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Why do domestic violence victims feel ashamed?

tehy dont lol tehy just feel glad that they did it lol but pissed that they got caught lol ughhh!

Charles S
that's a good question. on one hand i feel bad for them, on the other i don't. because they never do anything about it. when the cops are called, they don't press charges, they dont divorce or break up with the abuser and they just let it happen time after time. i don't get it. especially when there are shelters and things that will help them out completely free. i guess they just don't have any self respect.

They feel ashamed because they think that they should have "seen" a sign before the abuse started. The abuser doesn't start the abuse full blown immediately. They also feel as others would consider them stupid, foolish and/or weak. The abuser uses a mind game with them. It's a difficult situation to be in and it is extremely hard. If the abuse victim doesn't have support of their family and friends they are more likely to die in the hands of the abuser.

The abuser will go out of his/her way to keep family and friends away. Using the victims feelings of shame, embarrassment, fear, confusion, lack of self esteem and self worth to his/her advantage. The abuser thrives on all of these feelings in order to have power and gain control to spew his/her self hatred onto another human being.

I was in an abusive relationship when I was in high school.

At first the shame arose from the feeling that I deserved the abuse.

Now I am ashamed of it because people keep asking me why I stayed in the relationship. I stayed in the relationship because I believed my partner was not responsible for the abuse. It sounds stupid, and people keep telling me that and asking me about it. I know that remaining in the relationship was ill-advised, but I feel like some people judge me for staying in the relationship.

I hope that helped answer your question.

Pink Panther
They feel ashamed because their life is in shambles. Everyone wants a nice family or significant other, and suddenly, when a person becomes abusive to them, it's embarassing. Abuse takes a serious toll on a victim's self esteem. For this reason, they probably blame themselves for the abuse, don't think they deserve better, and might be embarassed that they have "failed" to chose a better partner/be a part of a better family. They think, well maybe I wasn't so stupid, he wouldn't have beat me. The abuser makes the victim feel incompetent and afraid.

Sometimes the abusive partner makes them feel at fault. Most times the persons confident is not too high either. It would also sadden someone to realise how their situation looks to others. Police arent too good at dealing with them either. We need more coompassionate ppl.

Hopefully Helpful
I think one reason they feel ashamed is because on some level they know they are not sticking up for themselves. They are allowing the abuse to continue. They think they cannot do anything about their situation.

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