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I am going to doctor & need some advice! 10points.?
I am going to the doctor tomorrow morning and I have not been in about 2 years. I am only 21 but I am always having anxious feelings, & undermotivated a lot. I look at other people my age and even older than I and they are so much more different. Also have mood swings, but mostly I am worried about being so undermotivated and I worry about everything to an uneccessary level. I was diagnosed as ADHD when I was 10years old and took Ritalin for 1year but I did not like it. My parents weren't really there to make sure I took it. Do you think it is from this or a new condition? And what should I ask my doctor for? Should I explain this or will I have to go to another type of doctor! Any advice would help thankyou!
Additional Details
I havent ever taken any medicine besides the ritalin for that one year a long time ago

just chill. ;)

the best way to go about it is to go to a counselor. tell them how you feel and what you would like to do. ask them what they would recommend for you to do. sometimes these kinds of things take a while to figure out. being undermotivated has nothing to do with ADHD, i also was diagnosed as having that. i took the meds for like 4 years. then i just stopped taking it cuz of how it made me feel, i felt like i was tired all the time, but then i joined sports and other things and that got me to not take the meds anymore. i just got out of it. you'll be alright. just take it slow and be patient there aren't many things that take just a day to figure out, like the old saying goes, rome wasn't built in a day.

i need love<3
you should ask your doctor about another prescription. but if he says the same thing, you should change your doctor.

Maybe its depression.

Lamar's Mommy
explain that to your doctor because he/she might be able to give you something else and maybe that will help you

vaughn favrua
be open and honest about everything. drungs past experiences, childhood the whole thing. if your not honest then it will be harder to find the right meds for you and to get to down to the problem

tell them it will help, you might need to take adhd medicine but in the long run u will like that you hav it

Akintunde A
You should discuss ALL of your symptoms, thoughts, and feelings with your doctor. There is no piece of information that is irrelevant. Oftentimes to get a proper diagnosis you need to be as thorough as possible. Honesty is the road to recovery. Your doctor will advise you as best of he knows how. If you suspect that your diagnosis was erroneous then it is always wise to get a second opinion. Personally, in my opinion, you are suffering from something distinctly different from ADHD.

Just tell your doctor, thats what they're there for x

depression psyciatrist

Go to your doctor and explain what is going on. You might prefer a mental heath professional. You can tell them what is going on and ask if you need medication. You can ask to just talk about it and see if group therapy works if you are against medication. If your doctor feels you need it, then take it.
Remember you are your best advocate. If a medicine doesn't feel like it's working properly, say so. If you don't think you and your doctor are a match, seek someone else. If you feel overwhelmed just handle what you can and no more. Now get going to make that doctors appointment.

James Star
Excecise, adequate sleep (9 hours), healthy diet are very important for your health. I'd try these first, before taking the easy way out. If these don't work, I'd consider talking to a counselor with specialization in ADHD who can help guide you in making important life choices and changing your life/behavior. If the counselor feels that you can benefit from using medications, then I'd meet with someone who specializes in your condition who can prescribe appropriate drugs.

There are many caring and competent counselors in schools who can connect you up with a specialist in ADHD. It's common to misdiagnose ADHD. My daughter was incorrectly diagnosed by a generalist. A counselor with specialization in ADHD recognized that she did not have this condition. A correct diagnosis is critical.

I have a brother who experienced many of your symptoms (including feeling undermotivated).He asked his doctor about it and she referred him to a psychiatrist, who put him on a course of anti-depressants.So far things seem to be going well for him.

Also, it sounds like you are more likely to be suffering from Anxiety Disorder than from ADHD.There are many different kinds of anxiety disorders.Does any of this sound like you?

Generalized anxiety disorder is a common chronic disorder that affects twice as many women as men and can lead to considerable impairment (Brawman-Mintzer & Lydiard, 1996, 1997). As the name implies, generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by long-lasting anxiety that is not focused on any particular object or situation. In other words it is unspecific or free-floating. People with this disorder feel afraid of something but are unable to articulate the specific fear. They fret constantly and have a hard time controlling their worries. Because of persistent muscle tension and autonomic fear reactions, they may develop headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness, and insomnia. These physical symptoms, combined with the intense, long-term anxiety, make it difficult to cope with normal daily activities.

Anyway, they also use anti-depressants to treat this.I am not a psychologist but I suffer from this myself and am only giving you my opinion.There are a lot of sites about Anxiety Disorder on the web.But it might be something you could ask your doctor about.

Good luck for tomorrow :)

You need to explain this to your doctor right away because it almost sound like a different mental problem. Tell him you feelings, and he may suggest counseling. Dont be worried about it tho. Just stay calm and be open and honest

You should ask him and he will probably tell you to see another doctor, but your motivation and inspiration always should start with you.

Ashley S
Yes you should explain it to the doctor you are seeing. If this doctor can't help you with it, he/she will be able to refer you to someone who can.

I have had ADHD for a while now and you shouldn't be nervous about the doctors, just relax. on average now 1 in 10 kids have ADD,ADHD,or tics. Just explain to him whats going on and don't be shy. He will give you great advice!

be open and honest with your doctor it sounds a little like some sort of depression anxiety normally comes with depression and is a symptom of this but to be honest it could be anything just be honest explain how you feel and generally any sympsoms you experience tell the doctor who will know and be able to advise you accordingly good luck hope all is well

David K
The main thing is to tell your doctor how you are really feeling because it is their job to make you better and if you hide things they wont be able to help you . Be honest and dont be afraid of the doctor becuase they are with you not against you .
I have adhd also and if you need help give me a shout.

Emma O
I am exactly the same as you! do not be anxious.. I left it for 8 years and had to go to the doctor because I have just fell pregnant. At 22 I have anxious feelings all the time and worrIed what people will think.

Doctors are there to help, if you dont like your doctor, get another one : )

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