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 i've asked this twice..but it still hasn't posted-last try then im done..please help?
i want out. i dont want you to tell me that i have it so much better than other people and im a coward. i know i have it better but i cant handle being here. i want out with pills-but i dont want to ...

 who can i talk to?
i have a lot of things on my mind but they are concerning things i don't want any one close to me to know where can i turn i'm not really looking for answers just an out sider willng to ...

 What is the BEST way to relax my MIND?
I am just sooo stressed out.....i dunno, my brain just feels like it's just not functioning and like i'm just stupid. Today I was in a hot stuffy building where the air was really bad and ...

 where can I find an on-line therapist?
I think i might be suffering from mild depression due to extreme guilt - I really need to find a free, on line therapist/councillor, if anyone knows a website please could you give it to me? thank ...

 Does anybody else out there have autism, anxiety, depression, and a bit of ocd?
I have a bit of autism and severe anxiety and depression and a little bit of ocd when it comes to my hair. I could type forever talking about it, but I'll spare you. Its just really hard because ...

 Is it true that anti depressants make you gain weight?
Im depressed over my boyfriend. Iwant to do whatever it takes to feel normal again but if anti depressants make me fat, thats not going to help my ...

 Is anybody here to help?
I really need help and need to talk to someone because i don't feel so good if anybody is here to help and is 18 years or older please email me with your yahoo email so we could talk.

 Is it normal to sometimes lose compassion, empathy and feel no guilt or remorse whilst doing something wrong?
I believe that is defined as psychopathy. Thing is, I'm not always that way, I felt stressed the last few weeks, that lead to aggression, my personality changed. I literally felt no love, but I ...

 i think im scared of people?
i think i am scared of people. right now in Us it is obviously summer. i have not been out of my house or seen people otehr then myfamily. would you call me anti social or shy? i mean, im scared to ...

 Is it normal to crave blood??
Ok, I'm not a freak, goth, nor a vampire "wanna be", I don't even want to be a vampire, I love them, but that's it. The thing is, sometimes I crave blood soooo baaad, (the ...

 Would you trust a psychiatrist?
I just saw the following:
Based on this I would never go to a psychiatrist. Check out the video and tell me what you think about that.
Looking ...

 Do abnormally short periods of sleep affect our lives?
I know this girl who sleeps only 3-4 hours a night. She doesn't take naps or breaks. However, the peculiar thing is that she is not fatigued, tired, sleepy, moody etc AT ALL. In fact, she's ...

 depression and anxiety?
i have been dealing with depression and anxiety for about 8 years now....i was on medication(paxil) for one year and i felt it made me worse...i dont like the idea of depending on anything so i ...

 how do I know that I'm an addict?

 tell me 5 reasons why i should not care about what ppl think?
i need them thanks!...

 hahah..What were you afraid of as a kid??
The funnier the better!! I was afraid of "dead end" roads because i thought someone litterally died at the end of those roads so they closed them off....no one told me the real meaning ...

 advice needed. Tomorrow I start a new job. I will be working in a home for the mentally handicapped?
I am not state qualified yet, I was told about the course I would be taking but no date set on that either. Now understand that I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who do this kind of ...

 Are you scared of Death?

 how long can u go????
how long can u go between ciggeretts??? i can last like 7 minutes max during the day n an hour or so at night when im sleeping. sometimes during the day i just need to smoke back-2-back to calm down ...

 i feel like giving up...?
i really do...im a straight A student who's made a B on her report card two times in her whole life..and i made a C in pe this time and all the times i didnt dress out were excused by my dad(the ...

Is there some kind of mental illness which makes some people sabotage their own happiness?
Is there some kind of mental illness which makes some people sabotage their own happiness and do so repeatedly? If so, what is it called?

A group of us are discussing a friend's relationship which ended today and we're curious.
Additional Details
Two very good answers and I can't say which is best. Putting to a vote.

Thanks all for responding.

insert_ nickname_ here!
Yes well, how would you define happiness? Happiness can be seriously undermined by realistic long term aspirations or it can be induced by a short term 'madness' in some regards.

I find that Holy Scripture (Bible) brings peace of mind to those who listen and obey.

It isn't a mental illness it's more of a self esteem issue where the person thinks that they aren't worthy of happiness, financial gain, etc.

I have no idea if it relates to your friend or not, however there is a disorder called "Attachment Disorder" usually found in people who have been rejected by a key figure eg. father, in their life.

When they become significantly close to a new person they subconsciously do things to sabotage the relationship and in a sense, turn the other person against them. They do this so they can then turn around and say "see, everyone rejects me", a very counter-active way of living.

It is commonly seen in kids who have been adopted/put in foster care or anyone else who suffers harsh rejection from an early age.

Other behaviours can include:
-Inability to concentrate
-Mood swings
Violent tendencies etc

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