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I think I'm depressed but I need advice.?
I've read about the signs of depression on medical websites and in books, and I have quite a few of them,like: tired all the time, loss of interest in things I used to love, no desire or drive to be productive, etc. Obviously this is a problem because I don't feel like doing anything-even things I need to do like go to school and work. I get this way every few weeks and it gets better then it comes back again. I've felt especially depressed the last 2 days. I don't know what to do about this because I'm only 19 and living at home right now and I don't think my parents will understand and will just think I am being irresponsible and lazy. What should I do?
Additional Details
oh by the way, to the people who suggested exercise...i do every day. but even right after exercise, i am still very unhappy.

Seek professional help right away. Do not let other people bog you down with the mental illness liscence that they do not have. Take the time to get help. I did!!

If you don't feel like you can talk to your folks, try talking to a school counselor or teacher (if you're in school)or ask a doctor. Another option is counseling - many churches offer help and most counties (if not cities) have programs with low or no-cost help. There are counseling groups as well as one-on-one. I would suggest counseling alone before trying medication and beware of being prescribed medication without some sort of follow-up like counseling (otherwise how does the doctor know the medication is working or right for you?). By all means talk to someone - there's plenty of help out there, the toughest part is often getting to courage to ask for it.

Get yourself to the docs,,,it may be linked to a lack of vitamins etc as what you eat can considerably affect how you feel.


you should try to speak with your friends and have more fun. you should ignor all of these feelings and try to find the positive things that had happened to you befor.and try to be nearer to your good by praying more because he is the only one who can make you feel better.

Well if you are depressed the best thing to do would go off and do not think about what depresses you and do something that you like doing like hanging out with your freinds or just laying down and resting. That would work good or you could just hang with friends. Thanks Danielle

You should definiately see your doctor. In addition, exercise (ride your bike, work out) , and set goals for yourself ( bike 1.5 miles a day, work out for 45 minutes daily), and that should make you feel better. Also, eat healthy, and don't stay in your house, do something that you rarely do with friends or family!
Hope you feel better! Good luck!

i would see a therapist. i had the same problem, and when i got checked i ended up being diagnosed with something different. good luck!

you definately need to talk to your doctor about it, because no one else can diagnose you or help you out otherwise. you know yourself best, so be sure to tell your doctor all the symptoms you have been having and maybe he will want to try you on a medication or recommend talk therapy to figure out why you have been feeling sad.
good luck

First thing to do is start walking for excersize. It may sound silly but if you are depressed and recognize it you will get help and get better. Then when you are better you will be in better shape too. Start eating right, walking daily, and start doing some research on counselors that can help you. Some will take payments on a sliding scale for your income, and if you are in school (you mentioned) they might have services (counseling) available. Good luck...and start walking.

nDn tigress
go to a doc. n find out if u really hav the symptoms of depression...if u do then instead of taking pills, take on yoga...this may sound a bit out there, but it seriously helps, my aunt was suffering from depression n she was also pregnant so she kudnt take any meds so she took yoga n was completely out of depression before the baby was born. good luck :)

medicine is indicated only for moderate to severe depression. for mild depression or depression like symptoms the best recommendation is to exercise. when we work out serotonin is released in our brain. serotonin is the pleasure chemical, it makes us feel good. so i would suggest u to exercise regularly. the benefits r twofold, u will be happy and fit.

I'm sorry for your situation. I would check out some resources at your school or college. Often they have free services to assist students with these problems or offer them for a low price. Check with the student services center for more information. You may need to get on some anti-depressants.

You may well be depressed.

Depression is very common and up to 12% of people suffer from clinical depression at any time.

Please go to your doctor for a simple screening test for depression. Because most depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain, it can be treated effectively.Your doctor will check you for treatment response and you should see an improvement in your energy and motivation levels within 10 days.


I've so been there. If you really think you are depressed and it is not just a phase, you should find somebody to talk to. I suffered from depression for over a year before I got better. I think it would have helped to talk to somebody. If you are depressed, don't wait to long to get help. It gets alot worse before it gets better. That being said, also know that it will get better eventually. It might take a while, but things will get better.

OK. Well first off, Tell your parents. Explain the symptoms. They most likely will tell you to see a doctor. However if your parents are complete Idiots, like mine are, then schedual a DR. appt anyway. Depression is no laughing matter. Either way please see a doctor. Oh, and in my opinion, You are depressed. Now the question is why.

There are many forms of depression. There is manic depression and there is Bi-Polar Depression. Depression itself has been proven that its pent up anger. Depression can be brought on by many factors such as a loss of a spouse a job a death and the list goes on. However if you do not have any of these things in your life and feel hum drum on a daily basis for more then 2 weeks straight you should seek professional help. Good Luck To You

jennifer l
It sounds alot like rapid-cycling bi-polar disorder. Of course, you need to be analyzed by a licensed practictioner, but kudos to you for realizing a problem. There are multiple medications, but don't feel like you need to take them if you don't want to. Unless it is a severe case, you can control your disorder by tracking your moods.
Keep a diary that tells you what type of mood you are in. Manic days, you may be talking fast, everything makes perfect sense, your life has drive and ambition, you start multiple projects, and you may catch yourself splurging on shopping sprees. Depressed days, you may lash out at people, you may cry, you may eat alot, you may not want to get out of bed.
If you track which mood you are in, you will start to see a trend (think of the two moods as opposite sides of a pendulum, and you are constantly swinging between the two). By knowing which side of the swing you are in, you can control your manic impulses, and use your willpower to pull yourself out of a depressed funk.
Good luck!

It sounds like you are just normal, I wouldn't worry about it. If you do think you need help, go get it, but I don't think you have to tell your parents unless you feel you want to. You are an adult now and they don't need to know EVERYTHING.

at 19 your old enuff to make your own appt. to see a phychiatrist. too many meds on use today for depression to be mentally miserable...by the way youd be shocked at people around you outside family who t5ake anti-depressents. make the appt. and start living again...

8 times out of 10 times, 'depression' is an excuse - and your parents may well be correct in assuming your laziness.

Its one thing to be unmotivated, sleepy, careless - its an entirely other thing to be depressed.

Sounds like to me you need a change in your life to get things kickstarted. Perhaps a change of scenery.

Depression is actually very, very rare - true depression, that as. It is a medical disorder, and one that gets diagnosed improperly every single day. Instead of looking for depression, try to step up and make your way out of it first.

From my own personal experience, depression is a serious problem because you don't know when it will get worse. I tried every home remedy - exercise, walking, jogging, etc. and nothing worked but medication.

I had been hospitalized several times before I tried Zoloft and Wellbutrin. Now I haven't been depressed for over 2 years.

I advise you to go to your regular doctor and explain the problem to him. He can either prescribe medication or recommend a psychiatrist. Don't worry about what other people think. Take care of yourself. Good Luck!.....)(

DO NOT LET THIS GO any longer!!!
Depression is real! First, you can go to your Doctor and make sure there is nothing else wrong. THEN, change your life so you do things that make you happy. Start exercising or walking. Get out of the house more! Go to a library or the mall every once in awhile. Don't sit around thinking about your problems. Be with friends or family. Rent a good movie. Get anew hobby or volunteer.
Bottom line , keep busy don't let your depression go any longer!

First of all, r u sure u're not heartbroken? If u're not, then you may well be depressed. Netjr and Jacksysco have some good advice. Mine would be that it could be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Alaskans experience this every season. I've just came out of the deep end of mine. The problem is light, lack of it actually. When it's sunny and warm we are no longer sad but a day like today, rainy and cloudy our lethargy steps in. I've been experiencing this for about four years now and only last month I've actually found out that i suffer from SAD. Please speak to your parents since they do know you better than us.

Also you may want to check this out http://www.outsidein.co.uk/sadinfo.htm

I would say go talk to a councelor. I am a pretty happy person and usually bounce right back, but A few years ago got really depressed with stuff that was going on in my life ( tired all the time, lost tinterest in friends and school, etc...). Anyway, I finally came to terms with it and seeing someone was the best thing that could have happened to me. You really should talk with your parents and try to figure out why you are feeling that way and then see someone because they can help pont you in the right direction. Good luck!

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