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Neely O'Hara
Why do so many people seem to want to have bipolar disorder?

Additional Details
Hardly a day goes by when there isn't someone in the mental health section saying "OMG i think i'm bipolar!!!!!!"

I wouldn't mind so much if they actually knew what they were talking about, but a lot of them don't even know what the symptoms are - so HOW they can think they're bipolar is beyond me.

I'm all for asking for advice, but how hard is it to google an illness?

And the answer has to invariably be "see a doctor", because nobody can diagnose over the internet, even if they ARE a doctor.

#1 due March 22nd!!
So they can collect disability

vaughn favrua
i dont really believe in the term bipolar. its just a medical term that says your really sad and need some help over coming your thoughts

Sometimes you're up...sometimes you're down...all the while the world keeps spinning around...Isn't life wonderful! :D

Marc C
thy want an excuse for the ruts they find themselves in. we are force fed daily TV that make life look perfect or more appealing, then these folk take their poor social skills and dreams into a world of people with no respect and just can't handle it.

Catherine D
Bi-Polar is very hard to diagnose and is commonly confused with major depressive disorder. I think a lot of ppl are just tightly wound and depressed. Well, who isn't? Of course, all a doc does is give you anti-depressants, which sometimes make it worse. I speak from personal experience. I walk around angry all the time and I don't know what to do about it...and depressed too of course...but I'd never think I was bi-polar! It's overdone if you ask me. Another reason for big pharma to push a drug on us....

John S
I am in two minds about this

VAUGHN. You obviously don't know anything about Bi-polar,it is not just about being sad.It is actually quite a serious illness and I should know I have had it for 10 years.

I agree with you wholeheatedly, it's like bi-polar has become the latest fashion accessory, whereas it is a very serious illness. In my view it's impossible to Google and illness as complex as Bi-Polar and what if you have two or even thee illness at one time, Google can't cope with that.
There is question on here tonight from someone saying they are depressed and have thoughts of suicide. Once of the answeris is from a girl that Prozac is quite good. What!
I must admit having tried to help people in this section where I know I have been on very safe ground, or simply just encouraging them to go and see a Doctor and it's quite rewarding, but there is a line I will not cross diagnosis etc, I am not a Doctor, I am also Bi-Polar,
Best Wishes

Angela Fig
Some pe

I have to agree in that you can't pick up a paper without some "celebrity" or other claiming to be bi-polar.

I find it disrespectful to those who genuinely do suffer from it and it seems to trivialise it.

I have suffered from depression and that was bad enough for me. I have no desire to go through that again let alone be bi-polar!

The Dongologist
Excellent question. I wonder how many of these people would like to say that they have manic depression, which is what it used to be called. I must say that it makes me feel angry to see this illness trivialised.

People need different behaviors to express them selves. That's why some time people need the mask of bipolar disorder.

Aslan aka Mirsa
It is strange. Although I think alot of ppl who are "normal" are the ones who are mentally ill. My gf has bipolar and it is not cool.

Your absolutley right.
People are just looking for an excuse for bad behavior. They want to blame a disease instead of controlling themselves. To put it bluntly I think its a cop-out. The small percentage of people that actually have the disease are under doctor's care pronto most doctors are not stupid enough to let something that dramatic go by them.

Gotta agree the celebs r making it look "cool"

because all celebrities and paint artists have it !

Why on earth would you think people want to have a disorder that can potentially ruin their life? I don't think people want to have this disorder, but maybe they just want to have an answer to how they are feeling.
Other forms of depression can commonly be mistaken as bipolar disorder, only a psychiatrist can tell a person weather they have it or not, and it can take time to come to that conclusion.

Before I was correctly diagnoised I was treated for bipolar from my doctor, just incase it was what I had, and it wasn't Thank goodness, not that what I have is better, I was just happy not to be bipolar.

I think people need to be more educated on mental illness in general and then they wouldn't think it was so cool.

Maybe so many people want bi-polar disorder as an excuse as to how they behave in life who knows! If they truly KNEW what bi-polar disorder is about and what it is to suffer it I'm sure they would soon change their mind! There are those who truly do have the disorder, I myself have PTSD and depression but yes for some strange reason people seem to want these disorders and if only they knew!!

I have no idea! I have schizo-affective disorder the bipolar type and i hate it! ive seen so many people happy that they Think they have it just because they hav a few syptoms, they dotn know the truth about how much damage it causes. they are just attention seekers.

I understand your question, but be sure you understand the dimensions of why someone may "want to be bipolar".
All people deal with issues in their lives, some can handle better than others. When someone goes through a situation they cannot handle so well, they may feel as though they are a failure, useless, meaningless, and depression sets in. When someone goes through these feelings and discovers or thinks they my have bipolar, and then want to be bipolar it gives them an answer as to why they go through the emotions they do. Bipolar can be managed, can be treated, it gives them hope.

Your added statements above are true. You deal with this, so although it may be aggrevating try to understand that some out their are just searching for answers. I ask many questions on here that some may take in a way that I haven't done my own research on, sometimes I do this on purpose to see what type of answers I get. I mainly do it because you can do all the research you want on sites that are updated maybe yearly, but true research comes in to play when you learn from those who have personal experience at that moment. Things change, medications, feelings, experience, it is all constantly changing, you should respond to those questions with surreal advice from your personal experience and hope that it helps - that is what yahoo answers is for.

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