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 im terrified about the thought of whats after death. i dont want to worry any soothing answers?
the thought that there is nothing makes me feel hopless i know its an irrational worry and i m only 19!! i dont want to waste time being worried about it!...

 If we're all going to die at a point in our lives...why can't we be the ones to choose when?
After all it is OUR life, we make the decisions for every other aspect...
Additional Details
But if you're dead, you won't know if you like it or not so it doesn't really ...

 what's the craziest thing you'd do for a?
peanut butter ...

 How can you stop being a control freak/perfectionist?
I have had trouble with being a perfectionist my entire life and its starting to boil over into my relationships. How can I stop this? Any ideas? Being able to control my environment gives me a sense ...

 To anti-psychiatry folks out there: what do you suggest we do with all the "crazy" people?
I'm not talking about people who work a 40 hour week and get along okay, but they take medication for depressioin or anxiety or whatever. I'm talking about people diagnosed with S...

 Besides religion, why is suicide wrong?
I'm writing a paper on suicide. I find it interesting that suicide is generally shunned upon no matter the culture (again, not religion!). So, I'm looking for different ideas to try and ...

 this is a question for all the cutters! (if ur not a cutter dont answer)?
what is it about cutting that you like so much?

for me its the escape i get from it but what does it do for you??...

 Why do I get annoyed very easily out of nowhere?
Out of nowhere something just annoys the crap out of me and and then everything starts bothering me and I don't know why, then I want to start crying....

 What's the point in asking for help? (Mental Health)?

I am feeling really rotten, like pretty awful in fact and basically what makes it worse is I don't feel there's a point in asking for help. I am not going to commit suicide ...

 I have very low confidence, Anxiety and PTSD; having alot of trouble finding a job?
I am 18 and never had a job in my life. I've just came out of a training course, starting college part-time next month. I would really like to earn some money of my own, have a part-time job ...

 Looking and feeling good all the time?
Is it ok really for me to keep content to look nice all the time. For a better mind i've discovered that i'm never happy when i'm in my slob clothes and always happy when i have ...

 Does anyone have any ideas to help me with my mom?
My mother is 64 years old. She has had many medical problems including bladder cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis. They removed her bladder and she has been cancer free for almost 5 years. But her ...

 Which eating disorder center would you recommend?
I am 22yrs old and have bulimia and have been told I need to go inpatient. There are a lot of treatment centers to chose from. If you went to one, what was your experience, how are you know, how much ...

 Life is tough....and I'm depressed?
I'm 28, just broke up with my girlfriend, and now moved back home where I've been living with my parents for the past 5 months and hate it. I've just quit my job because I hated it and ...

 WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS FEAR? please let me know?
Ok, it is hard to explain but I have an extreme and irrational fear of aquariums, large ones or a lot of small ones in like a pet shop. Not single small aquariums. I would rather cut off my arm ...

 Why do antidepressants cause increased risk of suicidal thoughts?
Wouldn't they have the opposite effect since they are supposed to make you feel good about yourself?...

 How big a role do you feel your job plays in your identity?

 Is it possible that this is all a dream, and im really in a coma right now?

 am i going crazy or is this normal?
i was lookin at pictures of usain bolt running.. then i went into like a daydream thing n it felt like i was running so fast.. it scared me.. i always get these. i also have nightmares of walking ...

 old men scare me?????????
im always scared that men atleast 28 and over are thinking about raping me or something.....and i know this is wrong...but....sometimes i even think my dad and grandpa think that way too....SOMETIMES....

the crazy one!!!!!!!
What are different types of self harm?
please help ... no questions?

Eat hot cheetos, it burns out your liver slowly...

anything ranging from self mutilation to poor self esteem can be considered self harm

- cutting
- bulimia
- anorexia
- using lighters or candles etc to burn your body.
- pulling and ripping you hair
- secluding yourself do to lack of confidence
- any form of bodily injury done on purpose, even when relating to some sort of depression.
- overly scratching just to cause pain or draw blood


um starving yourself, cutting, throwing-up, so on and so forth. idk.

Chelsea B
Self-harm is not the way to go. There are plenty of other, safer ways to cope. DBT is one of them. It's a set of skills to manage overwhelming emotions and unsafe behaviors. Join my group to learn more.

I invite you to join my support group here on Yahoo.

princess joanne
self-harm is any sort of act that is negative or physically harmfull that you do to yourself. basicly, if you cut/scratch yourself purposely that is self harm.if you burn or bite yourself thats self harm anything that may give you the slight feeling of pain is self harm.other ways is simply writing negative things on your body with ink.things like "ugly", "fat", "die/death" or "*****" are all forms of self harm.some people may even carve those words into their skin.its a serious mentle illness that is catergorized as an addiction.if you are doing any of these things or something else please talk to some one anyone!if you need to question if an act is self-harm then it usually is.if you have any more questions please please feel free to contact me

shheeyya mann
well from experience
as a teenage girl
i am in pageants and a cheerleader
so i felt weird cutting because people
could see the cuts
because i never wore sleeves
and so i still have a LOT of scars everywhere
because i dug into my arms and legs with a nail file...
after i realized that people could see the scars, i would either snap rubber bands on my wrist or chew the inside of my mouth until i bled.
that way my parents dont know
and i could still relieve stress.
all that crap about people doing it and stopping
is well... CRAP
i sitll do the mouth thing, involentarily because its just a habit now

Missy Me xx
different people do it different ways (please don't)

some people:

pull strands/clumps of their hair out
burn themselves
cut themselves
starve themselves
pick scabs and cuts
scratching themselves hard

is this what you were looking for?

K x

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