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If someone told you they were going to kill themselves,would you believe them?
I remember a few months back when i was depressed i told my friend and even my mom that i was going to kill myself and they both didn't take me seriously. My mom laughed and told me to go ahead and my friend said you should'nt etc. I thought well if my friend was such a friend then she would have told someone,so i could of got help,if i would of killed myself then she would probably have felt guilty that she didn't say anything. If someone told me in a serious way that they was thinking suicide then i would take it very seriously. The same thing happened to actor Jon Brandis,he told friends,but they told no-one and he did kill himself and now they are probably all feeling guilty. What do you think?

Munya Says: DUH!
I think the person that commits suicide is the most selfish self-centered person on earth..."me me me, I only care about me", with not one thought of those left behind.
Now that I've gotten that off my chest.....Here's your answer:
telling someone "I am going to kill myself", that's a cry for help, so perhaps you need to tell Mom you have some issues you need to talk to someone about.
Of course, I've known people that every other day they are "going to kill themselves" and these are controlling mind games--those are the people that you say "yeah right" and they only said it to control you.

I suppose if someone came outright to me and said they were going to kill themselves, I wouldn't take it so seriously, so I don't blame them. Maybe it was the fact you were so outright with them? Though if you told them privately in a serious manner, it would be a different story.

if they meant it they wouldn't talk about it, they would just do it!

Cool man

I think this is a matter that should always be taken seriously. No one just says..Hey, I think I'll kill myself today..there's nothing better to do. There's always a certain behavior..a certain pattern of depression among other things. I agree with you, is a red flag situation..even if you suspect the person did not mean it..I would rather be safe, than sorry.

anyone who even says the words "i want to kill myself" is at that moment in some type of crisis. sometimes that person is unable to pull out of this crisis and unfortunely mistakes and threats have deadly results. as a mental health worker for 20 years, i take every word for what it means. i attempt to help that person through whatever the crisis is, no matter how unsincere i may believe they are. it may only take listening to give that person strength to face the issue. if this continues to be a thought for you when something bad happens, you should speak to a professional. it could be a chemical inbalance, corrected by medication. good luck to you and by the way, yes they would have felt very guilty they did not listen, but never place that kind of pain and quilt on another life.....promise.....cindy

Any talk of suicide should always be taken seriously.

I would stop and listen. It could be a childish act to get attention or they could be real. I would rather error on the side of conservatism. Once you say that you have to be taken seriously and you should seek help. Remember this if you do. Pay for help out of your own pocket! Insurance companies will mess your life up by denying you coverage or taking your rate so high you cannot afford it. They are one of the sleaziest businesses around.

Goblin girl
Suicide threats tend to be thrown around to get attention, your way or as said "a cry for help". As an older and hopefully wiser woman, your mother probably knows you enough to have said that, or she doesn't know you at all.
What ever the reason, don't take her response to heart. Of course she would feel guilty, but in the end, it's ultimately your choice. Talk to her about it.
I would be concerned to hear about suicide but through my experiences (2 suicides-cousin and friend) it's the quiet ones that concern me most.

If your seriously contemplating suicide take it upon yourself to get the help you need. Remember, as bad as things may be you will get through it. Take care and please get help.

I think it depends on the person and the situation.

I had a friend in high school call me on the phone once and tell me she was going to kill herself and then hung up. I tried to call back but she never answered the phone. I was insane for over an hour looking for her. Thankfully nothing happened. I told her mom and even though it ended our friendship, she got the help she needed.

People always say "I never thought he/she was serious." when someone commits suicide. They think it came out of the blue--but there are always warning signs. People just don't want to admit someone could be capable of taking their own life--but they are. If I hadn't stepped in and told my friend's mother, she may have tried again and succeeded. Now she is a healthy adult-happily married with 2 kids. Since that incident, I take anything anyone says about suicide seriously even when they say "I'm only kidding." You never know if that is true or not.

The Oldest Man In The World
It is Gospel in the mental health field to ALWAYS take someone saying they want to kill themselves seriously. Many of your 'friends' and 'family' may have absolutely NO experience with suicides or they too would take you seriously, but only YOU know if you would actually carry it out. Only YOU know the anguish that is leading you to such a drastic measure. Remember, suicide is a PERMANANT response to a TEMPORARY situation. Call a suicide hotline. They are trained professionals, and can really help you, even if all they do is listen to you and suggest alternatives. Just ask the operator for the number in your area.

steve f
Someone stating that they are going to kill themselves is something that friends and family should always take seriously.....especially if the person is mentioning this for the very first time..........there are people who use this threat to get their way, get attention or manipulate others.....only the person making the statement knows the real state of their mind and feelings. As a former MH worker we were trained to ask the following questions : Do you have a plan ? Do you have a time ?

Also we would watch for people giving away cherished items or money

History of previous attempts or statements without action

It is a serious business.....and if someone really believe a person means to harm themselves.....they should consider getting the person placed in a mh facility and let professionals take over........In many states the simple statement of a desire to cause harm to oneself or other is sufficient to get MH involved.

Yummy Mummy
I think you should ALWAYS take it seriously, death is no joke especially if you are taking your own life away. Joking or not your mother and your friend should of got some kind of help for you. Just the fact that you were thinking about it should of triggered some red flags. I hope you feel better about yourself now, always remember there is people to talk to in this kind of situation.

Behhar B
I think that you are obliged to believe them. If you have any doubts, keep them private because who wants to take the chance? If someone is depressed enough to be thinking about it, then there is a chance that they will take the next step and attempt it. I am sorry that you weren't believed when times were tough enough for you that you thought about it. Hopefully that has passed now, but if it comes back I would like to think you would call a hotline, like Samaritans or a local suicide prevention line if you didn't feel like talking with the people close to you.

Yes, I would take that very seriously. Suicide is nothing to joke about

I dont' know. I guess it would depend on the particular person, what I knew of his or her situation ect..
But by all means report it to someone.. I don't know who, but start with the police and if they can't help they can tell you who can.. Better safe than sorry.

I can't imagine the mother that wouldn't take this seriously. Yes, I would take it seriously and continue to take it seriously. Many people have many attempts before they actually are successful in ending their lives.

One of my best friends committed suicide a few years ago, he was someone no one would ever expect to do so. I am haunted by this and will probably always be.

Don't imagine that your friends and family do not care because they aren't being understanding and please don't think you'll show them by going ahead. Lots of people imagine the guilt ridden faces of their loved ones, but don't let that be motivating.

Better to be tremendously happy in life to spite people. Best to you honey.

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