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 How can I stop being distracted when I'm doing my homework?
I always have trouble finishing my homework, because the WHOLE time I am always thinking about how I'd like to be sleeping or surfing the Internet or watching TV or something. This gets in my ...

 Is this normal? Or has it changed? (Depression)?
Ok, well i was diagnosed with depression 3 and a half to 4 years ago. Im pretty sure i had it earlier than that, that was just when i was diagnosed.

I've never taken antidepressants ...

 why is depression such a taboo subject, who really understands this disease?

 if you have lost a loved one close to you (i lost my mom) .. are you afraid of dying?
i think i'm a hypochondriac now since my mom died of cancer. has anyone else experienced this after a death of a family member?...

 My dad's trying to erase me it seems, step mom abused me, long but please help me.?
When he met my step mom it was all good. we got along with her and everything. Few years after they marry, i started having a rough time. She started Picking on me as odd as it seems.


 if i was feeling suicidal ?
and i got some horrible answers on here . then i killed myself . would my family then be able to sue those writers of the horrible answers when the police track them down ?
Additional Details

 Should parents be 'easier' and softer on a teen with learning disability or mental disorder?
Do you think you should be easier/make excuses on an adolescent with a learning disability or mental health issues? Or do you have teens with these issues? A good friend of mine has a Nonverbal ...

 What are effects of bullying on the victim of bullying? And what are the effects of bullying on the bully?
1) What are effects of bullying on the victim of bullying
2) What are the effects of bullying on the bully?...

 Do I have OCD (please help)?
ok. so alot of my friends say I have ocd. (obsessive compulsive disorder) its kind of a joking around thing. but i am starting to think i might have it... but just a itny bit. for instance, I always ...

 Are atheists more prone to depression and suicide?
are there any statistics or such about incidence of mental disease and a person's faith? also, are there more suicides among atheists than religious believers?

my question isn't ...

 help me, i want to kill myself...?
please help me give me a easy way to die like sugesting a pill or give me really good reasons not to die(i know im going to got a zillion of those)

Additional Details

 how to overcome postpartum depression
hello i am 22 and have 2 beautiful boys and ever since i had them i have suffered from postpartum depression severe they are 3 and 2 and i am having a hard time overcoming it i have taken lexapro and ...

 Paxil tremors...?
I've only been on Paxil [10mg] for a little over 3 weeks and I've had 3 episodes of full body tremors. Then yesterday my hand started shaking for about 10 minutes. Should I be worried or ...

 How can I deal with my social anxiety (/agorophobia.... pretty much) disorder?
I would prefer not to rely on pills (haven't and won't).

I am starting college at a pretty large city college with a ton of students. To make it even worse, I have to take a ...

 What mental illness does this sound like?
Extreme levels of aggression.

Extreme levels of violence.

Extreme levels of delusions.

Extreme levels of paranoia.

Long periods of crying.

A ...

 how do i get my motivation back ?
i am so lazy actually i'm not sure that i even had motivation...
i want to do stuff but i'm too lazy ...

=[ help.......

 I'm seeing scary things...?
I woke up from sleep about an hour ago and I've been seeing and hearing a lot of creepy stuff.

Examples: I went down stairs to get some water and in the hall I saw a black shadow of a ...

hi i just turned thirteen and im wondering if im having depression .

i have frequent thoughts of suiciding. today i tried killing myself by hanging a belt but i was too scared to do it. ...

 What is your mood?
Happy or Sad? Having a bad day? Feel free to say why. I am all ears.


 i hate life....?
i hate my life sooooo much! im 15 and all my friends for some strange reason started ignoring me! at the same time! its really wierd...they all started giving me dirty looks then my boyfriend dumped ...

Why do I constantly fantasize obsessively?
I have a real problem, for some reason, I tend to fantasize a lot of things in my mind I always do this from I was about 7 or 8 years old I excessively fantasies about things weather it be about people or experiences that I may or want to have. I just cannot stop or even help it. When it is people, I fantasize about friends being in the room with me, or walking down the street with me. Moreover, we are having a conversation with one another and I ‘m just having basically an ‘imaginary conversation’. It is not real and my friend or friends are not there.

Like for example, if I meet a friend in the street and I have quick 3 minuet chat or I just say a quick hello to them, hours later even thought the conversation between me and them lasted for only 3 minuets, hours later in my head I continue the conversation meanwhile walking down the street or at home. I just imagining myself saying one thing to them and they reply and this is not really happening it all in my head it is as if I cannot help but to fantasize. Sometimes it so bad that I almost start talking to myself. I have been caught off guard by other people as in students in my class and they make fun of me.

Other times, I often imagine myself getting involved in other people conversation like, if I overhear someone talking on the bus to another person, automatically in my mind I not physically but in my mind I make myself part of that conversation.

Why is it that I fall in love so easily with people? I met this person, and all ready I really like them so much it is too much. I only chatted with them once, but I'm like making all kinds of fantasies about me and them being together and living with them and that we are in a relationship and we are not. I just constantly think about them in an obsessive way, and no matter what I do I cannot help it.

In addition, it does not stop there; sometime I fantasize about being with someone famous like my favorite singer. I have done this so so so many time I often imagine that I’m telling them jokes and the are like my friend and I’m talking to them and the are talking to me I fantasize about almost anything, like my future career, or playing the piano and dream about going on stage or in front of friends

I just fantasize excessively about people, experiences, being in or at places, or doing things or even being famous. It is so bad. I mean why do I always think about them, imagine they are around me and that they are there in the room with me. Not to the point where I can actually see them (I'm not hallucinating) but I have fantasies all the time I want to stop thinking about these things all the time.

You are schizophrenic. Get medication before you become a danger to yourself or others.

you should talk to a psychotherapist.

I believe that everyone fantasizes. I think that it is as normal as dreaming in your sleep. We have fantasies about who we want to be, the things we wish we could do, the places we wish we could go, the things we wish we had the wit or the courage to say out loud, and often I believe that we have fantasies about the people we want to be with. But I think you need to understand why you are fantasizing constantly. Are you using your fantasies as a way to escape real life issues like stress at work/school/home, depression, low self esteem or social anxiety? Are your fantasies making it difficult to function normally? If so I think you should talk to someone. A behavioral health care provider, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or even a licensed professional counselor would be a great place to start. They will be able to determine whether there is a more serious underlying mental health issue. Don't hesitate to seek help if your fantasizing is disruptive to your life.

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