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 Help me with my energy issues?
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What does it mean when I don't dream anymore?
I'm not sure if it's year's of being on the brink of sleep, incase of any of my children, calling for me, wanting me to lay with them in the middle of the night, or if it is stress related, I don't feel like I sleep when I wake up, I wake up throughout the night, I seem to sleep very light, and although I know I used to dream and was at the stage of wanting to take control of my dreams, (realise I was dreaming and make the dream go in the direction I wanted it too) now I just DON't dream, and it's not great because I feel dream's hold messages, any idea's?

Rodrigo Pinto
Relax, when you don't dream is because you are really resting while sleeping and when you wake up you feel rejuvenated, in the other hand if you are dreaming I know that is beautiful if it's good dreams but the fact is that when you wake up you feel tired like that you have been taking excercises! So don't worry you don't dream because you have a balanced and peacefull mind and you don't have any problems that produces stress and you have also a balanced diet every day!

Good Luck And Have A Nice Sleep!

Maybe your not sleeping long enough to reach REM sleep? Sounds like you're not reaching a deep sleep either. I bet you feel exhausted.

Hinny, get yourself a bottle of lavender essential oil (health shop, boots, wilco's) put a dab on each cheek and snuggle under your duvet.

You can still dream even thou you may not remember it. You are currently cat sleeping on call for the children it happens. While you are stressed it can have an effect on your relaxation before entering sleep. Use a relaxtion tape/cd just before going to sleep. Have a book next to your bed complete with pen ready to record your dreams upon waking. Tell yourself you will remember your dreams when you awake and keep saying that to yourself as you fall asleep.
Do not move when you awake as movement can erase the memory of the dream so stay still for a while until you have all the information in your head. Don't stress out about it and don't try too hard as these can have an effect. Dreams are important and you are learning well in controlling them as well as studying them upon awake. Mine stopped for awhile but there is no real answer as to why as I have continued having dreams at my most stressful points. You never stop dreaming it's just that sometimes you don't remember. Try a little meditation if you get chance as it can be difficult with kids around. It doesn't have anything to do with age because if that was the case my dreaming would stop and trust me it hasn't. The more you work with your dreams the greater the experience. Good luck.

i stopped dreaming when i toop particular medications, it was a relief because with other medicines some of my dreams were quite horrific

i wouldnt worry about it at least you are sleeping which i think is more important

Everyone dreams, just because you don't remember doesn't mean you aren't dreaming.

You still dream, you just don't remember the dreams. It's a sign that you are aging.

It's just that you sleep well: deep sleep! But you can will yourself back to the dreaming days(nights, actually!). nothing to worry, anyway!

Lack of dream recall may be due to a zinc deficiency. Try out zinc supplements.

It could also be due to stress. Please google search for

"Biochemistry of insomnia"

you are still dreaming. an average person dreams 7 times a night (interestingly, the majority of your dreams are in black and white - no idea why!)
the problem is just you arent remembering them - probably because you have so much else going on in your life.
i dont know if i believe dreams hold messages, but i do believe that, if there is a message out there for you, that it will get to you, either thru a dream, or thru a conversation you have with someone, or thru something you see on tv......its not going to pass you by.

this may sound strange but up until last weekend i was sleeping about 3 to 5 hours a night.
Always waking up tired, definately not sleeping.
But a friend told me to lie down and rest my head and the sleep will happen.

I think i'd forgotten how to sleep, which sounds messed up i know but since her advice I've been sleeping about 7-8 hours a night and dreaming again.

You still dream, it is just that you cannot recall doing so.

trust me you dream- you just dont remember- this happens often to lots of people- you will occasionally remember a dream but not so often...

It means you are sleeping more deeply.
Everybody dreams but you remember your dreams when you are in a light sleep not when you sleep deeply.


dispite what many people are saying on here there are certain sitiuations where you don't dream. go and search wikipedia about REM sleep. for yor information, if you don't know, REM stands for restless eye movement, you do this when you dream

certain mental ilnesses such as Borderline Personality disorder can leave you not having dreams

check wikipedia.org for more information

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