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 I am scared and would appreciate any advice?

Additional Details
I am scared and do not know what to do. My guilt and shame are too overwhelming to bear. I drink a lot which causes my drug relapses furthering the problem at hand. I ...

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1. All of my teachers assign section to do but she expects us ...

 i am hearing voices in my head can you please help me ?
P.S. sorry there are alot of mistakes in my question ..
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well i am young and i have already been in the hospital for depression . im still depressed and blah blah blah ...

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 Whats your worst fear?
well my worst fear is get buried ...

 what's the longest you've gone without crying?
for me, it's nearly 2 years and i'm a girl. I tend to keep things bottled up. I never cry, it's for wimps but i heard crying is actually good for you. I've been depressed for 6 ...

 If smoking cannabis leads to mental health problems, how come I'm still fine sfter 25yrs of pot smoking?

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apart from the odd typo, that is!...

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 Why do people who cut themselves do it on their arms?
I cut, but i always do it on my legs or tummy.

Why would you cut your arms when you KNOW that people can see them.....??...

 Do you feel alone when you suffer from depression?
Like nobody understands you, even family members....

What do you do when you miss someone a lot?
My best friend is gone at camp and I really miss him.
What do I do to make it stop troubling me?

i sleep to forget about it.

Listen to music that reminds me of them. Good times that is, it helps for a smile and It will seem like they are right there with you. Ignoring any feeling in life is a waste of time.

Write a letter to the person. Tell someone else about how much you miss this friend. Basically don't bottle up your feelings inside, share them with another

drink some coronas.

White lighting
I really wish I had a better answer for you, but, you're just going to miss him till he gets back. In the meantime, look around you for other people and things to do. Things are happening all the time... but you'll miss 'em if you don't look. Take care.

find another guy

i was a rifle instructor for a camp 3 months ago and i was away from my wife and kid for 2 and a half months what i did was i wrote on the labtop what i was doing how i was feeling and what i was looking forward to when i got home i had about 60 pages written and she got to read threw them and experance every thing and as well it made me feel closer to her

Deanna D
Write your friend, send a card. Include all the things you miss about the person. Challenge yourself to something totally different to pass the time. Camp can't last forever.

Kirk J
distract ur self go do something new or different and u could always write ur friend a letter or call him

do something productive !

it'll create a new world of hobbies for you !

cheer up, life is too short to worry !

Oui Je Suis
I don't know!!! MY boyfriend is gone, and i totally have no life right now. Lol. Just hang out with your other friends and distractions. And don't think about him.

Or if you do thinka bout him, think of what you guys will do when he comes back and stuff and just think about what you do together, and it always makes me feel better.

Good luck. I know how you feel :S

If u love him write a journal or somthing and give it to him and say haha i missed u silly!!!!

Try to stop thinking about them.
Distract yourself with oher activities.

I hate missing someone, especially when them coming back is out of your control.
Hope this helps.

Music. Listening, playing it. Writting it.
Do something creative.
Try writing, its really surprising when you read it after you feel better

Curious Angle
Try a new hobby!!! Meet new people!!! Call Him.

Make plans to see them when they get back. Try to distract yourself and hang out with some other friends. It works well.

Try t don´t cry and go to talk with a friend, but, well, many times the friends are just so... Many times is better be alone in this situation.

If the friends fail try with ice cream, psicologist have to prescribe this for the depressions. You can mix both that gives a better result.

You need more than 1 friend, dude.

Nora C
Blog. I do have this habit of going to places where we hang out and just sit.
He is at camp and it is not permanent. You will get over the feeling soon but be sure to let him know how you felt while he was gone.

write him a letter. Just don't put anything privae in case the others read it

If I need to cry I just let it out,

Also since the person you miss isn't dead (sorry if that sounded harsh) and you know hes coming back, i tell myself it wont be long till that person comes back. I even start a little countdown, without obsessing over it of course. Like if hes gone for a month lets say, thats only roughly 30 days which isnt that long in the big scheme of things and can go by really fast.

Just try not to think about it too much and maybe you can write to him if you have his address?

Joseph, II
I write that person a Letter. Really!- It Works! It makes you feel like you're "Closer" to that person- to get all those Thoughts & Feelings down on paper- & to send it out to them... Give it a try... It'll make You feel better... :)

Get a job. I'm serious, you'll be surprised at how being active/busy will take ur mind off of missing a loved one/friend.

Abigail H
Write in a journal.
That's what I do.

If you need to cry.. cry. Let it all out.

If not.. Just try to think about other things..

Write him letters. If there is still time to mail them off where he will receive them, send them. If not stack them up and give them to him in person when he gets back.

You can also find something else to do, or someone else to hang out with, to pass the time. Distraction.

I try to distract myself.

brooke :)
hang with other friends
go to the movies
try and get your mind off of him

keep busy make plans for the persons return

Colin P
If it is possible to contact him, do so. If not, try hanging out with other friends, and try keeping yourself busy 'til he comes back.

Find a hobby or something else to think about. My husband was gone to children's camp (for church) last week and I missed him and so did our puppy. He is very attached to him. I just had to find things to occupy my time.

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