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 advice needed on deppresion?

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Can you become addicted to bud? Does it really make you not be able to have kids? Does it cause you to break out? If smoking it makes you hungry, then how come hypes for it are all skinny???

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 Is there something wrong with me?
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I don't do it often, but sometimes i have a little talk with myself to plan things out and to complain about life when it gets u down. I know i should really confide in someone close,but ...

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 I am 14 years old. And I am really depressed. People always talk about me I think I am going to commite sucide
How do i get these people from stop calling me a ****** or gay. and this is the honest answer I am truly not gay I have a gril friend of 6 months but yet they still call me names. I cant take it ...

 I am not happy with my life-any advice?

 Whats wrong with me?
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 i think i got raped. please help.?
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No insults please or dumb answers..keep them to yourself..after all YOU are the one who clicked on this question i ...

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 My life is so lovely that I might as well shoot myself...?
Does anybody know from a counsellor who doesn't charge because I can't pay
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I'm not looking for attention, I am just genuinely messed up and really want ...

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??? i get bored easily os no comments like do ...

 horrible stress at school?
o.k. so at school someone keeps saying that I got beat up and keeps saying it in class all period and has been telling the whole school that and don't say if their your friend they won't ...

What's the mental condition called when you obsess over one subject?
Is there a mental condition where you obsess over one subject and it's all you can think about? And it's not OCD because I looked up the symptomns for that.
Additional Details
By the way I'm not explaining symtomns I have.

its called ruminating

you could just be anal retentive

Whats the subject ?

Obssessive thinking can manifest as a symptom of a number of conditions. However, no matter what you read, where obssessive thought processes are the dominant symptom, OCD is the most probable diagnosis. And if you can't accept that, then you really need to call a psychiatrist, make an appointment, and get his opinion.

Ian H
Its called "Love". I hate it.

you may just not have all the symptoms for OCD

'Dr Greene'
Yahoo Answers

The Mad cyclist
It may or may not be a medical condition and you can't diagnose over the internet but you might want to look up generalized anxiety disorder and see if that fits at all

OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder is what I would call it.

i am sure it is not what you are looking for, but that is how most autistic people are-- they fixate on one object or subject and almost obsess over it in life. i.e: movies, cleaning, math, or a certain toy

OBSESSION - by Calvin Klein

I think we/I need more than to this question than you gave us, in order to better the answer.
What is the subject you're obsessing about?
Is it a school subject?
Isn't OCD doing anything over & over again
(thoughts & action-wise) for a long period of time.
It could not be serious at all--you could be nervous about whatever it is you're obsessing,
& that might explain your obsessions.
I need more info., please! :-)

obsessive compulsive

It's called having a psychological fixation.

ask your doctor or medical practioner.

Mr. Mauser
Could be co-dependancy.


It could be numerous conditions or the symptoms might not meet the criteria for a mental health disorder. Most people would consider it to be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but it could also be Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD).

On the other hand without know what the subject is that the individual is thinking about it could be an anxiety disorder (many individuals that suffer from anxiety tend to become focused on what ever causes their anxiety) you could also be describing the symptoms of paranoia (if you thought that someone was following you or out to get you, you would tend to focus on that topic) or delusional thinking (if you think zombies are in the process of taking over the world and you are their leader, once again one would tend to be very focused on how you could lead your undead minions).

So, I can't really give you a specific mental conditions without knowing some more information. I'm not sure if this helps or not but if you are asking for yourself or for somebody else the advice is the same. Go see a psychologist who can do some testing to see if there is a mental health disorder present.

That'd be monomania- 'obsession of the mind on one idea or interest.'

I think that it is obsessive compulsive disorder.
I have it and I obsess over the stupidest things for a very long time!
Maybe I am wrong, but the description fits me to a T!

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