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I am depressed as my IQ is too high; what can I do?
My IQ is above 180, and it depresses me that everyone I see has so many flaws and does things in such a stupid order. This makes it impossible for me to stay with my gf and hence I end all my relationships very quickly.
On occasions I smoke marijuana which helps but is illegal. I do not want to approach my GP about it. What can I do? How can I live on like this?
Thank you
Additional Details
Thank you all very much, I know that I myself have many flaws – this hurts me the most… how can I expect so much when I myself am so far from perfect.
I have never actually told anyone my IQ as it changes the way people think of you and makes me sound so arrogant.
I think the idea that I should go to a therapist is a great one; I am just concerned about how I should tell my parents (they know the reason I am depressed) and how to pay for the therapy.

IQ's are a hoax. They mean nothing

Jeffrey M.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME ID PAY FOR A HIGH IQ YOU LUCKY DUCK AND YOURE COMPLAINING!? Ah...just get a job and relax in knowing you're a genius. Man wats ur SAT like? Must be like perfect score...

Move to Canada if you want to smoke without anyone caring, though I personally don't think the substance is good for you at all.

You need to get off of your own pedestal. You know your IQ and so you assume that those around you are unintelligent. I can completely understand having disdain for the population as a whole, because we often have trends that are counter productive and detrimental. Still, it is affecting your personal life, meaning that you put your feelings of society onto individuals.

No matter what your capability is your mistakes are based on knowledge, acquiring it and adapting from it. A high IQ does not exclude you from having to acquire knowledge in the same way. Yet, in this post you seem to state that your IQ makes you better than your significant others and so forth.

You do need to seek help, because your IQ does not mean that you cannot interact with other people, it just means that you can think. So start thinking about how to actually be empathetic towards others and the fact that they need to learn by being imperfect. Learn to love the fact that we need to learn this way because if we had it all figured out from birth the world would be a boring, boring place.

You're obviously young, so you haven't learned everything yet, but you need to really start to put yourself in someone else's shoes and start to look at the positives in every situation, because there is always some.

I think you are just thinking too highly of yourself. Step back and take another look at yourself and see you for what you truly are. No body wants to be around someone who thinks they're above the company (which is probably why girls don't stick around so long), so I would recommend to you, stopping your illegal habits, do not look at a person and instantly see them for their flaws but see them for their strengths, and I would come back to Earth from your own little planet and learn that IQ tests are c*** and mean absolutely nothing.
If you think that you need to inhale marijuana, I think you've got some serious problems and need to get a reality check. If you think you can only forget about your apparent brilliance when stoned, I believe you may not deserve to be with someone right now.

Just keep smoking the dope and you'll end up with no brain cells and no memory, just paranoia.

Johnson... Boris Johnson
Get drunk and then you will stupid like me.

shady sunshine
like you, i have an IQ that is above average and it can be frustrating. mine isn't even close to 180, but it bothers me how people can be so dumb sometimes, even if it isn't totally their fault.

Find a goal and work towards it. It should be something that would be a challenge, and something that you like.

As for the girlfriend thing, look for a smart girl.

I know someone who has a higher I.Q. but we get on. He does the intelligent things I manage very well with the simple things that he can't.
Does Mensa have a dating service?
They say opposites attract.

It can sure feel like a burden when everyone around you doesn't have the capacity to learn as you do. I think you may benefit from a therapist, and it may take you some time to find the right one. You can always see the flaws in things and people, but perhaps if you try to see the good things it changes the focus from the negative to the positive. The world is flawed and no person is perfect - including you. Pot is just covering up your feelings, not really dealing with them. Why live on you ask? Well I can think of so many reasons! With your degree of giftedness we all need your help! It's possible you'll discover better ways to deal with lots of challenges we have these days.

Your IQ is much higher than mine but I am on the gifted side of things and I've a coz who's an amazing genius same IQ as yours..
It does set you apart from people, its well known to create emotional and social problems when interacting with others.
People very seldom understand what you're saying and the way you go about things, because your brain works in a different way to other people.
Also, there is the added problem of having to tell people you are intelligent and grasp things really quickly, which means you have a very low friendship level.
From years of experience I never tell anyone I am Intelligent, it makes your life alot easier.
What you need to do is find high IQ friends either on line or in clubs.
Do things that interest your try things that you are hopeless at (for me it was aerobics) and keep yourself busy as you can.
There should be gifted and talented projects in your area, when you go to university you will meet others like yourself and then your chance of finding a compatible gf will increase.
You aren't alone there are other people out there like you.
Dont do weed its not going to solve your problems its going to wreck your life and probably will make you more depressed.
A therapist is a great idea to help you, I'm sure your parents love you ameditation to afford sessions if they possibly can.
If your depression gets severe go and see a doctor and get some proper medication.
Others options can be relaxation and mediatation classes such as TaiChi, Yoga, Qi Gong.

Try and find people that share the same interests as you. That might help you feel a little better. In the meantime, though, just realize that just because people do something in a different order than you, it doesn't mean they're necessarily idiotic. As for the relationship, find someone who is intelligent, shares your interests, and is just a person you like to be around.

Your IQ level is similar to Bill Gate's and he's managed to make it work. I think you should try to always challenge yourself and maybe then you'll be less critical of others. If intelligence is that important to you in a girl, then maybe you should hold off and wait until you find the right girl for a serious relationship. Everybody has their own gifts and just because someone doesn't have the same IQ as you doesn't mean they're stupid. Marijuana is illegal and in the long run, doesn't help. So my advice is just to challenge yourself as much as possible and try new things. I also think you should talk to a therapist-someone who can't judge you for anything and will always be there for you. Good luck with everything!

Try to breathe underwater

Sorry to burst your bubble, but everyone has flaws. Including you. It doesn't matter how high your IQ is. And what stupid order are you talking about? Just because you don't agree with it doesn't make it wrong or a flaw. I think you could benefit from some counseling, as you seem to be letting your IQ define you and, no offense, but it seems like you consider yourself above others.

Speak to someone reliable from MENSA.

Still Smokin'
get a frontal lobotomy

Nurse Kelly
See a doctor and understand that nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes including yourself. A persons IQ does not necessarily reflect on all of that person's abilities or their personality. You can be a total genius academically, and be a hopeless romantic. Someone can be an amazing artistic but lousy at cooking. You have said yourself that on occasions you smoke marijuana, that isn't a wise move, and for me as a women, it would be a complete turn off.

Think before you judge other people's flaws.

hey i know what you mean. mine is not as high as yours, but at 138 its still high! its good and bad at the same time!

If you were really as smart as you say you are, you would have already found a solution to this problem, which basically means that you do not have an IQ of 180, but one closer to 50

Jo King.Beware All
stop smokin the weed man,get real with an iq like that get a job

Your health insurance plan should pay for therapy. You should not feel ashamed about approaching your parents - everyone has flaws and needs help from time to time. As you mention, they are aware of your depression, and probably just want you to be healthy and happy. Going to therapy would be a positive thing - you taking control of your life so as to live it as best you can.

Individuals possessing high intelligence may feel a sense of alienation from others, but it is definitely possible for intelligent people to form meaningful relationships and be socially adept. You're not condemned to a life alone because you're smart - there are plenty of people out there just like you! Get the help you need to stop doing drugs, work on healthy relationships and stay positive!

Since you're worried about your parents' reaction, I am guessing you're under 18. My advice is - hang in there! Being a teen can be rough; it gets better. Work hard. And - seek out an education (i.e. college, grad school). You'll probably thrive in an intellectual environment.

lil bit
I can see where that would be difficult. I would talk to my doctor about it - or better yet - a psychiatrist (might be more familiar with this problem). There may be some treatment for you that would ease the edge

Don't let your IQ label you. My mother in law's in 70 but she is clever in other ways and yes she is mentally impaired but still capable of many things.

I.Q. of over 180???!!!! BOLLOCKS!

Mine is 143 (3%) of U.K. population, and Mensa members have to score 148 or above.

You've been smoking too much dope, mate!

If it helps....most IQ tests are subjective. You can give the same test to the 3 smartest people in the world and if they are different cultures with different upbringings they will have vastly different scores...

Do you use your IQ as a crutch for getting out of relationships that go stale?

100% honest...It sounds like you want people to know you are really smart and if they don't acknowledge it you feel depressed. It is a source of pride to you. Maybe you should find some other quality that you like in yourself and change focus. (I don't want to sound mean, but you probably already know your issue.)

Oh brother, sounds to me like you've got a problem with being arrogant too!

You need to get some psychological counseling to help you understand that you IQ does not make you perfect or better than anyone else in the world.

If you don't solve this, you will be a very lonely, bitter and mentally ill person.

Arnold Judas Rimmer
I have the exact same problems. My IQ is only 154, but I still have the same problems. Very few people exceed 100 IQ points.

Firstly, I sympathise for you.

Secondly, GF is an abbreviation so you should have made them capital letters, same as you did with GP. I'm not normally picky about things like this with people but your IQ is over 180, I would have thought you'd have known not to make such an elementary mistake. Which incidentally is one of the most depressing things I find, from what you've described. When people make such stupid mistakes, yet everybody seems to do it.

Thirdly, yes I know what you're going through. It's not easy, is it?! There's not many things we can do, we can resort to drugs and alcohol, as you have. But most of the time all we can really do is live with it. It's hard, but it's worth it. If we mess around too much trying to deal with it we lose sense of who we are. And we become one of them. If we don't want to stoop to their level of mediocre intelligence (not tying to insult anybody this is just comparative), we have to live with it. It's not nice, but it's the price of intelligence. If we make good use of our intelligence, it gives our life meaning and when that happens the depression may end. At least I hope it will.

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