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 Could you help me decide? Asperger Syndrome, Depression and/or Bipolar?
I was diagnosed bipolar 2 years ago in a hospital. My aunt and me do not think that is correct. Since i was a preteen to about 18 years old i was always depressed or had severe depression. Never had ...

 Should i seek Help?? Is this a mental problem? HELP!?
Hey, im 14 and a girl i hae been dealing with this for over 6/7 months:
- i have to talk to Mary, a voice in my head she isnt so much of a voice but she talks she is more of another version of ...

 I was raped by my step-mother and my family doesn't acknowledge it?
I'm 16/m and from ages 8 or 9 until I was like 14, my step-mother raped me. My dad found out and divorced her (not because of abusing me but because of her cheating). My family is all guys (G...

 For the ITALIANS!?

 Sleeping all day and night, can't stay awake or do anything?
I've recently been sleeping almost constantly..Had this problem for years, but now I'm at uni so my mum isn't around to drag me out of bed. I've missed loads of lectures over the ...

 Quick Q..............?
Hi, at the ending of last year and the beginning of this year I was depressed and was a cutter, but luckly I got out of it and got better but when I came out of it I became almost souless. I haven...

 whats wrong with me? it's really starting to scare me!?
I'm a 14 year old girl.. and my mom was in the hospital for something minor. a minor surgery. about a year ago. since then, i'll have "spells" when im not with her, or something, ...

 I don't feel real anymore?
Im barely going to turn 18 in a couple of months. I've felt like this for a couple of years now. Actually I think I've always felt like this but not to this level. When I was younger I ...

 Have you ever gone hogwild on Answers & possibly scared your contacts away?

Additional Details
It's good to see you guys showing up. I was getting a little worried about last night....

 How do/did u cope with parents detorition?
my mom with stage iv cancer can barely speak cant toilet herself etc she is stoned on pain meds she has to be but i its so awful to watch ...

 what are the symptoms of depression?
I have;
lost sense of humor
wanting to cry
hating everyone
not laughing anymore
sleeping too much
avoiding people
avoiding issues
feeling ...

 Will I ever be cured? Is it really possible?
For my whole life I was always mentally abused. I was called ugly, useless, and just about everything in the book. Even less than a year ago my boss would disrespect me to the point where I could ...

 what the hell is a gordon brown?
is it something like a weird kuala bear?...

 Dedicated to those who hate themselves! Read up?
This post is dedicated to those who hate themselves.

Because they shouldn’t.

If you’re one of these people, get over the hate, because it does you no good. And if you can’...

 Happy birthday to me!?
All my 'friends' seem to have forgotten my 28th birthday, and i am so sad!

Anyone wana cheer me up, by wishig me a happy birthday??

 Whats effecting my grades ?
Im 16years old in high school
I am a boy
im struggling in school im always getting 70s or 60s no matter how hard i try
Sometimes its extremly hard to remeber things specialy when it ...

 I feel completely useless?
I would like to know your insights on a problem of mine. (I feel this may have an extensive length).

I'm a fairly reclusive person. I have never been diagnosed with any kind of ...

 Can i buy these over the counter without them asking questions ?
i hav depression , and cut myself sometimes. ive told a few close friends, but not very much of it. they dont know i cut myself, and think about dying nearly the whole day .
i have some ...

 HELP! Why every night when I'm about to sleep I always think of sin cos tan?

Additional Details
Well yeah it will be next week and I am always stressed anyway but no it happens every night like I would wonder of 'cosA + cosBsinA = blah blah...
and ...

 Do I Have Depression?
Im 18, I have had constant suicidal thoughts for as long as i remember. I have attempted suicide multiple times, my mom and brother both have depression. I don't feel stressed about anything but ...

I think I suffer from Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety. Please would you read??. (A bit long)?
I am 25 years old and my Psychiatrist has diagnosed me with Agoraphobia and Depression. So, I am under prescripted medication. I also have panic attacks. I cannot leave my house at all, I only do that when I go to see my therapist, once a week. But It´s so hard for me to go out, and it´s only 6 or 7 blocks away and I feel so horrible while I am walking, I only think in getting back to my house.
I don´t have any friends, I used to have a couple, but they have grown apart from me. I think that happened because I felt so ashamed and embarrassed of my condition that I unintentionally grew apart from them as well. They knew how I was, but they never advised me or supported me in anyway, I guess I understand them in some way, they cannot be thinking about me 24/7, they also have lives and the world doesn´t revolve around me. But now I feel so alone, I don´t know how to make new friends, as I said before, I am so ashamed of how I am that I don´t enjoy knowing people know what´s going on with me. Besides most people don´t understand, because they don´t know how it feels to be this way and how it feels to suffer from anxiety unless they suffer from it as well. Most people think I am lazy or something, and that I have so much fun by being all day in my house watching tv. Like I chose to stay this way or something.
Anyways, I also don´t work, obviously as I can´t go out. I can´t study either.
The worst thing is that I have been like this for the last 6 years. That´s a lot, seriously!!.
I just want to be normal, and have friends, and feel comfortable with my life and myself and be happy. I know I may be asking for too much things!!. At this point I am hopeless, it´s been so long!!!!!.

married man
They used to make a pharmaceutical called methaqualone or ludes for short very effective but discontinued in the US.don't know if you drink alcohol but it helps,just don't drive bottoms up!

I'm agoraphobic also with a panic disorder. I don't know where to start so if I skip around please forgive me.

First Congrats for being able to walk to your therapist, that once a week walk does more for you than you think. I have been inside and not moving around, I can no longer walk that distance because of how much muscle strength I have lost.

With what we have the phrase of "it takes one to know one" is very true, it's not explainable to other people.

I also hate when people think we are sitting at home having a great time doing nothing.

I am older than you by a lot of years, so I am going to give you some advice that I hope you can use.

Everyday no matter how hard it is go outside, even if you are just a few feet from your door and make yourself stay out there for at least 10 minutes, it hard I know. Look around and find a target, a tree, a stop sign something that you can aim to walk to, I've read that all new things take about 21 days to become a habit.

You've been inside for years and it's going to take awhile to feel some sort of comfort being in the world again.

When you are doing that walk to your therapist, make a habit of saying hello to someone, just that little greeting, it doesn't matter if they answer or not you are doing this for yourself as practice to talking to people again.

Go to aol or aol for free and look for chat rooms on this, anxiety or panic

I have spend a lot of time there and though it doesn't get you out of the house you can talk to people that have the same feelings and can give some tips and you will be surprised at how much knowledge you have to share.

I have been locked in for 8 years now, I have a horrible time going any where alone.

I have had this for many years and I have found you need people (real people) to talk with it does help to get "out of your own head" for awhile.

Try to reconnect with the friends you had, if you don't go out that's o.k. for now.

I've had a very close friend for over 20 years and we talk all the time yet, I haven't seen her face to face for years.

I have been better than I am know, and I regret back sliding so for every tiny step forward you take, keep it and don't let it go for any reason.
You too will also make steps forward and it's coming to you soon, I can tell by the way you wrote your question.

You now have wants and it's important to have them because it gives you something to aim for, so start texting or calling people. Everything is hard but, everything is also doable.

Don't let this get control of you, you have to get control over it.

It's that simple and it's that hard.

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