play, and really looks at you ...

 How to stop procrastination?
Im a horrible procrastinator and i always leave things to the very last minute. Like right now i have an assignment due tomorrow that i havent started, one due on wednesday that i havent started, and ...

 My family are constantly arguing with me?
My mom tell me you should be ashamed of yourself for taking meds and spreads
gossip about me. She even claimed before her brief hospitalization that I did
not care about her cancer (...

 Why do i always feel like this? I feel like giving up now?
Well i suffer from depression
i have no confidence and no self esteem
i always feel like ive just stuffed everything up
like ill be getting alone really well with someone one day, and ...

 how many of you have tried to comitt suicide?
there are so many posts here about killing one's self. Please please please do not do so. There are so many people who love and care for you. Honestly it is hard for loved ones to admit that ...

 I want to know your experience of a mental hospital!?
Please tell me because I have to go to one and I am scarred!
Additional Details
opps meant ...

 Do you think I have necrophobia? ( fear of dead things)?
Every time I go downtown, I see a dead bird, or worse, that dead rotten bony dog mashed up on the street, I can't think of anything more than to run away as fast as I can away from it. I just ...

 Where's the tricky boundary between Insanity and sanity?

 Regarding Drugs Addiction......De-tox?
One of my close friend HAS BEEN DOING Prescription drugs for last 4-5 years...Cough Syrups,Codeine,DXM...Doctor has suggested for Detox.......How can i go for it the best way..........

A. Jackson
Why don't I have any real friends? I am still having conversations with myself?
I don't have one real friend. All I do is talk to myself. Haven't you ever felt lonely?

Have you ever felt like you had a split personality?

Why is my life going so bad?

I don't understand, what is even a split personality?

My parents put so much pressure on me, and I don't know why.

I don't have one real friend, and on Facebook. I have no friends. No one wants to talk to me on Facebook. My dad's friend is popular, my youngest male cousin is more popular, and my sister is popular. Why am I so different?
Additional Details
I hear you. It does mean I am going crazy. I wish I could meet you people in person. Because I feel so alone on the internet. The internet can be crazy at times.

think out being different as a good thing.

Hey a jackson, you've posted this question before, I remember answering it. Sorry you're not feeling any better.

We all talk to ourselves, don't worry about that. Some of us even talk out loud to ourselves.

Split personality isn't a diagnosis any more, the Dissociative disorders cover it, the encyclopedia Wiki below can help you out on that.

"Splitting" is another psychiatric term you can look up too, see if that makes sense to you.

Heyyy email me - funkymunky_zz@hotmail.com
I'm an only child & sometime find myself talking to myself at home.
If you're worried about having a split personality then check out http://www.schizophrenia.com/
It'll get better, trust me. i'm kinda in the same way at school. But anyway talk to me :) i always find talking helps a lot x

sylvia c
you are different because maybe you try to copy your sister or your father's friend. You have to be yourself, not someone else, and have your own opinions, and not other's opinions. you need to come to know yourself first, before you can relate to someone else. Know what you are capable of and what are the things you loath about yourself, then witht the Lord's help ask Him to aid you with changing the things which you hate or dislike doing. God bless

Judie(((ST JUDE KIDS)))
Andre you know I am your friend and am always here if you need to talk.

Tim P
Yes everyone feels lonely that's why we feel the need to connect with other people.

Split personality... everyone has that battle TWO PERSONALITY ENTER ONE PERSONALITY LEAVES!!! rules of the battle dome
or it could be just normal teenage chemical reactions in your brain

Life isn't bad.. Your Perception of life is bad if your in high school get over it everything changes when you get out of school.. Then you relies being popular doesn't mean anything.

Your parents put a lot of pressure on you because they want the best for you after all you are a mini version of them.

Get out there and talk to people you will find a friend don't worry about facebook and who has more friends everyone is different.

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