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 whats wrong with me?
i am 21 years old and feel depressed virtually all the time. i really just hate myself, stemming mainly from (i think at least) the fact that i have never had a girlfriend, and that i have never even ...

 anyone know a woman who hit her partner in a hetero relationship? know a website on it?

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Me: checking the locks multiple times, checking my stuff when I'm out ...

 what's the best medicine for schizophrenia??

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My children's father died one year ago today, in Iraq.

How can I mend my heart?
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we weren't married. I was hopping he would propose when he came ...

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I don't know what is wrong but something is. I took myself off medication ..... silly idea I know. but thought I could cope Now I have new doctors and they won't listen when i say I'...

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If you have suffered from anxiety disorders and are now cured of it, how long did it take and what methods did you use?
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lazrus281 - thanks for your honestly..LOL you ...

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 is their a mental health problem that is where you have a great need to be helpful and nice to people?
i think i have this i seem to need to be needed and want desperately to help people if i see people trying to do something then i absolutely have to offer to help them i just can not leave them to ...

 Why do so many 11-15 year olds think they have such horrible mental ilness'?
I cant stand it. It gets on my nerves so much. They get sad about one thing and they TYPE IN ALL CAPS or day tlk lk dis and say OMG my best friend stopped talking to me im sad but then i get happy im ...

 What are good remedies, alternative or other wise to assist with stress caused by bereavement?

 In men, how many calories consumed daily is considered anorexic?
Is there a figure such as 'Anything less than x amount of calories a day is considered anorexic'?

I never thought of anorexia being measured in this way before and it frightens ...

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 I am suffering anxiety, panic, nervous, everytime when I wake up 3am I can't sleep I pray and pray but I can't
calm down my mind.. I dont know why.. my mind is always thinking in things always hurt me.. I can't explain but nothing works for me I take pills for it I try to do excercise but nothing works ...

 why do i feel spaced out and tired all the time?

 i've been an alcoholic for 3 years?
and even when i'm very sober,sometimes i get SO oversensitive about things.It's almost a hypersensitivity that makes me either wanna go off at times or i just feel ...

 have you ever heard of a mental illness where cartoons are involved?
I see some pretty weird stuff in my head that I have never seen before, like hallucinations. lots of cartoons and I have not watched cartoons for over 22 yrs. But the cartoons I see are really ...

 Are there any anti depressants that don't cause weight gain?
I have Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter and I live in the midwest. It's kicking my *** to say the least. I know Wellbutrin XL doesn't cause weight gain and I tried it, but it made ...

John S
I work in fast food and I urinated in the deep fryer.?
When i was doing lock up alone - the fryer was off and the oil was cold.... I feel so bad now.. What should i do? I know the bacteria would have been killed by the extreme heat but i still feel bad.

Should i got back and fess up b4 they open up again?

But then i may lose my job..

haha!!! that's hilarious! why that heck would u pee in the deep fryer? and YES, you should fess up! Most ppl don't want to eat pee fries, lol!

sounds like it is time to confess besides the camera probably got u u could get into a serious amount of trouble

Tell your boss you accidentally spilled lemonade in the fryer. That way he or she will make sure it is properly cleaned and you will not lose your job.

replace it with a new one.
and don't do something stupid like that again...

i would tell them there may be water in the oil, since urine is water based.

just like when you put water in hot oil, it's going to boil out and it's going to be steamy and smokey. ... this could be very dangerous

fess up, but not all the details

ewww! where are you from and where do you work?! ill be sure to NEVER eat there again!

you should fess up, thats disgusting. would you want someone to pee on your food?

or maybe instead of telling them just suggest they change the oil?

Would you keep an employee who did that?

Quit at the same time you tell them.

LOL! You should at least empty the fryer of its oil. And you should sanatize it because if enough of the ammonia from your pee gets in the food, they might get poisioned!

BP, clean up now
That is not funny. You need to grow up.

Jack J
You could also be arrested for this as well. I think you should resign and let them know why and they most likely won't press charges. You have to tell them though because if someone does get sick and dies for example, you could be charged with murder. I know this sounds crazy just from urine however,some bacteria can live in unusual environments. At least you have a conscience.

Lilith Wynter

Go change the oil.

You dirty boy.

Dude where are you located ! I want to stay away from fast food in your area.. Second yes say sum-thing it will prove you really loved the job!! and in sum fast food restaurants like the double Ache if might make you management material!! good luck in your new hard work ethics

Chips Con Queso
What caused the post-urination guilt??

You most certainly will lose your job - and probably the career in fast food. You will also probably be arrested when you confess, so get your ducks in order and someone prepared to bond you out.

Jesus thats brutal - Christ mate what the heck was going through your head when u did that! That could have certainly killed someone or more likely made someone very sick - At this point i would change the fryers fat and say nothing but Jesus dont do anything of that nature again - end of!!!!!!

On a mission
Honestly... What motivate you to piss in a fryer? People eat from there. Who cares about you losing your job someone could lose a life?
Turn yourself in guy.

Complex Kid
This is why I bring a book to work on those long, boring afternoons...

Omg that is so nasty. You just put me off fast food for life. Thanks.... That's also so unsanitary. I hope no one develops anything or gets sick because of it.

Not only will you lose your job, but you'll more than likely be prosecuted and sent to jail for a certain amount of time. Here's a news story about a fast food worker who tampered with food and went to jail http://www.wtov9.com/news/19583344/detail.html

lol let the customer get a taste of lemonade in fries

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