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 How many of you would be interested in a site devoted to chronicling the positives in our lives?
I am currently developing a site based on CBT methods where members will be able to share all of the positive things that they have done and list their acheivements. The only rule is that there will ...

 cutting feels so good. but it makes everyone feel bad about me. what should i do??
i always cut .
i cant stop.
can someone give me some advice??...

 stop suicide?
if 1 person told you that if you killed yourself they would do it also would it stop you from doin it? its weird how 1 person can have such an effect on your life.......

 Out of all the medications you have taken, which worked best and what was it for?
Pertaining to mental health disorders.... How much were you taking per day in mg? Are you still taking it? What mental health problem was it for? If you aren't still taking it why not?

 Missing school because of attacks?
I hate my school, and every day I don't want to go. So before school I have these attacks cause I get so worked up about having to go. I can't breath, I get chest pains, and I shake. But ...

 I've been in love with her for two years and I cant move on.?
I am practically miserable over a girl for two years. I have no chance with her. I've tried therapy and it's not working. I'm so in love with her that no one interests me and even when ...

 grieving over loss of parent?
has either of your parents passed away and you were close to one if them what kind of grieving did you do and for how long was the grieving process?...

 Bereavement & Grief Emotional Support & Advice?
my father passed away on may 22nd and i have been trying to remain strong for my mother because she is a total disaster they were married for 43 years at this point i have been strong up until ...

 How Do I Tell Someone I'm a Cutter?
I get it, the first step to stopping is telling someone. All right, easier said then done. Telling my family is most definitely out so don't suggest that. I have huge trust issues and I don'...

 survivor guilt as abused child?
anyone else have survivor guilt over having been an abused neglected child?
Both my parents made attempts on my life and every time a child hits the headlines for being murdered by their parents ...

 Question about the Clusters and Diagnosis of Personality Disorders?
Does anyone know if it's possible that one person can exhibit most or all of the DSM criteria for a personality disorder in EACH Cluster? If so, how would they be diagnosed?

For ...

 Anyone else experiencc really vivid dreams while manic?
basically I have bipolar disorder and im about half way throuh a manic phrase - the drugs im on aren't working that well atm so im still pretty manic. And receently i've been noticing that ...

 I am really sad people!?
Yesterday my mom recieved a call saying my dad and two brothers were in a bad car crash. turns out, a car cut them off and when my dad tried to swerve, his truck flipped over 3-4 times. my dads arm ...

 The positive of dating someone bipolar?
I know there are a lot of bad things that come along with but I'd like to know some positive things that can come from it...
Additional Details
he's in counseling and on meds. ...

 Need some emotional help?
This might be a a little long but here's my story and I wanted to see if anyone might know what's going on with me

Last summer I was bombed with depression, because basically I ...

 Why does my mind feel so 'foggy,' unsharp and zombiefied?
My mind is always racing and thinking and analyzing and worrying over and over again… From the second I wake up I’m thinking of things about the past and the future and whats happening and ...

 My husband has social anxiety disorder. How much of MY life do I let it consume?
We've been married for 11 years now. Mostly we got married because I got pregnant, but I love him anyway, so it has worked out ok. Now that our kids are 11 and 9 I am starting to think about ...

 How come people think is they commit someone they will be "helped'?
I was committed and it didn't help me.
Additional Details
I think people just commit other people so they don't have to deal with them anymore....

 Can depression be passed on in genes>?
not the actual depression but i tendency to develop it? Because i know scizophrenia (sp!?) can. My dad had depression does this mean ive got more of a chance?...

 Should I stay with my therapist? She's not helping me anymore, but my mom wants me to keep seeing her.?
My therapist used to help me with my problems, but in the past month she has not been helpful. My therapist also says that she is ineffective in helping me. She says that she feels "helpless&...

What can I do to break my loneliness and depression?
I have suffered on and off with depression since about 10 years ago, I take antidepressants. I work full-time and have no real friends anymore. I hate my job sooo much, it drags me down and so do the people I work with. I try to be up beat but most of the people in the staff room at lunch time just either take the piss out of me or just give me **** disapproving looks all the time!! No wonder I'm still depressed!! There is only that one place to eat in as I work in a laboratory out of town, no where to walk either!!!! What can I do to make myself happier in and out of work?? I'm not too bothered about not having a boyfriend at the moment but when I'm feeling better I would.

funny girl
Sounds like this job is adding to your depression. I would liik for another job, Good Luck, and get better!

sometimes anti depressants can make things worse,professionals are quick to prescribe and treat the symptom not the problem.what about seeking help to reach the root causes of your depression and treat that.it might change your whole life.counseling or psychotherapy,is less on drugs and more on emotion healing
i can recommend http://onlinecounsellingservice.co.uk i have been working with a counselor there and it is really helping me.i was sceptical at first but online is making great changes for me it is most convenient and way cheaper too

I can relate to your situation as Im in a similar one myself. Im only now recieving proper professional treatment and support for my depression. I have hardly any close friends too and get unbearably lonely.

You should take steps to improve the things in life that you can like starting to apply for jobs. Mine was one of the things making me desperatley unhappy and I'll be starting a new one early next year-SO relieved.

Why not look and see if there are any activity groups in your area that interest you? Or part time evening classes that take your fancy. You might meet friends who have similar interests to you. You could look on sites like Gumtree and Plenty of Fish to advertise that you're looking to meet new people but obviously you have to be cautious around safety issues when meeting people online.

I think if you have a happier life outside of work then you'll be able to shrug off the bad things that happen in the workplace as you'll know you have another side of your life to look forward to.

Read a book or magazine to read at lunch, or buy yourself a Nintendo DS to play. I have mine and its great to occupy me and keep my mind busy!

You can send me a message any time via my profile if you need someone to chat to :)

vaughn favrua
i would to, i hate my co workers and i hate being so far behind in where i want to be at due to my exes. i would say exercises and focus on your happiness. explore and try and do things you never thought would cross your mind to do. for me i have anxiety and depression but om shooting to do the unexpected to try to help me conquer my fears and depression in life. i hope this helps

You need a lift in your life. Maybe take an exotic holiday or get a hobby. I find filmmaking to be a very exiting occupation, and I would advise anyone in your condition to give it a try. Maybe put your depression into a film! It will take a load off your shoulders!

This site offers help with emotional issues like depression, and also for looking for another job. I hope it helps.

get in touch with the n.c.d.s.you will make good friends there.best of luck thats national councel for divorced and seperated

ex trucker
I had a brain tumor 4 years ago and spent 3 years off work in the house on my own, i'm divorced and live on my own i was lonely and deppressed but went on Senior Friend Finder web site and have met 2 nice ladies one is 61 and helped me out of my deppression and we go out for lunch and chat about life and all kinds of things.
the other is only 38 and we go away for weekends and holidays very close relationship , so i think you need someone who will support you mentaly and you can talk about your fears.
if you don't feel happy at work leave , work takes up two thirds of your life and if you are not happy it will make you deppressed.
the next little bit of advice i would offer you is stop taking the pills they don't work its time to pull yourself together change your job and change your life i have and i'm a happy man again

take care R

Hi, i'm just wondering why the people at work would give you disapproving looks and take the P ?

Maybe the answer is a night class in something you like, digital photography, computers, Spanish class ?

or come over here and watch me play the drums ?

Dark Knight
No where to walk?lol you have the whole world to walk on.

To brake your lonliness go out and socialize more often.If you really want to find someone you will find a place regardless of how far it is.

For your work related stress find another job if you hate it.It is not worth getting ill and loosing years from your life span.The more frequent the stress is the higher the chance of getting ill and the shorter your life span will be.Think about if your job is really worth loosing your life and your good health.

You are doing this to yourself.You alone are responsible for your situation.No one is forcing you to work there.

For your depression apply the following recipe.

Depression is caused by the lack of serotonin in your brain which is caused by the lack of omega 3 fatty acids in your brain.A deficiency that most of the humans on this planet have.

Omega 3 fatty acids raise your serotonin levels.The more you have the better you feel among many other benefits.

Start the omega 3 diet.I have researched omega 3 acids for 2 years and performed a very successful experiment on myself and few of my volunteer friends.Few months of the omega 3 diet it significantly reduced stress[and/or cured depression] problems permanently and significantly raised my intelligence,improved memory,gave me high emotional and muscle control,sight,reflexes[and many other known and unknown benefits]and without any drugs or supplements in the form of pills.


Take two table spoons of grinded flaxseed[rich with omega 3 and cheap]a day[with a glass of water] and in a few months you will start to notice significant improvement in your mental health[you will become more psychologically stable,among other things].Use a coffee grinder.Whole seeds cannot be digested by the hydrochloric acid in our stomach only grinded seeds.A fact and not a assumption.You have nothing to loose only gain by it.There are many articles on the internet about the omega 3 fatty acids.

Flax is the best source of ALA omega 3 fatty acid which our body converts to more important fatty acids called DHA and EPA.For the efficient conversion to take place,foods containing a large amount of the following nutrients must be consumed along with the flaxseed:C,B3,B6 [vitamins],zink and Magnesium [minerals].I recommend 3 table spoons of flax with 100 grams[or more if to your liking] of almonds and/or 250g of green peas,1 kiwi every day.[do not take more then 3 table spoons of flax because large amounts can cause intestinal gases which can cause abdominal pain and/or constipation.If three spoons causes abdominal discomfort lower the dosage to 2 table spoons of grinded flax and elevate it to 3 table spoons after your body adapts to high fiber content].

The information in the following link should provide you with the nutritional facts of most if not all known fruits and


Anti depressants will not cure your depression.They only hide it and make it worse.Only healthy natural diet on a daily basis can cure your depression whether you like it or not.

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