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 i am gonna kill myself...?
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 What are some methods that I can use to forget about my depression?
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Wow, Adam, I AM a girl =P...

 Do you have a strange phobia?
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Whats the best thing to do when you're depressed?

Peter H
There are lots of things you might do .....

* talk to a friend
* seek counselling help
* do some exercise (walk, swim, dance, go to gym)
* break some habit (e.g. walk with you might go shopping)
* get out of your house
* sit in the sun
* take a day for yourself, go and smell the roses

Sharon H
Call someone. If your on meds, keep taking them. Go out and do something nice for yourself. Isolating is ususally never a good idea. Pray

Do what you love the best you can. Personally, tonight? I spent more of my valuable time assuring myself of a fact. Yep.. I are box dumb. No, ok. just feeling that way.
How about this.. I'm not leaving until you make me smile.

try to think of 10 things in your life that you are happy with,ie. your mom, your friends , your home , job or even some thing as simple as your pet .before you can come up with 10 things you'll feel better ingeneral
but you gota be positive
oh big tip dont drink or use recreational drugs(if you do either) till you start feeling better

and by the way , the sky is fgalling but dont tell the others they'll think were nutz

DeAd DiScO
Say something mean to a random stranger, then apologize to them. It makes you feel stupid so you forget how depressed you were, and it helps you take out all your anger momentarilly

talk to someone and do something you like.working out always makes me feel better,cause it releases endorphins in your brain.if depression persits you should talk to a therapist.you might need therapy and or medication.good luck and hope you feel better,i suffer from depression myself,remember its one day at a time...

smoke a few joints, a blunt, then go for a drive, then smoke another joint, go to the beach at sunset and smoke a blunt and a joint.

Greg I
Depends. Are we talking about once in a while getting the blues? Full spectrum light (outside or full spectrum light bulbs), exercise, soak in a tub or jacuzzi while reading something lite, talk to a friend that will not press to hard on the depression but will keep a conversation going, stay away from alcohol (depressant), don't beat yourself up emotionally over it. If you didn't get down sometimes how would you know when something is lifting you up a little?
If you mean full blown depression that does not fade within 1 - 2 weeks, and instead seems to be growing stronger, see a professional. Not your general practitioner Dr., see a Psychologist (talk therapy - takes awhile and sometimes doesn't work, but gives you tools to use in coping with depression) or a Psychiatrist (prescription anti-D's). A combination of the two can be a big help, but most cannot afford it, and many aren't honest and open when talking about themselves in therapy. Good luck.

Listen to that music that puts you up and think positive!

I listen to my "mad" music -lol- Hey my name is Sonya is that ur real name? I have never met another Sonya, you can IM me at beachchic705 or e-mail me at beachchic705@Yahoo.com

Get out & mingle with positive people, read positive books, listen to positive music, last but not least is to believe in GOD, he created the special you & loves you unconditionally.

Speak with you parents, depression is a state of being & mind, change your attitude & you change the outcome

I do what I love doing. I sing or talk to my friends.

no.#1 Mom
I answered this question for someone earlier. You may think this sounds crazy, but go to a room shut the door erase everything that is going on to depress you and imagine you are some where you've always wanted to be. Imagine you have won the lotto bought your own car and your own house. That everyone needs you, but you don't need them. Imagine they are your servants and have to do everything you sayor go with out! You Rule them they do not rule you. Trust me when you walk out of the bedroom you will feel better!

try metanoia.org, 1800 273 talk or me dogmicjoe@yahoo.com. walk. pray. meditate. holisticonline.com. beliefnet.com. music soothes. take a warm bubble bath. get a new outfit or hairdo or pedicure or manicure. name 10 things you love about you.

Neil G
talk to some one or go to a doctor

I like baking a cake then decorating it. I love it, it makes me feel good and it always turns out yummy.....

Go out and have a drink. Listen to upbeat music. Look out at the sky. Go for a long walk. Take a nap. Call a friend, or talk to a stranger.

I like what posters 2 and 3 said. Also talk to someone, get all your feelings out, even if all you say is "I am so depressed, i can't stand feeling this way" Talk it out with someone. Run it out. Eat one of those delicious desserts from Friday's. Take something and retire to bed early in the hopes of feeling better when you wake up.

get out of the house, get sun, air and stay very busy..

if you have friends, try to spend time with them and get your mind off being depressed.. some people have the disposition of getting discouraged at the smallest setback.

Lisa H. Truckin Biker
Cry and sleep..


getting laid works for me

Remember that God is in control of life so even though things seem bad right now, He has a plan for you to have a hope and a future.

If you can get out and do things for others, it often helps to alleviate the feelings because depression is really when you are too focused on yourself and your own problems. Don't cut yourself off from friends and family because they are the very people who can help you the most.

~♥ L ♥~
I get out of the house and go out to dinner and I force myself to to go shopping and but great smelling lotions and I get hot baths and smear on my new lotions and curl up with a good book or favorite movies in the evening.
I fight depresstion in stead of it getting me way down. Been there -don,t want to go back ever.

5 proven tips to help you wipeout your depression so you can live A happy life


Medication. Afterall, happiness only comes in a bottle....

a best friend is a person who walks in when the whole world goes out. If you dont have a close friend, do something you like most. Try to sleep it off. Go to the temple / church. Take a walk in the park.

Get outside, preferrably in the sunshine and take a walk

do something that makes you happy and distracts you from the thing that makes you depressed

Try to find someone that understands where you are coming from to talk to. It is hard to deal with. Have some alone time to think about what is depressing you first, though. Sometimes I make a list of the things I am unhappy about and list what I can do to change them or make them better. I wish you luck on this. It's really hard. Take care.

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