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 In your opinion, are vaccinations good, or bad? And why do you think so?

 I'm coughing....?
I got sick about last thursday....from that day on i've been coughing and coughing....later i got these white stuff on my tongue and it hurts....i did threw up once, only a lil...I just want to ...

 whats this about life after death?
i keep having people tell me there is like rencarnation .do u believe?...

 i'm frightend to fall asleep becuse i have miss heartbeats,do anyone else have the same problem?

 does anyone have any idea ?
how long marijuana stays in your blood stream or body ? This is to pass a drug test for a job !
Additional Details
if you don't know then don't answer me ! This is NOT for me ...

 my nephew is 4 and his ears are leaking this oily orange looking stuff, why?
he has a small cold....

 this stupid cold everyone is gettinggg....?
so i got the cold that is going around and i cant get rid of it. i have asthma so it turned into bronchitis the same day i got it. i went to the doctors and all he gave me was an inhaler and mucinex ...

 What should i use to get rid of scars from mosquito bites???
i am like candy to a mosquito! ..... and i can't resist scratching so now i'm stuck with these ugly scars!!! ..... what could i put on the scars so they go away fast???...

 What does panic attack feels like ?

 Being drug tested for a job, help!!?
I might be working for Sam's Club in Dallas, Texas really soon.
I am going in for an interview in about 2 days.
I recently took a hit of marijuana with my friends last night, and ...

 What are the best songs to run too?
give me at least 2 good ones....

 You know when youre in bed and stuff, and you do this like jolt thing with your body? i dont know. What is it?
Its like a shake thing. i dont know how to explain it. but its like you have no control over it....

 What is a good substitute for wheat ???
I'm unable to eat wheat without getting nasty tummy aches, bloating and gassiness ............ any advice would be appreciated.

Thanx in ...

 What are some of the best ways to relieve stress??
I have terrible stress, it's getting ridiciulous. I stress over the tiniest little things, and usually get terrible headaches because of it. How can I relax, even for just a little bit? I'm ...

 Say a person had no eyelids, how do they sleep?
Is it even possible for someone to go into deep sleep with their eyes fully open and how can they protect their eyes from germs and dust if they cannot blink?...

 The best fruit mask you've personally seen its result?
and what's its recipe?...

 Why are hospital beds so uncomfortable?
You would think that they would want the patients to get good rest.
Additional Details
I fell asleep in one and woke up all achy, and it wasn't for the reason I was in the hospital....

 What is National Health Service For(NHS)?

 what is your first memory?
how far back can you actually remember, i think i remember my 2nd birthday.......

 what is jet lag caused by?
i thought it was your body changing with the new time zone but i heard of people flying from here (Ireland) to England and having jet lag!
that's about an hours trip and i don't think ...

Ralph R
How can some people eat extremely hot peppers without experiencing pain that others normally experience?
Critical Thinking question from my Anatomy & Physiology book

they must just eat peppers for a living or cheat and they not strong peppers lol. cause i cant stand them they just to hot

Bonathon M
Oh they feel the pain. Some people are actually able to get an endorphin rush and they build up a tolerance and somewhat of an addiction to the pain followed by the high.

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