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 Is it normal to hear sounds in your head ?
I have been hearing this sound as if I am carrying a factory in my head .. I tried to close my ears so I be sure that it is in my head, and i was right.. so what is it? is it lack of vitamins ? or i&#...

 im 13 when should i got to sleep?
im 13 years old. my parents say i should go to sleep at 8! what time should a 13 year old boy go to sleep on school days and weekend. please be reasonable im gonna show my parents and hope they will ...

 I can't stop wanting to die. Is there anyone in devon, uk who wants to save me? 26 year old female?
I'm alone, stuck, suicidal. I need someone to tell me a very easy way to die or for someone to come along and drag me out of this sorry mess. I don't quite know how my head got here. I'...

 Why are people so selfish that they want other people to stay alive just so they won't have to be sad?
That didn't quite fit, but why are people so selfish that they force people to stay alive even when they're so miserable they want to die just so they won't have to feel bad that the ...

 is it normal for me to fantasize about being raped?
I have this huge fantasy of walking down in a dark alley in the middle of the night and having some random guy grabbing a hold of me and having his way with me. I'm not sure what it is ... but I ...

 how can i stop being so unhappy?
Im 21 and unhappy. I go to art school and im failing. I hate my job. My bills pile up. Im lazy. I cant finish anything i start. My best friend talks about what he did versus what im going to do. I ...

 Have you dealt with depression before?
How did you get over it?
Where did you go for help?
Additional Details
Thanks everyone for your help!...

 I am afraid of my shadow. What should I do?
it keeps following me, creeping up on me when I least expect it. It keeps spying on me and I don't like being alone with him. I feel very very violated when I get my jar of KY Jelly out and want ...

 Would this be classified as rape?
I went to a party and I was drinking a lot and someone spiked my drink with Flunitrazepam and took advantage with me and someone recorded it all. I watched the video and it seemed like I was going ...

 tell me, do you think my mother is abusive?
well, i am 13, and before i was age 10 i attempted suicide 3 times and have been depressed so much of my life. i have never thought why i had a terrible childhood, until my mother got worse. my ...

 My Friend is cutting, I want to help her but...?
She lives across the country. I met her online & I know she is who she is because we both talked on webcam before. But i feel horrible when she told me cut herself last night. I was torn apart. I...

 does my boyfriend have anxiety?
lately he has become so disconnected. sometimes he looks really depressed and like he doesnt wanna talk to anybody. he acts really cold and says he doesnt know why. he also has trouble sleeping ...

 How do I suppress hate that I have for certain people?
There sometimes these angers that comes from another person's action that really last inside my memories for a long time. I usually have a very long lingering hate for that person.

Is ...

 What is depression?
hi ppls,
im kinda dealing with depression and i would like some people's opinion and knowledge on the subject.
if you have info I would LOVE it!!!...

 What's wrong with me?
I"m not happy and I really can't tell if I'm sad. I feel like everything I do is a massive waste of time. I've lost interest in the things I used to enjoy doing, and the only ...

 MY friend hears voices what do i do?
my best friend told me that she hears voices and they tell hear to do things like to kill her self and that she doesn't matter and that nobody cares about her etc. What can i do i promised that ...

 I need help, i am a 47 year old women, going through a divorce, of my choice?
I look at myself every day and i hate myself so much. I have always hated what i see in the mirror, i lost both my parents within two months of each other, and i never told them i loved them, my ...

 how can depression still creep in even though i am on anti depressants?
I have been taking anti depressants for a number of years now but now and again depression still manages to creep in, which leaves me wondering, do I really need them for the 95% of the time when I�...

 I am going to try this one last t ime?
I am friendly, out going, and open. My doctor told me yesterday I needed to open up my heart in terms of relationships. What did he mean? I asked this question before and got the most bizarre ...

 I take Anti-depressants.?
the 20mg ones were not doing any good, so I asked my doctor if I could be put on 30mg. He said "no, we're trying to lower your dosage rather than increase it!"
I used to see a ...

What does it feel when you're on prozac?
Does it make you feel good about yourself?Being in it makes you really feel better?How does is it help?

i dunno but let me know

It affects many different people in different ways. It can help relieve the symptoms of depression for some, but I found it made me worse and have suicidal thoughts - which was very scary. I got myself off them asap. As I say, its different for everyone

It calms you down, a little. It does not make you feel better. It simply helps you deal with an issue or problem that is bothering you by making it seem less important; less stressful. Use only for a relatively short time.

J. P
I was on it for a week. I could not stand it. I was sooo sleepy. I also did not care about anything. Which is good and bad. I did not care about the bad stuff, but I also did not care about good stuff. Like someone could have said "hey JP, you just won 50000 dollars" I would have been like "ugh ok." I did not think that lack of emotions was worth it....at all.

I take it for obsessive-compulsive disorder and feel better. As an SSRI, Prozac doesn't mask symptoms, but works to correct the problem with Serotonin. Often times once a person stops taking Prozac, their symptoms return.

It doesn't make you feel any different. Supposedly it fixes chemical blockages of seratonin in your brain. It won't help if your'e depressed from being a loser or having low self esteem.

Less depressed

I take Prozac for severe PMS.
It's not a cure-all, but I have to say, it has made a difference. I still feel evil and nasty but at least Prozac allows me to get out of bed and share my evil and nasty with everyone else!

yeah..it does help me abit to go through the day. especially when i dont feel like myself. It actually does makes u feel good bout urself and somehow it makes me sharp. But the effects may vary for other people.
But i had to take other meds too, to stabilize it i.e sodium valproate(epilim) and lamotrigine(lamictal). Consult ur doc.
i hate the side effects though. I get really hungry and sometimes it's difficult cos i'm the type who always wants to loose weight(i used to have an eating disorder). And yeah..it makes u a bit drowsy and sleepy.

Wanna feel good?

Take a Lortab 10mg, no wait take 2

I love that s h i t

As was said before, Prozac doesn't work for everyone. If you are having radical mood swings, going from elated and happy and everything is wonderful to sad, crying, I want to die depression... it works great. The main idea as I understood it was to cut off those super highs and super lows giving you a kind of balance. It does make you numb, and for me for a while, that was what I needed. Then I got tired of not being as 'happy' as I once was, everything was just kind of 'there'. Nothing was exciting anymore. Not that I was depressed about that, I didn't care one way or the other. I went off Prozac for a while, eventually the depression came back and I switched to Effexor which seems to be working quite well for me. Good luck.

IT makes you NUMB!

In fact it's NUMB squared.

One Hand One Heart
I found it made me feel more suicidal. Again it depends on A) dosage and B) where you are emotionally.

I'd ask your Doctor or Pharmacist if your not positive on the effects.

It makes you incapable of feeling any emotion. Take it only if you need it.

It makes you feel like you're stuck in a tunnel. IT"S THE WORST!

Prozac is supposed to make you feel more normal and less depressed, if it is one that you are going to work for you. Prozac does not work for everyone, there are other things too

I don't know.. it made my dad almost commit suicide. It doesn't work for everyone.

Adam C
like heaven

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