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I don't do it often, but sometimes i have a little talk with myself to plan things out and to complain about life when it gets u down. I know i should really confide in someone close,but sometimes i just can't tell anyone but need to get it off my chest, so i talk 2 myself

there's nothing wrong with that until you start to have a heated argument with yourself and then get violent.


Because it is not humanly normal. Because humans are very social creatures they must talk to someone and the fact the brain thinks its ok to comunicate with ones self provides a steady thought that you may be stressing or lonly. Talking to ones self is only the beginning of insanity.

funky rocker
Most people talk to themselves at some point in the day, i think your telling yourself what you have to do so you dont forget it. I really wouldnt worry about it. No one is gonna come in white coats and take you to a padded cell.

Most single people talk to themselves or their cats....It's just when You start "answering" Yourself that You have to worry about it.

Talking to yourself is supposed to be the first sign of madness but it isn't. It is a very healthy thing to do.

Cadence Jade's Mommy
i do it often actually. i prefer to call it thinking out loud. my husband works opposite shifts as i do at work so when im by myself, i like the think out loud. its helps me better organize my thoughts and ideas. things sound different when you hear them then just when you think them. if you start answering yourself though...then you have problems

Nothings wrong with talking to Ur self. were only human. ....

Theres nothing wrong with talking to yourself it's when you start answering yourself that you have a problem.

People will think your crazy. I talk to myself too sometimes. Do it alone.

Sitting Still
I always talk to myself. I have to! It's the only way I can guarantee intelligent conversation around here.

sometimes thats the best person to talk to

I suggest you buy a stuffed parrot.
This way you can talk to yourself till the cows come home and, when caught, just claim you were keeping Polly updated.

you might develop psychosis

I think it's ok, I think most people do it but won't admit it.

I do it, too. Sometimes I'm the only one around and if my mind is too "loud" and I"ve got to sort through things, I talk to myself so I get to hear my thoughts and get mentally organized. It's alllll good! lol

nothing wrong with it. it orders my thoughts, it can be just as good as talking to someone and this can be usually the most intelligent discussion of the day

nothing is wrong with talking to yourself,its when you start answering you should worry

In life, the only person you can truly trust is yourself. When we talk out loud to ourselves, it is a means to come to a solution to a problem that is in imminent need of solving. If we thought someone else could help, we would talk to them, but this time we need to sort this out alone. At the end of the day, we always do what we think is best, regardless of the advice of others. So talking to ourselves is healthy. Of course there are folk that take things tooo faaar!!

There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself in lifecoaching sessions it is encouraged - u carry on

I think everyone does this to a certain extent and i wouldn't worry about it unless you start hearing voices in your head talking back to you!! lol

There's nothing wrong with that, I do it all the time. Mostly when having to remind myself to do things. When I'm home alone I will start one task, which leads to two more that turns into ten. LOL. Half way through if I don't constantly tell myself where and what to do next, I'll forget in a heartbeat. LOL. If it bothers you though, you can always try keeping a journal (like www.livejournal.com), helps to vent and you don't have to sit around talking to yourself. Sometimes writing it down is enough to get it out of mind.

Hey it's ok and by talking to yourself you are doing your friends a favour, they don't have to listen.
Keep it up

I do the same thing to. There's nothin wrong with talking to yourself, its completely natural for some people.
Some people ask themselves questions and answer them and have an arguement with themselves, so you shouldn't feel different.

Put it this way at least you can't get into an argument with yourself. Can u? I do it when I am stressed, where I live the parking is a nightmare and If my other half isn't here I really spit my dummy out and pace around the flat cursing. So no u r not alone chick!

Theres nothing wrong with talking to yourself. Its when you answer yourself you have to worry!

Theres nothing wrong with talking to yourself.. if you start to hear disembodied voices telling you to wear tin-foil hats then... worry a bit.

I don't think there is a problem. I used to do it all the time until my friends found out and thought that I am weird. After that, I try to try talking to myself silently, that way, nobody knows and you can get your things sorted out. If you have a tendency to voice it out, then try talking to yourself only when you are alone. I don't think it's a problem unless you hear voices at the back of your head and that's when you should consult a psychologist.

Nothing. As long as you don't answer yourself, you'll be fine!

Nothing - i do it all the time - most people i know well talk to themselves - don't worry about it

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