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I see some weird things at night, can anyone help?
This has happened for a while now. When I'm about to fall asleep it feels like I'm shaking and my eyes open really fast and I see stuff. Last night this same thing happened and I saw a spider, so I tried to hit it and it disappeared. The same thing happened again 5 minutes after, I saw a spider again, I just looked at it for a couple seconds and it disappeared. I have no clue what's going on. But it seems to only happen when I'm about to fall asleep. Any help or advice would be great.
Additional Details
Lol, no i don't do drugs and I'm not taking any medictaion.

i would pray.

Sarah M
maybe you should go see a councilelr? they really help, i had ocd and it really helped me? cos if its bugging you you really should egt some help though it can be expensive, i went to mine for just half an hour and was fixed, but he was really good, it came to £30 =/

You're probably just half-asleep, and then you suddenly wake up still believing that whatever happened in your dream is still happening. It happens to me all the time. Maybe you have a fear of spiders and used to have 'night terrors' when you were little (I had/have night terrors). Night terrors are really bad nightmares that when you wake up, you think you're still there (in the nightmare).

If you don't think that's it, you should probably see a psychiatrist/psychologist about that; it sounds a little like schizophrenia.

i had the same situation, but once though ... It hasn't happened anymore but i would try ignoring it, hard to do, but try

Are you on any medication or drugs?. seems like you are in a "twilight sleep"

Katherine M
Okay u might be a tad overstressed.....idk if u have been watching too many horror movies but I would suggest trying some yoga or something for u to chill out.....if u dont think u r stressed then email me at katgrl390@hotmail.com....my friend is a paranormal investigator and I could ask her about this if u email me too tell me more:)

It sounds like you are caught between sleep and dreaming a lot. When you start to fall asleep, you will often see or hear things in that place between consciousness and unconsciousness. This often happens to people falling into lucid sleep. You are NOT mentally ill, this happens to other people. I can say I have hallucinated a few times while half-asleep. Check on the source to see if any of these sound similar to what you are experiencing.

I would suggest lucid dreaming, thinking of what you want to dream about (there are some techniques in the source too). You could also take sleeping pills or sleep in another room?

The same exact thing happens to me. I am about to fall asleep and a spider is hoovering over my head and I try to swat it or I jump up and turn on the lights. It has happened so many times. Also, I often wake up and see strange people or things in my room. It creeps me out but I shut my eyes and go back to sleep.

Lucy Johnson
you are on the verge of reality and dream. you get bits and pieces of those dreams and then you return back to reality and believe that your dream is there too.

Maybe it's where you've gotten so tired that your seeing things- like a trick of the light kind of thing.

Having said that, I myself saw some pretty weird things last night, I thought I could see things falling from the sky- I could see dots and colors changing, I could see my bfs face turn into a black hole. That was really scary BUT i think (I presume) that this is because I've been feeling really under the weather lately. Maybe you are just a bit ill or wound up right now? I'd suggest going to the docs to see, cause it's not nice to see stuff that isn't there.

Hope that helped you, even a little bit.

It sounds like drugs to me, are you taking any new meds, or sleeping pills? I would check to see what is in any of the medications that you are taking even if they are over the counter. There may be something in them that are making you see things.

This is a very common occurrance when falling asleep...
it is technically called a

Don't worry Hypnagogic hallucinations are considered normal phenomena.
They can occur as one is falling asleep and when one is waking up.
A person experiences vivid perceptual experiences occurring at sleep onset ( falling asleep) or upon waking
People between the ages of 15 - 21 tend to have them more often than most people that are older.

Read more about it here:


Don't worry read more about and learn what it is....basically it is kinda like a part of a dream that is carried over into wakefullness.

You'll be fine,

( If you using any illicit drugs during your waking hours this can increase them...so stay "clean" - it's a better way of life anyways ;)

maybe you are asleep when this happens and you acctually wake up and its gone... or either your about to fall asleep and your dream mode is on and you see that

Well basicly everyone has that but it seems like you have it really deeply so you might want to contact your doctor.

its just dream residue. dont worry.

circa 1980
Hmm...maybe you're just waking in the middle of a dream state. But I wonder why you keep waking up? I really wish I could answer better b/c it's interesting. If you're seeing things that aren't there, and it continues...maybe you have schizophrenia? I don't mean that as a put-down, but maybe talk to a physician that can refer you somewhere.

Natzy B
u cud be suffering frm narcolepsy,its a sleeping disorder
get more info frm da source

ignor the fact it says drug use x

Dennis the Menace
your half asleep

I would go see a therapist, you may need a referral from your doctor. It maybe because of a mental illness or maybe even stress.

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