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 Are there any anti depressants that don't cause weight gain?
I have Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter and I live in the midwest. It's kicking my *** to say the least. I know Wellbutrin XL doesn't cause weight gain and I tried it, but it made ...

 For those with depression, does this 17sec video help?
I always smile and feel good when I see this video.
And im bi-polar.


 Bipolar disorder ?
How can it be proven that i have bipolar disorder without my doctor sending me away with another packet of prozac again !!
Additional Details
I can be on an incredible high where i start ...

 ive been cutting for 4 years..stopping for a few months then starting again..someone help???
i started cutting when i was 10.and i stop sometimes but then months later i start again.i dont do it deep or anything.and ive treid seeing a professional.it didnt work..someone help??...

 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Here's the deal... I am 15 years old and trying to recover from anorexia. I just have SUCH a hard time handling mentally gaining weight. It feels like torture to me because I don't feel ...

 Bulimia!!!!! Is it really like this??? Wow!?
I read a book where the main character was describing her experiences with Bulimia and she said that she stole a lot of her binge food...and in the whole time she was bulimic she had stolen thousands ...

 How to say goodbye?
Still feel a big empty inside...have my bros ashes and feel lost......

 how do you help a loved one cope with depression?

 Why do YOU fear reality?

I'm pretty sure I have depression, and I'm just a kid. I don't know how to tell my parents, they would like freak out. I am very emotional and the slightest thing can make me cry. P...

 Have you ever taken antidepressants and they made your situation worse?

 Do you have ADHD????
I have ADHD and I want to see if it is common. Don't say you have ADHD just because you think you are hyper. Only say you have ADHD if you were diagnosed with ADHD by a doctor....

 Do you think it's possible to completely overcome depression?
Without ever feeling the symptoms again? Or do you think that once you get it, shades of it will always be with you....

 are there any psychologists/counsellors who like to help a distressed soul for free?

 No Motivation?

To start off, I will just say that I am or was a really hard worker when it comes to school. I try my 110% best to do ANYTHING. I also stress out very VERY easily.


 i feel guilty about my psychotic episode, help?
i'm just feeling really guilty right now. i had a psychotic episode which lasted over a year, which i only came out of about 2 months ago. i went into hospital twice at my worst stages, one time ...

 Do you think it's selfish of people to ask you to promise to not to cut yourself?
Picture this situation. You self-harm. Someone you care about has asked you to stop doing it. You're home alone. You feel depressed. There's no one to talk to. No one to say even one ...

 I found a book in my sisters room, it says in the front page "A record of my last days"?
Its a record of the rest of HER life before suicide.
Im only 14 i dont know how to react other then worried and scared, shes only 17 Barely has she lived her life.

Im scared i wont ...

 what is the 2007 teen suicide rate?

 My 21 yr old son has epilepsy ocd tourettes and social anxiety and has frequent seizures .?
He is in college 6 hrs away from home and has had 2 seizures in the last week because he forgets and or refuses to take his antiseizure Rx on schedule. He is in the er right now. His new dorm ...

Is anyone cured of an Anxiety Disorder?
If you have suffered from anxiety disorders and are now cured of it, how long did it take and what methods did you use?
Additional Details
lazrus281 - thanks for your honestly..LOL you crack me up!

Rockmum - get a different doctor!
Cutemum - geez, thanks for your optimism :P

3-6 months. Used a combination of supplement therapy and Lucinda Bassett's program: http://www.midwestcenter.com/. Good luck!

Carrie L
yes in march i had one even though I'm only ten i was always the fat one so i did that and ruined about 10 months of my life. i cured it by not thinking about it and just going to a therapist.(my mom made me)

I don't think it can ever be cured.

There is always something in life that will trigger it off.

Blame society for that.

my dr wont give me anything for it, he says its JUST ME and how i am,,,, i dunno how much longer i can put up with myself, xxxxxxxxxxxxxlol

well I haven't and I wanted to answer you anyways so here i am and here i go lol

Larry J
I'm not totally and probably never will be.
It flares up every so often. And I'm 47.
I usually end up laughing at myself after words though.

The methods depend on the type of anxiety.

♆Ļė Şрhĩņx♆ - Devo Girl Cat.
My anxiety is related to my Asperger's so no I won't be totally cured of it but you learn to cope with it with time.

Constance K Ozz
I'm learning when I recognize the anxiety coming on to calm my self down and just try to relax by breathing and rationalizing the situation. Little by little I go.

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