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I am off work with stress at the moment. Can i go on holiday?

Miss Typo!
ur not ment to, but along as ur job doesnt find out theres nothing stopping u

Jamie B
yes, holidays relieve stress, its like being ina dream, or out of reality, it just means youl have to deal with work all at once when you return, the best bet is to go on holiday, but take one day of a week to do a little bit of work, that way ure not stressed out, and your relaxing away from work, hope that helped a bit :)

off on stress?.. everyone has stress, get over it..


dodge with work i think depends if your doc recommends you should go !!!! to de-stress other wise if your able to go to the airport etc and travelling and that work could see it as a
sressful thing and wonder why your not coming back ,

you do know aswell the doctor will have to deem you fit to go back to work and give you a cert for this ,

plus if your out for a long time now that different i would kill you if i was your boss and you went away on hols !!!!! LOL !!!
it would be obvious then your pulling a fast one and i would send you to my own doctor which your employer is allowed do if your stating the stress is work related

Going out of town on a vacation always makes my stress go away! Go for it!

yeh, your doctor will usually tell you to take it easy and do something you enjoy to relieve the stress and try and get back to normal. a holiday will no doubt ease your stress helping you back to work sooner!

good way to deal with stress... so i would say yeah, go for it... someone at my work had a small heart attack due to stress... he took a month off and went on a sunny holiday, when he got back they gave him a different type of job, less stressful... all above board.

Charles S
When I was given sick leave for stress, I was told that taking a holiday would aid recovery. You are allowed to recover by whatever means are at your disposal, including taking a holiday.

Singlemam's advice is spot on.

remember holidays can be just as stressful

Nope sorry if your employer found out you would receive a formal warning...you are supposed to be at home ill not on holiday.

if you have a doctors certificate signing you off, it means that you are not fit to be at work - not that you are not well enough to go on holiday. i have been signed off with depression for the last 8 weeks and have been on holiday in that time.

lets face it, if your off with stress, a holiday may do you the world of good.

I've previously been off work with depression and have been on holiday while off work. As long as you are signed off work by your Dr (anything over 5 days generally needs a Dr's note) then you are officially unfit to work for the period covered by the note.
Try and look after yourself as best you can and if you feel like a holiday is what you need then go for it. Some time away from the situation causing the stress can be benficial, but remember that it's not a permanent solution.
I hope that you are receiving all the support you need from friends and family and have a Dr that is sympathetic to your situation. Counselling can often help deal with any underlying issues. If it's your job that's the main problem maybe go and see a career adviser and look into moving jobs.
Best of luck.

Yes you can.

A holiday is a way of dealing with stress.

There is no law against it. In employment law your employer cannot act in such a way as to cause stress, and must work to alleviate it within reason.

If you are off work due to stress you should see your Doctor and let him know that you are on holiday, as part of your dealing with stress. I believe, but I am not sure about it, that you should let your employer know that you are on holiday. This is because they could require you to see a doctor, and/or attend progress meetings.

Much depends upon how supportive and informed your employer is.

Go on to the ACAS site (if you are in the UK) and get more info on this, or call their advisors; they do a great service. www.acas.org .uk.

Just because you are off with stress doesn't mean you have to sit at home doing nothing.

Yes, you can go on holiday when you are off with stress. The only thing you CANNOT do is do other work somewhere else. The time is yours; you can go where you want, unless you have to attend an Occupation Health appointment. Many people feel guilty, but this is a good way of dealing with stress. When I was off sick, I had been to the doctors and one of the employees had seen me at the bus stop; I had been to the hospital, she rerported me for skiving. To me, it wasn't any of her business, as at that time, I was living alone and still had to do the shopping and other chores. It was my time and could do what I liked. Go away, enjoy yourself and destress. If it is the job stressing you, you should consider your alternatives, but with things such as bullying (one of the biggest work stressers), this can be dealt with too.

Excuse me
Yes, escape for the weekend. Forget about all the drama at work and all that work, putting up with people, dealing with their attitudes, etc.
Just enjoy yourself.

I's say yes. When you're off work sick you are not fit to do the job.

However you still have a life to lead. You need to shop, tidy, see family.

I have a really bad back but I go into town three times a week to swim. This is allowed as I can show it helps my condition somewhat.

I'd recommend speaking to your GP. And asking him if he feels a holiday would be suitable (we both know it would) then if there's any fuss with work its on your medical records that your GP said it would help.

Sunny on the inside
Yes - as long as you take me too ;-)

Seriously - yes.

Edit: But you can't claim sick pay AND holiday pay. You can go where you want, but you won't be using official holiday leave.

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