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What happens when you go to the hospital for depression?
I am so confused right now, Im 15 years old and I am depressed.

I don't think I will hurt myself, but I keep having suicidal thoughts. Should I go to the hospital? Will I be locked away? I don't know what to do. What if going to the hospital just throws me more over the edge?

Changed And Loyal
Well, I was in the hospital for depression and they do lock you up in a psychiatric unit. I would know because I have been there. These other people don't know what the hell they're talking about. They persuade you to take pills and if you don't they take a needle and give it to you forcibly. There was a schizophrenic girl there and she didn't like her medication, so they put it in a needle and held her down and pumped her with it.

She screamed and wailed like you wouldn't believe and then she cried for hours after they did it. Please stay away from the hospital for depression. Only go there for physical problems, because psychiatry is a complete scam and anyone with a brain will tell you so. I care about you and I don't want to see you turn into a pill swallowing zombie like I once was at such a young age.

I also have depression please, please go to the hospital and let your Dr know what is going on with you you are not alone in this soooo many people have the same thoughts and there are medications that can help you to feel better ask your Dr if he/she knows of any group you could join for support we all need this. Take care of your self and try to rest call your Dr now it will make things better I have been were you are right now God Bless.
Karen J

Chris S
The hospital puts you into therapy were some person just talks to you

If you're just depressed, you won't be locked away. It is only when you pose a significant threat to yourself that you get put in a mental institution or get checked into the psychiatric unit at the hospital.

You'd most likely be sent to therapy. You're not suicidal but a suicidal idealistic, it's actually quite common amongst teenagers but nonetheless something that needs immediate attention and it would be best if you spoke to your parents or a school counselor about these thoughts you've been having.

Good luck.

pill grim
That depends on your individual situation.

If you go to a medical hospital they may just observe you for awhile then turn you loose. If they determine you are a suicide risk there is a chance they would transfer you to a psychiatric facility. Since you are a minor, I don't think they could transfer you there without express written parental consent.

When I was 15, I spent time in a psychiatric institution and the staff and doctors worked hard to help me, the doctor wound up becoming my personal therapist.

Two months ago, I made my second suicide attempt, drove myself to the hospital and was treated and tested. Then I was transported to a psychiatric hospital where I stayed for five days.

Believe it or not, it was a good experience. In the hospital I went through great therapy sessions, was prescribed helpful (for once) medication, and met some amazing people that inspired me.

And, no, you won't be locked away unless you physically, uncontrollably try to hurt yourself or someone else. Even then, it's much more likely they would just give you some medication that calmed you down and made you sleep for an hour or two.

Can't say for sure what would happen in your case because I don't know the details. All I can say is that depression is a very serious issue and it is nearly impossible to make it through alone. So find someone you trust, anyone you really have faith in, and talk to them in whatever way you're comfortable with. If you don't have someone like that, there are many phone resources you can call, you can search them on Google with "suicide hotline".

I have constant suicidal thoughts 24/7 and I am doing my best to cope so I hope you will find some help because it is a difficult journey. But I honestly believe that it is worth it to keep fighting because you never know what may happen tomorrow. Good luck to you.

Lisa M
The best thing to do is go to your primary care doctor, explain your situation, and then they can refer you to a therpist.

The hospital, like the ER, is used for more extreme cases, like people with schizophrenia who are wandering the streets and have become unable to function or are sick, for example. Or for people who have tried to commit suicide. The hospital ER is for people who have become physically injured, have a mental illness that caused the injury, and will then be treated for their physical injuries. Then they are referred to a therapist.

Depending on the hospital, they might have an outpatient resource center. They might have a mental health facility in which you could go. You would have to look into that further.

I would recommend a referral from your PCP!

I hope this helps!

people go to the hospital when they plan suicide, in the hospital, they keep you safe, and they help you sort out why you are suicidal and help you get past those thoughts and feelings. You sign yourself in, you agree to therapy and to work on your issues, and you can sign yourself out as well. It isn't like the movies where people are locked up with no way out, that's just hollywood hype.

Go to the hospital. They are trained profeesionals my experience as been alot of group therapy, if you don't want group talk to someone privately, education on meds and keeping you safe. And don't worry they don't lock you up. Your not allowed to leave the ward without a nurse or other hospital personal. They do
monitor your behavior, eating, sleeping,social behavior as well as self care, like showering, brushing your teeth and if you make your bed. They also teach you some self help skills. How long have you been depressed? If your a girl keep in mind it is often your menstral cycle.
Monitor when you feel the worst. Also how long have you felt this way.
Has anything happened?

Especially for a teen with depression you should go to the ER or call your primary doctor and tell them you are having suicidal thoughts and need help. I would in fact get admitted by your primary doctor and they will follow the treatment plan he or she lays out and be very supportive to you. A psychiatrist will come in to see you and possibly prescribe some antidepressants.

Be well. This is not something to mess around with.

ETA: Don't listen to Changed and Loyal. If you are voluntarily seeking help for depression and suicidal ideation they won't force anything on you. He must have been in hospitals 40 years ago. They don't do that stuff now. You won't be restrained unless you commit serious violence, and as they have probably seen it all, you probably can't shock them, even if that is your goal, which it's not.

Please don't let him scare you. Even if you acted out and cut yourself (PLEASE DON'T!) they wouldn't treat you like that.

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