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Why do people who cut themselves do it on their arms?
I cut, but i always do it on my legs or tummy.

Why would you cut your arms when you KNOW that people can see them.....??

When you Cut yourself on your arms you are cutting near a maigor vain. People who cut want to die usually. And if you burst a magior vain you usually will die.

speak up
because they're introverted,and that's their opening line,please feel sorry for me,see, i'm hurting,poor little me

Cause their EMO

Because they are not completely sick yet and still conscious that they are just crying for help.... Your cutting would be more of a concern and I think you should seek for professional help. Good luck.

what ever
i just learned about this in school student to be drug cons. the cut cause pain and damage then causes the brain to release doopamine it a hi It was thought that it was for attuiion get but in most case it not even thow there are those who do for over reason I person doing this should get help it can fix

why not ask "Why do people cut themselves?"

Zachary B
cry for help

Your dum
It is so that people will see the cuts and be concerned. It is a cry for help.

because we see the veins and the blood.
and perhaps they hope that someone will see what they have done. they want to show how much they suffer.

why do you cut?

it depends...I'm guessing because you have a lot of veins there so you'll bleed more..but I dont know. Dont know much about cutting

people self harm usually due to depression

have you ever asked anyone?. I did once. they said they didnt know/understand why.

why arms specifically? possibly because its what others who self harm do?

I'm sorry i've just noticed I have 2 minus points for this answer. could somwonw tell me why please!!

miss alexa.
People shouldn't hurt themselves at all :/ but I guess they do it on their arms because it's easier...and the whole vein thing...and if they don't want people to see it, the hide it with arm warmers or long sleeves or their jackets...

If people are cutting in a state where they are unable to think clearly, such as panic, severe distress or rage then I think they go for the quickest, easiest place to cut as they are not thinking about longer term consequences. People who dissociate when they cut may not care at the time they do it where they cut. Some people could be because they are using their cutting to fight off suicidal urges, at which point cutting the wrists seems only natural. In some cases seeing your veins can trigger someone to cut, and it is hard to not see the veins in your wrists, far easier to not notice the ones in your legs unless you are looking for them. All of the above have been true for me at one point or another and I am sure there are many other reasons too. Also, most of my cutting is on my arms but I still managed to do it for years without being found out, so its not necessarily true that you know people are going to see them.

I agree with the people who have mentioned the blood thing too. It can be strangely soothing to see blood and it certainly seems that you bleed more from the arms.

OMG rainbows!
Hey I so know what u mean. I don't get it either. I cut on my tummy as well. I hide it with cloths.

hmm... i do it because last time i tried it on my legs it hurt more than i wanted it to. Arms are tougher and have more veins than the legs. and people wear wristbands, arm warmers, and long sleeves to hide them... or say they were attacked by a stray cat and managed by some miracle to keep it from their face

♥ Bethany ♥
it's easier to cut on your arms and you can cover the cuts with long sleeves..

Because it is the most convenient part of the body to cut on the arms. It is not necessarily done for attention. Wearing long sleeves solves the problem of people noticing very effectively.
People who do not understand or know anything about self harm need to stay away from questions like these. When they reply out of ignorance it is doing a lot of harm , and there is no good to "trigger" someone who is already fighting with self harm issues.

Personally I cut on my arms because the scars heal to the point of being difficult to notice. I put a razor to both legs only once, half a year ago, and the marks stayed for a long time... It made my skin look terribly ugly, and now I can still see thin veins running from the spot.

I cut on my legs too. I've only cut my arm a few times and it was my upper arm so it could be hidden. My arm bleeds a lot easier than my legs, so I prefer it but it's harder to explain to the family. If my parents wouldn't freak I'd have no problem doing it on my arms. I don't care what other people think, they don't know me. My family is another story though.

Cat S
I used to cut my feet, not because I was ashamed of cutting or worried about scars, but so my mum wouldn't see and get upset. My depression was a very private thing and I guess it was a counter productive coping mechanism I used to deal with my mental pain in a way that meant I didn't have to confront my issues head on (as I would have had to if people had seen scars).

i am a cutter and i used to cut on my arms just because it was just convienient but then i started on my stumach and legs because it is easier to hide

People can't always see them. I've not worn anything short sleeved for years.
Personally, I cut my arms because it's just easier. Where I am cutting is at the same level as the arm I am cutting with. That said, I have cut my legs before.

Edit - I can't believe the crap some people are coming out with as answers. Some people really have no idea about self harm.

Jay R
That could be the reason....for attention. I know that people that are true cutters do it frequently for the andorphan release. Maybe the arm is easier to situate for cutting.

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