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Is biting nails a sign of mental disorder?
Can mental healthy people bite their nails too? How would you consider a person biting him(her)nails?

Joan J

qwerty u
I bite my nails and i'm perfectly normal. i think biting nails is more of a habit people acquire over years. in the beginning, i would do it when i felt bored, then i began to like the feeling on my teeth while biting. after some time, i couldn't tolerate the feeling of longish nails. the more nail there is, the more pleasure in biting. i guess i don't mind doing it myself, but if i saw somebody doing it in public, i wouldnt like it much.
therefore, biting nails is not a sign of mental disorder, and it's perfectly normal to bite nails (it's not a very good habit, though)

No, it's not a sign of a mental disorder or we would all be nuts.

No. However it is usually a sign of anxiety. It's also just a very bad habbit. Make yourself break it. Paint that nasty tasting stuff on your nails to keep them out of your mouth. It really works.

n n
NO, just means the person is nervous. I don't like hanging out with persons who bite their nails - not because they're nervous, but because I don't think it's hygienic.

Laurence W
No, itchy fingers or nails.

Keep a nail file handy, and keep then smooth and neat. Then they feel nice and you are less likely to pick at them or bite them.

Head Cold
No, biting your nails is a nervous habbit. It's usually a form of comfort for toddlers. Most children stop biting their nails at some point. Though a small percentage countinue it into their teens, and some even do it untill they are adults. It isn't a sign of mental disorder, it's just something you never stopped doing. It doesnt cause any problems either. Though a lot of people see it as a bad habbit.

Well I know that I am not retarded so yes it is completely normal for mentally healthy people to bite their nails. I had a habit of biting my nails all the time and i eventually started putting fingernail polish remover or something that tasted really bad on the tips of my fingers so every time id go to bite my nails id get the taste in my mouth. Eventually I stopped biting my nails. Most of the time when i bit my nails i was nervous because I have anxiety problems.

No, only when you start including those bitten off nails in recipes do you need to perhaps go talk to someone.

Psychodelic Chicken
lol god i hope not.
no its just a habit some people have

healthy people dod not do this-you must be crazy

It's just a habit, it doesn't mean someone is mentally ill...

I bite my nails just when they et long because I dont ever have nail clippers.

I hope this helps

Jessica B
I dont know I guess it would be if you cant stop your self.....I constantly bite mines.....so I guess then I would have one....if that is true !!!!!

Nail biting is often a sign of anxiety and/or insecurity - and it's also a vice.
But the nail biting alone isn't a mental disorder.
However, people with mental disorders can bite their nails, why not?

Peanut Butter
Nail biting is simply a nervous habit. I don't think it will buy you time in a state institution. biting your nails is how you rid your body of it's extra energy or anxiety.

HEYYY I BITE MY NAILS and am fineeeeee :>

Dave T
It could be. Obsessive Compulsiveness can include any repetitive action. I constantly clip my nails and if they're longer than I like them, I get fidgety, and can't wait to clip them. This might be a sign of OCD for me, but even then its not for sure.

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