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Your Buddy
Suicide a good option ?
I'm just a teenager and my life is already screwed I have depression, my friends don't seem to care, I have no support from them at all. I dont want to turn to my parents. I'm already getting help but that's the problem it's not really helping me. No matter what positive things people say It doesn't effect me at all. I've been laughed at my whole life, this pain is just unbearable I cannot take it anymore.

How many paracetamols is enough to kill ?
Additional Details
It isn't some phase I have a mental illness

Paracetamol... hahahaha, you don't know what you're talking about do you? They take about six weeks to kill you, in the mean time your liver gradually and painfully dies... have fun with that emo. A lot of the time they don't even kill you anyway, all you achieve is liver damage.


Re: "It isn't some phase I have a mental illness"

You don't even know that, you haven't been to a doctor or a psychiatrist for a diagnosis or you'd be on pills which you would of mentioned.

Wise Silva
You Are Just A Teenager,You Have Your WHOLE Life Ahead Of You..All Teens go Through Depression Eventually...It Will Go Away Soon,Suicide Is Stupid

Rosjen Ahmed
Dont kill yourself!
think of all the things u can achieve.

u can make a diffrence!

no, dont kill yourself

wow. i just came on here because i'm feeling pretty suicidal myself. i feel so depressed. me and my bf broke up about a month ago and the stupid thing is it wasn't even really serious, but i still think about him all the time. and it's not just that. i feel so alone. i hate it when i go on facebook and see everyone with all these comments on their profiles, and people have all their friends names listed in their msn screen names and stuff. it's frickin annoying. i dunno if suicide is a good option. i guess its not. sorry im just talking sh*t. life's sh*t. =(

Anna W
Suicide is never good option. You'll die, but your problems will stay. No worth it. If you feel depressed, you're need to get help. Go to GP, start treatment, get counselling. I don't want to sound I'm patronising you, but many teenagers feel that way .

Tennessee Girl
please don't. It's not worth it. If you want to talk, you can message me or set up a blog. Amazingly, stranger's opinions help. :) Please don't.

I've been quite depressed at times. No support from friends either but I turned my life around.
I stared them in the face and I got on with my life. I feel so much better now, and you have so much to give. You can do wonderful things if you put your mind to it.

Go to college, makes some friends, get a good grade and get work in a dream job! Find lots of work friends who will support you and you can have a good laugh! Get the love of your life,or if you have a girl-friend then your sorted!! Enjoy life! Trust me school is horrible, college is way better!! And you make tons of new friends their. If not their at University, anyone can get into university now since there is support there that will pay for your course etc.

Your parents are the best people for advice.

Kevin D
Get help

Don't kill yourself look for other doctors and teen life is depressing for alot of people I got bullied alot to I suffer from OCD I see a doctor. You need to want help to get help. Please don't kill your self. Find things to do like video games or other hobbies sports and things.

I recommend you check out this social networking community called LetsReflect.com. There are people there going through situations similar to yours. They are great for advice and encouragement.

The process of Self Reflection has truly changed my life….here’s my profile. http://www.letsreflect.com/profile.php?userid=6

This is a journey….not a quick fix. The trick is staying positive and surrounding yourself with positive people. You are capable of great things! I believe in you. Best of luck.

suicide is not a good option. the world is amazing, like nature and everything, you've still to experience so much.

forget other people, they dont matter, think to the future, you could become so much bigger and better and more succesful than them. dont let these people win and make you feel so **** you take your life. fight back and stay strong :-)

you've got to talk to your parents, it will help you sooo much to share it with them.

whatever you do please dont take your life.

There really is no point in killing yourself: just tell someone and things will get betterrr :) You have no idea if thats all thats happened to you.. trust me. x

suicide isnt a good option ask you docter for some information about this so called illness and if anything else is still wrong talk to a close friend or family and think about this you have so much more at least wait until your 20

Hello, i'm sorry you're struggling with depression. And it seems like you haven't been very well educated about the illness....

Hon, just because people say positive things to you, doesn't make the depression go away. Depression is an illness, just like diabetes is an illness.... You can't help it that you are depressed, either.

I'm sure your friends care, but there is nothing they can do on a personal level -- they can't fix you....

I think that, at this time in your life, it's a good idea to talk with your parents. You said you are already getting help, and if so, have whoever it is helping you get together with you and your parents to discuss medical treatment.

There are also a lot of self-help websites for those of us who are suffering because of depression. I will look some up for you.

I'd also like to say one more thing -- even though you are depressed right now, there IS help out there, and you CAN feel better. Depression is a manageable illness. Please do whatever it takes to see a doctor. And about suicide -- it's really difficult to kill ourselves. I don't want you to take an overdose and possibly live to tell about it, and be messed-up forever because of it.

You have your entire life ahead of you, and i'm sure you have many good qualities and a lot of talent.

Here are some websites for self-help, and i hope you will be able to take the time to check them out. I understand depression, believe me... hugs





im not gonna say dont
because your slapping everyone who had this problem in the face with a fish
dude ive been on anti depressins for months
join the ******* club if your depressed
everyone is
i hate teenagers
and guess what i am oneXD

none.none at all.if its bad now,think it can only get better.tell your parents.get out and do something different no matter how silly.have fun at any cost.stuff everyone else.i'm 40.done some stupid things but dont regret one of em.its called life.live it

far more than You can buy i know i tried and i know its pain full at the moment and you just want it all to go away but you letting these people who laugh at you win you are letting them drive you to your death dint let them have this victory show every one wrong show every one that you can make something of your life laugh back at them when you are a success and they have failed ok so don't give up ok it will get better you just gotta fight the pain And prove all these people wrong show them that you are Better than they ever will be ps please go see you doctor again there the nbest help you can get

just remember that those that are laughing are not necessarily laughing at you they are most likely insecure themselves. I don't know much about you but just the fact that you are reaching out is a great first step. Every one has a gift and a purpose for being on this earth. You are just beginning your life don't throw in the towel that easily give life a chance and think of how much you would hurt your family.

Here to Protect & Serve
My Mom comitted suicide 5 yrs ago. I was 35 yrs old, my mom was 61. You may think thats old, that I was old enough and didn't need my mom any more. You would be wrong. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her. I'm not going to lecture you about how selfish it is. People that say that have never felt the pain of depression. I suffered from serious chemical depression all my life. At 24 I seriously condsidered killing myself. I got help and I'm still here at 40. My Mom is gone. All I can say is that I feel this agonizing pain everytime I want to talk to my Mom and I can't. I know what it feels like to be a survivor and I know now that I could never do that to my son. I made it through my teen years and you will to. Believe it or not, someone does care...I do, and so does Jesus. He made you, and I don't know where you stand with God, but my God doesn't make junk. It took me 40yrs to look at myself in the mirror and love who I am. If you need to talk, I'm here. Please don't harm yourself.

Been there, done that, not fun. Don't do it. Don't do it. Again - don't do it. It's difficult, it's painful, and life doesn't seem worth it. I know, I understand. But don't do it.

You say you're already on treatment and it's not working. Go back to the doctor and tell them. There's a huge number of antidepressants about, and each one is different. Yes, some have nasty physical side effects, like nausea, and you may have to try a few before you find the one that works, but when you do your life will be totally different and you'll realise how those destructive thoughts lead to no good. Try reading accounts of the families of suicide victims and you'll realise that it's not an easy option and makes so many more people hurt more than you could even imagine.

Please. If you want to talk with someone who doesn't know you and can empathise, email me. Just believe me when I tell you that there are better ways of dealing with the pain that don't pass it on to those who know and love you.

Suicide is the wrong option. I tried it twice some years ago. Firstly with 50 Mandrax and secondly 3 years later with chloroform and potassium cyanide. Someone was looking after me. I discovered who it was years later-God. I was badly depressed all my years in school and early 20's, but life has got much better with help from Alcoholics Anonymous, help from a church minister, my doctor-and counselling. All these same options are open to you-apart from AA of course :-)

Paracetamol poisoning is one of the most painful methods of dying. A nurse described to me exactly what happened with blood pouring from every orifice and the person screaming in agony. So please seek help because life will turn out to be wonderful eventually if you seek help from your Creator!! May I suggest you try praying to Him because He does care about you?

If this is a joke it isn't funny. Your life has a purpose. You NEED to turn to your parents and I'm sure they love you and would be grieved if you did something like that. I've been laughed at, too, and I've been depressed. But, here I am and I have a great life! If the help your getting isn't helping you, get someone else because if your not joking you need help and please don't do what your threatening to do.

I feel for you. Depression s***s. And yes, it hurts, too. It's incredibly painful, and the loneliness and isolation makes it hurt more. Folks who haven't been there don't understand; they ask questions like, "What in the world do you have to be depressed about?" and "Why can't you just grit your teeth and put one foot in front of the other and just keep getting better?" and "Why did he do it? Why couldn't he see how good he was and how much better the future would be?" Meanwhile, the depressed person just wants the pain to stop because he or she just can't hold on any longer.

Please don't hurt yourself. I have been there and felt that, and it does stink. But it really can get better. Unfortunately sometimes it takes much, much longer than at other times, and it can seem as if nothing's working. Please wait.

You say you're getting help; that's GOOD. I figure you're seeing a psychiatrist and/or psychologist/therapist. Last year, I kept getting worse and worse despite seeing my psychiatrist weekly, taking my meds, adding another med, changing to a different med, etc. I finally went into the hospital for treatment, because I knew I would die (suicide) if I didn't.

What helped best for me to recover was seeing a therapist in addition to a psychiatrist. My therapist used different techniques from my phsychiatrist, and I was able to work through some really tough issues.

Please, tell your parents that you feel worse than they realize and that you can't see improvement despite seeing someone. Maybe they can help you decide whether to get another opinion, or add a different type of therapist/doctor/medicine/etc. I know you don't want to turn to them, but I bet they want to help you more than you can imagine.

When we're depressed, our minds don't think straight. They tell us lousy messages like how stupid or worthless or incompetent or whatever we are, that no one likes or loves us, or they wouldn't if they really knew us, and that they'd all be better off if we were gone. IT'S NOT TRUE!!!! DON'T MAKE A DECISION BASED ON LIES YOUR DEPRESSED BRAIN IS TELLING YOU!!!! Don't use an eternal action for a temporary, even though miserable, problem.

Please, get more, better help! God Bless You. Don't let go!

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