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*What Goes Around Comes Around
Why do people pretend?
why do people pretend or act like they are happy but they are really hurting inside? and can you tell if someone is happy or unhappy by the way they act or look?

Ever hear the saying "fake it till you make it" well most of us are raised with that thought. We are told that we should just smile, it will help. Unfortunatly in most occasions it does not, and can not help.
I am the type of person who can't fake it, and I don't like it when other people fake it but I have to realize that everyone has their own way of coping with things and if this helps even a little for them then go for it!
Can you tell if someone is unhappy by how they look? if you can then so can they

Lucine H
we are self-conscious about what other people will think about us if they see us feeling the way that we truly are

Sure you can if you know them or just see them around a lot. They pretend because there not the only ones in the world with that problem so theres no reason they should be casting it to the world like there the only one's with that problem.

Well that is called masking, and a lot of people do it, it is a way to not show their emotions, but a lot of people know how to do this, but it is just stuffing . They need to find a healther way of coping, and it is hard for them when they go into therapy for this, cause they don't really want to let them know how you are feeling , they have been doing it for such a long time they really don't know how not to. They also may wear sun glasses cause they just don't want to look at anyone with their bear eyes, cause their eyes, will show what the heck is going on , so they hide behind the glasses too. I know i just to wear that mask all of the times, and dark glasses. They are just having a hard time showing how they feel cause they learned this to keep the safe, and not to let anyone know how they are feeling. Matter of fact they may not even know that they are masking, cause it was something they started at a very young age, but with therapy and a lot of hard work they can work though this.

Lots of people pretend to be happy so they don't bring other people down. You can tell the difference if you really pay attention.

because they dont want anyone to know what is going on with them and most if the time it works

there will always be someone with whom one doesn't want to share one's feelings. Many people ask inappropriate questions of others, and many of the people asked do not have the courage, or are not in a position to answer truthfully.

Sometimes people give signs which lead one to doubt their veracity or good humour.

Sometimes a look occurs on the face for a split second. That can be revealing.

there are two types of person: one is those who like to pretend that they are happy even though they are hurting inside, whereas the other just show it up and can't hide. the first type tend to hide their feeling because there are many reason. one is that they may feel uncomfortable to tell to people that they don't know really well. second, they don't like other to know their problem. third, society tend not to care about other people problem. it is a way of living. people tend to care about themselves. it is okay for them to tell one a story, and one need to listen. but when it is our turn to tell a story, they tend not to listen to our story. thus, when a person is sad, he/she doesn't want to tell to someone because eventually no one listen, thus why bother to tell to someone if in the end no one really care.

i'm the type of person who can't hide my feeling. if i'm sad people can tell right away base on my expression. but no one (friends) ever ask me why i'm sad (eventhough they know that i'm sad). but even if they ask i won't tell them if the problem is big. if i'm sad because of minor problem then if they ask i will share to them. but if major problem then when they ask, i won't answer because mostly for major problem i like to keep it to myself and don't want any body to know. thus i guess a lot of people feeling like this way.

well, i sometime can tell whehter the person is happy or unhappy base on the way they act or look. but most of the time i can't tell. people act so good, thus it is hard to tell.


In a situation with people that aren't close friends, what would be the point of letting them know? Especially if you are in a social situation - you are not in a therapists office. In general - people don't really care about other's deep problems (unless they are a close friend) I don't think you can tell if a person is happy or unhappy just by looking at them. I can be miserable and people would never know when I am out in public. People usually tell me they think I am always happy and in control. (i don't feel that way inside)

Lissa Listens
Yes, if I know them well and sometimes even with strangers. Look in their eyes, beyond the surface, the answer is usually there and cannot be completely hidden. Body language is a way of reading what someone is feeling as well.

Society pressures us to "be happy" even when we hurt inside. Sometimes we pretend to "be happy" in order not to bring others around us down or push our problems on to them. At times we may even act happy in hopes it will help us to enjoy life more.

If a person, or you yourself, is chronically unhappy to the point of always having to pretend, then they need to seek help.


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