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Why do i keep cutting my arms?
I don't want to cut at all, but seem as though i can't stop... how come when i do it i don't do it somewhere easier to hide? It's uncontrollable! and is getting hard to keep wearing long sleeves as the summer's getting hotter! I would really appreciate suggestions (no criticizing please!) from other self-harmers or ex-self-harmers. Thank-you for your time.

You seriously need to get over yourself. 'Cutting' is immature. It's not like you're actually trying to commit suicide. It's more like a cry for attention, which is annoying. You know you can talk to people just as easily as cutting yourself, right? If you honestly want to stop you should probably tell someone so they can get you some help. I've had a few friends who've cut before, even they admit now that it was immature and just a ploy to get attention. Yeah, some crazy *** **** could happen, like what happened to my best friend, your parents could send you off to a psych ward for a month, but she is better now. She doesn't do it anymore. She talks her problems out. Which is a lot better than what she was doing. So, go get yourself some help.

:D :) :| :/ :(

ive cut myself a few times and the trick is to just move that negative energy to something else, like try listening to a different kind of music or just writing things down.

I probably dont no what you mean but im not gonna critisize but i do suggest to stop or maybe talk to a perfesional!!!!

hiee =)
maybe to go out for a walk or do what i do and go a run , it is rather annoying wearing long sleeves because i have to do that aswell ,=0 or maybe you could be really brave and bin all sharp objects you are likely to cut with x

Pandora, Baby girl on the way
I cut at times but most people know me as an ex cutter.
As I was explainging to a friend, cutting is an addiction something which you cannot get rid of without great determination.
THe thoughts of making you cut is a chemical imbalance in your brain making you want to show your pain.
Cutting for me brings me out of the unhappy state that I am in..
It makes me go hyper and stuff.
Which just makes me kind of uhappy the next morning when I see that my work wasnt good enough to show to be honest.
and then I just plan other ways.
But you never asked how to stop
You asked how to hide it.
I suggest arm warmers and sweat bands :)
maybe some stylish loose bracelets or a watch.

It's because your body thinks that you deserve it which makes you feel relaxed after you have cut yourself!!!!!

brain child of boredom
hey, im a (hopefully) ex-harmer, i know what its like, im stuck in jeans and its up in the high 70s or even 80s some days first off, the reason you keep wanting to even though you want to stop is because when you cut, your brain produces endorphins to send to the sight of the harm, this chemical makes you feel happy, which is why cutting makes you feel better, so from the first time, it can become an addiction, when you try to stop, you begin to feel blue
you probably still cut on your arms just from both 1) convenience and 2) familiarity, you are used to it there, so you keep cutting there
one thing that has been keeping me from cutting is art, i used to write alot, and i have finally began again, along with reading, ive also taken up drawing and duct tape art as crazy as it sounds! XD
good luck, i hope you find something that helps you out

Okay please listen to me. please?! I know how you feel. I can imagine that is. It takes away the pain,the ugly,the scared,the loneliness. But the next day your scares are ugly you are sad and alone....so you cut again...it's a cycle of viciousness with yourself. I use to wear arm bands-but the heat under neath made it burn. I hated the scares all over my arm and body. No one would love me because it would cause them pain to see me torment and torture myself. I just stopped. I had to. After being to the hospital and therapy i didn't want that for my life. You can put hair bands on your wrist. You snap them when you need to...then eventually you won't need those.

After feeling like death that bleeds for years i'm finally alive....

i'm....hmmmm....happy. yes, happy.

Find away out.

Cutting is an addiction that you can't stop without professional help. You cut when you are angry, sad or stressed. This releases brain chemicals called Endorphines which are feel good chemicals. The reliefe only lasts for a short time. With help you can learn the skills necessary to deal with your emotions in a healthy way. This is an extremely dangerous addiction as you don't know where your arteries are or your tendons. Can you talk to your mom or a school counselor about this. Your school counselor is trained to help you and refer you to help. Also when you are feeling like you want to do cut there is a number you can call that is staffed by professionals who can help you now. 1-800-4-A-child. Please you don't deserve to live with this and those that love you will want to help you. Please call the number and get started on your way to recovery and a good life. You sound like such a sweet person who deserves the best not this.

I used to cut but it was to get away from all that teenage emotional pain in the inside. Do you know why you started in the first place? Maybe it's like a trend and you're following along with the latest fashion - so to speak - without really wanting to.
If you want to stop, you'll have to try and make a routine each time that you think of doing it. Find something that will occupy your mind and preferably something that uses your hands. I started to write. You could paint or go outside. Find a book to read. Bake a cake or cookies. Just something that you like to do.

get yourself away from anything that you could cut yourself with

try doing something else that uses that energy. try going for a run or something.
also, get a friend or trusted adult to help you. whenever you wanna cut, call them.

I used to cut my wrists also. I never wanted to kill myself i just wanted to take some of my pain away emotionally by causing pain physically. The reason you may not cut anywhere else is because nothing else feel the same as the wrist. You can watch what your doing and feel that slight tingle in your body that gives you that sort of high feeling, I dont want to judge or be a hypocrite, but you should try and stop. In the long run it did nothing but hurt my family when my wrists were accidently shown.

‚ô•silly me‚ô•
you are problably depress and need a way to let the stress out
i cut my self too, i havent in a while
try to keep a positive attitude and smile as much as you can
try hanging out with your friends and have fun

Trey to understand how you feel before you cut while your doing it and after ward and try to stay away from the feelings that make you cut. Also try to relax more maybe. if no of this works you may want to talk to a psychiatrist

Because you need to see a medical professional, counselor and parent.

wow you've got a lot of answers here.
well...here's mine.
Maybe the reason you don't do it somewhere easier to hide is because the easy to hide areas are harder to get to quickly when you feel like hurting yourself. Arms for instance are easy to get to. Hopefully that makes sense.

Here's a list of a bunch of different ways to hide cuts in the summer.
Check out other parts of the site too, it's pretty helpful. =]

i cut, and i dont know why, its a stress releif i think, and also its kinda punishing me for stuff, also it is addictive, you may not want to do it, but you cant stop, my boyfriend is helping me atm, andd yeah, wearing long sleeves are annoying, i used to wear wristbands in the summber but it kinda got worse since then and i cant cover them any more :

try telling a friend or boyfriend or family member, whoever your closest too, but dont choose the wrong person, some cba with it and will avoid you :


i have recently stopped doing that and i REALLY regret cutting my arms because i have a couple of huge scars that are raised and cant be hidden by make up. so, i have to wear long sleeves every day until im 18 when i can get a tattoo to cover them up bc my parents wont let me get one right now (im 15). but my forearm isnt too bad, the big ones are right below my shoulder, but i would really start to try to stop if i were you, because everyday when im uncomfortable and sweating, i regret cutting myself sooo much, and like i said, its everyday.

be careful and if u cant stop, just try not to make it too big and be sure to clean it and bandage it so that it is closed as much as possible so the scar wont beas big and noticable. <3

wah hoo for freedom
cutting is an addiction. the pain causes hormones to be released which cause the release of a heroin like chemical called endoerphine. People who cut become addicted to the endorphines. It starts out because it is a release from emotional pain ( the endorphines make the emotionally suffering person feel better) but becomes an addiction over time. Counselling can help a person give up cutting over time because it helps you deal with the emotional core issues that started the cutting in the first place..

*Yeah I know exactly what you mean. It's really pretty damn addicting. And when you're in a real bad state, it's sometimes hard to retain enough sense to do it in a less satisfying but more hidden place. It took a while and a lotta pushing from my bf for me to stop completely for this long (half a year) But, first off, here's some tips to cover the damage--

TRUblend liquid concealer can be real amazing for scars that don't bulge out or sink in tooooo much. I use it all the time at work for the old stupid I did on my arm. Put it on and around the scars and be sure to blend it at the ends of where you applied the makeup. Be sure to get the right shade!

Do NOT put concealer on open wounds or crunchy scabs! It wouldnt work there anyway.

Outside of work, I usually just wear armwarmers. Even fishnet works because it creates a distracting pattern. Mesh works too, and like fishnet, it doesn't overheat you or look suspicious in warm weather. These accessories go with emo, scene, punk, goth, alternative, artsy, and anime style clothing best but can be worn with other styles too if ya get creative.

Large bracelets/bangles, mini bandanas, cloth wristbands, and/or lots of rubber bracelets are more likely to accidentally reveal scars than armwarmers, but can still work. Good to combo this with concealer.

If any of the scars bulge out or sink in too much for concealer to work, try band-aids. You should only use band-aids on ones where you have no other choice though. Too many band-aids looks obvious.

*Now, to stop and -keep- it that way.

First off, I find that pressing something like the skinny flat edge of a metal ruler into your skin helps urges alot. Other people snap rubber bands or hold ice. Biting yourself also works to relieve and resist urges. Plus, it doesn't leave scars! But it can leave marks depending on how hard you bite.

Talking to friends or family about whatever's bothering you or just telling them about how you feel lately can help relieve ALOT of emotions. Writing, drawing, dancing, martial arts, running, working out, singing, screaming and clawing a pillow, and playing instruments are a great release for some people too! (I personally find drawing and singing to the radio to help the best for me)

And don't forget! Punching, kicking, and headbutting a wall, tree, or punching bag can have AMAZING results! Particularly for an anger release! You can even use a bat or a branch on the tree if you want. Just don't hit concrete or metal, you don't wanna break any bones. Biting things or ripping into some meat (chicken leg, steak, etc.) can work really well too~ I do all of these alot.

But yea, if you try hard, chances are that you're gonna get over it |D Peace!

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