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 What's bipolar?
Sorry if I'm being dense, but I'm 14 and don't really understand what kind of disease it is (I know it's meantal, but my knowledge kinda stops there). Please be brief!...

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 is reading better than watching the TV?

 I don't understand why anorexics do that to themselves..?
i Saw a programme about a girl who was lying in hospital nearly dying, and her parents and the doctors where trying for hours to get her to eat, and she wouldn't even touch a piece of lettuce.T...

 How long can the human body survive without sleep?

 Wrongfully accused of using her soap?
Ok this may sound a little silly but it's driving me a bit nuts at the moment as I am stressed with other things as well. I live in a house with two other girls who I don't know very well. O...

 My friend has self esteem issues, she doesnt think she is pretty?
I have tried every possible trick in the book, to build up her self esteem, i just dont know what 2 do anymore jhelp me.

Description: 16yrs. young
Dark Brown hair

 Don't know what too do....Advice please?
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 What to do about people not believing me?!?!?!??!?
yeah me mum and her boyfriend thing im lying about seeing things.
That i want attention.
When honestly it took sooo many days to tell them this.
Since im afraid they&...

 Im so sick of being alive... But?
Why have i never got the guts to take my own life :(...

 whats a good medication for anxiety?
my doctor put me on prozac and lamictal for anxiety and its been like 8 months and it doesnt seem to work, what medications are better and what seems to work other people? , please help....

 I parked my car on railroad tracks yesterday and just waited to get hit?
I was on this back road and there's these railroad tracks so I just parked my car on the tracks and waited for a train to come and whack me dead. Sadly after a while, no train had passed. So I ...

 Help me stay up late?

i have 2 midterms tomorrow, and I have ADD and OCD, so focusing is already hard enough, and I am cramming like A LOT of information, that I have never read before. ...

 If I gave up alcohol (of which I may consume a bit too much!), would my 'brain become more active'; sharper?
Just a general question but one that i think is valid to anyone who wishes to give up drinking. Eventually, does a sharper, faster functioning brain result, eventually?
Additional Details<...

 i don't want to be lonley any more !!?

 what do you do when...?
you have no bestfriends and no one to trust?
i'm going through some pretty harsh times,everyone i trust usually turns on me i can never keep a good friend,what should i do?
I want to ...

There is this kid at my school that always hits and hurts me. I fight him back sometimes but hes just about as tough (if not tougher) than me so its a pretty even match. On the last day of school i ...

 What's wrong with me?
I want to eat but I get scared when I swallow that I'm going to choke....
When I do eat, I feel really fat...

What's wrong with me.

Please, no rude comments.

 What do you do to relieve stress?
I've been waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm having a panic attack. My heart is always beating fast....

What's a good job for someone who can't function in society?
I'm in my early 20's, and I've been having a really hard time functioning in society. I'm really smart, I'm a hard worker, but I just can't seem to find my way. I can't seem to function in the work place, or in school. Does anybody have any good ideas about what line of work would be good to go into for someone like me? I want to be able to support myself.


try at Mcdonalds where you get the chance to meet people or interact with peope..

It depends on what you mean by "function".

If you're smart, actuary science might be a good route...it pays well and everyone seems to read the newspapers at their desks during breaks (and don't really talk to each other).

If you're not so smart, McDonald's hires disabled people to clean.

The American Government!

Peter S

You could make license plates in prison.

It depends on just what kind of problems you are having. Just about any job will require some interaction with other people. Maybe you should seek help from a counselor, who can help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and find a job that's right for you.

A call center opperator they live in their own world.

possibly seeking counseling to help learn coping skills and possibly being put on medication to help you conquer this issue would be a good start.

it sounds like you might have social anxiety disorder which alot of people have. medication usually cures this and these people are able to hold jobs and live normally in the world.

working from home is an option for you but you have to get a business degree first which requires school.

i would start off right away by speaking to your dr about being screened for social anxiety disorder and go from there

james a
I share this same inability to cope with society
My answer would be my job: Stocking, 3rd Shift
Most of the time you are alone in your own aisle,
occassionally helping a needy customer
This has helped me to finally be able to interact with the public without feeling panicked.

Read "Maximum Achievement" by Brian Tracy.

It will help, I promise.

OhWell (Kiss my cute furry feet)
That is a very difficult question. I have a close relative that has been struggling with the same problem for years. Have you tried working with someone from your county(in USA) vocational rehabilitation agency. They offer many avenues of help for people just like you. Really. Good luck, I wish you the best.

Written by T. - A member of our support group
Wednesday, 10 January 2007
I can always remember being shy and quiet even within my own family. I played a lot of sport which I found was great socially because I didn’t need to talk much. As I grew up and found myself at high school, I became lost in the crowd. Still shy and quiet but without my friends. I found it tremendously hard to make new friends. I found it difficult to talk. I spent a lot of time on my own and became withdrawn.

For English we had to do a certain amount of speeches for the year. This absolutely terrified me, for standing up in front of people was one of my worst fears. I wrote my speeches ok, practiced at home to time myself, and then the day would come to do it. So I bunked. The speeches would run for a couple of periods, so I spent quite a few days off bunking. Actually I took off the whole week. I couldn’t risk getting called up to do it !!!

My home life changed dramatically when I was ten years old. My parents separated. My father left my brother and I with our homebound agoraphobic mother. I learned agoraphobia traits very quickly and then over the years became agoraphobic myself.

Going to school became hard as I didn’t want to leave the house. But once I got there I was ok. After school holidays and even weekends, I found returning very challenging. My school reports always had a high absentee rate.

I got help for my agoraphobia through the Anxiety Disorders team. I repeated the treatment course and with much success as I am now 90% free of any traces of agoraphobia. Life without it is amazing and it really can be beaten.

Being shy made social situations difficult, so much that I avoided most of them. When I did go out socially I learnt that if I drank alcohol I would be more likely to talk. I did this so well that I am now an alcoholic. I became reliant on alcohol to talk, for my whole life. It loosened me up, but then I had another problem to sort out. Today I am 10 years and 3 months sober.

I really had to work my *** off to overcome my social phobia. The Anxiety Disorders team once again came to the party and gave me the confidence to join in a 12 week course for social phobia. Changing my thinking, rational thinking, practising exposure tasks all worked for me. It took some time I might add!! I went from a sweaty, nervous, panicky woman at shopping malls to a confident shopper who can try on clothing, return goods and eat in malls at peak time. I can go to a party and join in conversations, start up conversations and stay calm and relaxed. I enjoy social occasions now and even look forward to them. Working on my Social Phobia has changed my life. All of those graded exposures, small steps have lead me to a wonderful place amongst other people. I feel like I fit in now and am happy within myself.

I became a member of the Towards Social Confidence committee nearly one year ago and am also learning the role of Secretary. I enjoy giving something back as I feel I have come a long way.

I’m T., and you too can overcome anything.

I hope and pray you'll be blessed with nice job of your choice soon."More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of ".

Since you have mentioned you are in your early 20's my guess u are a student hence i would say concentrate on your studies. you are still quite young so put away with your ' cant seem to function' mentality. Be positive and work towards your betterment. Remember this is a stage when you have to give yourself the best and thinking negative about yourself will only dampen your self-esteem. Since u are smart and a hard-worker there will be ample opportunities in life in prove and support yourself. Speak to your parents / teachers and with their aid choose a profession thats aptly suits your capabilities. They know your strengths / weakness so they will be your best guide.

Good Luck and Think POSITIVE !!!

Hey, I'm in a similar position. I'm a qualified social worker but I'm signed off work at the moment due to anxiety, depression and an inability to function day-to-day. I've been thinking....what can I do that will not make me feel like a failure because the pressure of most things seem to tip me over the edge! I'll be reading the answers with interest!

the president of USA come on that was not hard

Baby Max&#39;s mummy :)
You should go and see some one about this...For you not being able to do a job where you make full use of your intelligence and talents is such a waste... your still young too.. go and see someone - there are things they do to help you- good luck :)

Becoming President of the U.S. seems to have worked for dysfunctional George.

start writing novels. or start your own business, so that you will be your own boss. no stress.
learn anything creative and start your own work, if you are really hardworking, then sky is the limit for you.
Besides this, try to get some councelling, and read books on personal growth and try to live with people. its ok for workplace but this habit will give you trouble in family life

Ignore the people on here who give sarcastic answers like MacDonald's.You are too smart for that.It's a difficult one. Would you be happier working on your own? Maybe you have other talents you could use, like doing gardening or writing.If you have a service you can offer put an ad. in the local paper or shop windows.You will still have to interact with people to a certain extent but you would be working for the most part on your own. Good luck.

the Boss
You can do janitorial work at a hospital or work as a custodian on the night shift at a school. You're on your own and you don't have to talk with too many people.

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