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 do u thank i got a sleep disorder?
do you thank i got a sleep disorder b/c i dont go to sleep till 3:30 in the moarning or at 4 or 5 in the moarning and i like lay in bed looking at stuff and lst night i took medicen to help me go to ...

 Am I being mentally abused?
I'm 13 and my mom always is mad at me almost everyday! She says things like ""I'm going to send you to a foster home or your dad, just get out of my life you make it difficult!&...

 I can't stand my job. How do I cope with it?

 What's the best way to halp my friend?
She has been really unhappy and has had low self confidence for sometime. About a year ago I found out she had been self harming and she has attempted suicide a couple of times.
Since then she ...

 Do you think im addicted?
I think im addicted to fruitista freezes. like seriously. lol
i drink them all the time. whenever my mom leaves the house i make her go get me one. and whenever were drivin around i go get one. ...

 If You've Ever Self Harmed?
Firstly, please no immature answers - thank you. :]
I used to self harm in the past but even when I did, it still hurt.. it made me feel better mentally but physically it was sore.
I know ...

 what's the word that means when you are pretend to be sick all the time for pity?
my ex boyfriend is somehow always sick, when we have a fight or break-up. I know there is a specific name for his condition....

 i cant sleep at night?
its the last day of holidays
and i'm going to school tommorrow
i dont think i will be able to wake up because
i didnt fall asleep until 4:30
how can i get to sleep?<...

I am really minutes away from killing myself.
I am pissed, depressed, crying.
I have no need to explain myself to you.
I ask you to either tell me a painless easy way to DIE or help me....

 Will the pain and tears ever stop?
I am suffering from PTSD. It started off when I found my partner dead in bed. I am receiving counselling for this which I could not survive at all without. It has also revealed that I have two ...

 I'm having an anxiety attack! I get weird calls and I think someones out to get me!?
These numbers keep calling my cell phone at random times. I'm really scared that people are out to get me or steal something from me and ruin me for good! I'm freaking out that it's ...

 Do you think I'm insane?
I think it's a real possibility, but the voices tell me that I'm not.

Who's right?
Additional Details
VITTRASH: I'm listening as carefully as I can, but I ...

 Can't forgive myself.?
To sum it all up...

Left a cushy, safe job making pretty good money based solely on the fact that I didnt agree with a lot of the companies policies. I didnt realize how bad the job ...

 I'm grounded and I feel miserable. How can I occupy my time?
I'm grounded for sneaking out the house TWICE. I know I was wrong but at the same time I'm going crazy. I've really learned my lesson this time. I can't talk on the phone, I'...

 Does anybody believe that someones' living conditions can infect their mental health?
I positively hate where I live and I have been stuck here for 12 years or actually 20 if you count the time with my grandmother. I hate coming back. I hate being here. I hate myself for staying ...

 I think i have psychic abilities?! Please help?
okay so when i see people hurt i can feel their pain if i look at where their hurt, even if i glance at it.
when people are talking and they forget what they say or something like that, i can ...

 Ever been pushed to the brink aka commit suiccide?
I nearly did once but I couldnt.... somthing kept telling me to do it put the other side was telling me to do it.Of course I didnt do it. Has anybody had a simillar experience....

 major depression please help. ?
im 15 years old and have severe depression. i go to counseling. i basically cant talk to anyone but a few people. and i have really been thinking about taking medication. but im scared about the ...

 How to gain confidence?
Help? Thanks!
Additional Details
I'm always scared I'll say something wrong.
And also, like when I'm in a good mood I feel great! And then the next day it goes away ...

 I'm terrified of curtains, do you have any unreasonable fears?
Curtains always scare me most when they are drawn...I feel they are mocking me, stealing the day and hiding evil wrongdoers who may pounce at night....

I did doorbell ditch and now I'm guilt what do i do?
I am so guilty

what the hell is doorbell ditch

Charlie Charlie
You say to your mom that you were trying to have fun and you realized that you have made a wrong decision and you will learn from it. Thanks.

Pray, Just pray :)

lol its ding-dong ditch
and theres nothinq to worry about ;; its just a fun &pluss funny game.

what is there to be guilty for? haha NOTHING! don't sweat it

get over it

You go over there and apologize or next time when someone does something similiar to you, forgive them

your grammar bad

Then you must spank yourself. Unless you tell your parents, and let them do it for you.

It's okay, you'll be fine

Well you can go apologize, but I don't really think it bothered the "victims" that much. All you made them do was come to their door. I mean, there are a lot worse of things you could have done to them.

My advice: forget about it. They probably don't even remember it any more.

There's nothing to worry about. It was fun wasn't it?!? Also, the fact that you feel guilty about a little thing like this shows that you're a good person,so....... GO YOU!!!!! :-)

pretend you didn't do it i would even though i was

I know this might be embarrassing but, try tell the person what you've done and apologize to them

If you feel guilty, then go and apologize. It will be embarrassing, but at least you won't feel guilty anymore.

Budah Bob
Dont feel guilty nothing bad happened. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twilight Fan
ok a couple things here:
1.its not called doorbell ditch its called ding-dong ditch.
2.theres nothin to feel guilty about.hopefully,no one got hurt or anything.it was just a simple little joke.dont sweat it =)

Adrenalin rush...do it again!

yes, I would say just get over it. Don't make a habit out of it, but its not a big deal. Most of us have done that at one point or another during our youth.

do it again, and keep doing it til you don't feel guilty

make it a habit... just kidding, ok, for reals, ding dong ditching isn't really something people get mad over, we've been doing it for many generations, and nothing bad has ever happened

if you ever get caught, just say, "sorry, didn't think anyone was going to answer the door...hey, I'm a little lost, and I was just wondering if you could tell me what street this is?" if it's your neighbor, then you say "I was just wondering if I could have a cup of sugar, we were making cakes for some people in the hospital and just ran out" and you have to say for some people in the hospital, cuz if you don't, then they might ask you for some cake after giving you the sugar

if you need any more stories or excuses, hit me up! lol

GiFtEd HaNdZ (Jesus Walks)

♥ ~*Hey Minnie~*♥
who cares?! it was just a little prank,get over it,good god.

Power Jesus
Think about it, all you did was ring a doorbell and dissapear. Think about what happened to the other person. They got up and went to the front door to find nobody there, its not a big deal. Unless they were mentally insane, they didnt go through an ounce of pain, so you can rest easy.

holy crap! THAT WAS YOU???!?!?!?!!? Well, it's ok. I was a kidonce too. Go get yourself an ice cream. Silly kids.

It shows that you have a heart and a conscience. Just don't do it again.

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