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What should I do if someone is threatening my life?
Allright so i use 2 smoke weed alot ( i know it's bad i quit now) well when i use 2 smoke i bought it from this guy but he gave it 2 me and said i could pay him later but he didnt give me the right amount & it was bad weed so i refuse 2 pay 4 it. the guy calls me all day and msgs me on myspace saying he is gonna kill me and he has a bullet with my name on it..what should i do? i know i'm stupid 4 taking it so please don't criticize me 4 it..plus i didnt even want 2 buy it he just always called my phone & he got annoying so i just said w.e give it 2 me it's hard 4 me 2 say no 2 ppl so he took advantage of me in the first place & he has ripped me off countless times before & i'm just really tired of ppl taking advantage of me (i've been bullied all my life)
Additional Details
thanks everyone 4 the advice i appreciate it. i have decided that if he says one more threatening thing 2 me i will call the police. i have saved many texts/voice msgs/myspace msgs so i should have enough proof & i know where he lives.

pay him and don't do drugs anymore. If you call the cops, he'll get out in no time and may actually kill you. These guys don't have any fear or morals.

kill him. so what if you go to jail. he wont threaten your life anymore.

a 13 year old who knows what shes talking about.

Shana R
i feel u therr i smoke all day every day hahahaha but give the $ to him n move on in your life that all i can tell u b fo things get outts hand nd mo then likely hes only threating

dude. if i were you i would just pay for it to get him off my back. no amount of money is worth dying over. this guy might be doing dtuff a lot harder than weed. you never know how crazy someone will actually get. just pay him.

Sara Mc
I would just pay dude no
matter how many times hes ripped you off...
just to get him off your back!
makes sense doesnt it?
Your life is not worth a measly 20-100$!!

Keith D
u should kick his ***

well bro, you gotta either pay him and tell him that your quiting so he'll stop bothering you. or you gotta stand up for yourself..not necessarily with violence but you gotta deal with it...and btw i dont think your in any real physical danger..but you cant be to careful.
good luck bro

call da popos or pay himif u got money

Bea l
tell someone even if you get into trouble.. maybe you should pay for the weed anyway

he aint gonna do ****

record the calls,and turn it over to the police, they will be more than happy to help you, and with the information you provide, most likely help him kick the habit as well

I feel your pain. Heres what you do forget about being called a snitch and stuff. Call the police and report a complaint against someone who is harrassing you. If you are still in school, Principle etc. And explain your situation.

get out of dodge and quit the nasty habits ,
it only brings headaches

thats something that you really should report to a cop or someone that can take the matters to a new level. even though he may just be bluffing, you have to take threats like that serious... you never know.

There are probably two choices here, you can either pay him, and put the situation down to a bad experience, (I understand you were ripped off, but when dealing with these people you don't know what lengths they will go to, to get their money ) or you can report him for threatening behaviour. Either way don't continue having any more interaction with this guy, or you will be burned again, thats for certain.

Ninja Wolf
call teh coppahs?

report it to the cop

very sad to here your situation... please be fast and contact the police. your life is in danger and this is the only way to be safe. hurry up!

Inquisitively Smart
Well, you should call the cops (duh) and tell them what's going on. Then just show him the messages the guy is sending you as evidence. Maybe they'll track him.

I'd Get In Touch With The Local Police, So They Can Handle The Situation, And Stop Any Contact From Him.
You Won't Get In Trouble Because You No Longer Smoke It, And You Don't Have Any In Your Possession .
It'll Be The Safest And Sensible Way.
Otherwise I'd Just Say To Him, You Know Alot Of People Who'll Hunt Him Down Before He Could Say Sorry.

I Hope The Situation Gets Resolved :}

Call the police

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