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 What is bi polar disorder really? I do not know but it seems to be a made up disorder.?
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 help! my bipolar disorder is ruining my relationships with friends and family!?
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i love ...

 ocd question?
please only awenser if you are possitive,

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 This is killing me...?
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How do you tell the difference bi-polar and a bad temper?
Is there a definitive test for bi-polar (manic-depressive)?

I don't think they have ever really defined a test, but observation over time will do the job. And it will depend a lot on the person. they could just be a bad tempered Manic-depressive.

Kind of. Check out the current DMV diagnosis manual, or just google the criteria for a manic episode classification.

Hope this helps!

Eye see!
Ow there is a difference. The anger is all consuming and periodic. It is not the same as anger caused by an immediate event, at least not in my case. It's kind of more intense and I tell you this, the depression is bad and I dread it, but the thought of when the anger starts, I don't want to go there - hell is a good word for it! I wish I could just vacate my body. I feel like my brain will explode through my head. And in fact there is a test for bi polar. Cardiff university has developed it. I was in fact intending to call them today for the full details. I thinks it's a brain scan that shows that the brain of a bi polar sufferer differs to one who doesn't. I wish to see if I can have it. It has featured in the news and I think there was a small bit about about in Stephen Fry's, 'Secret Life of a Manic Depressive.'

When I find out the details I will post them on yahoo answers with hopefully a web site address.

There is a blood test for Bi-Polar disorder which doesnt show bad temper though. There are also very destinct symptoms for bi-polar disorder that wouldnt be present with just a bad temper.

I also wonder about this. This is a very good question. I ask my self everyday, Im I a psycho-maniac or Im I just dangerously depressed with a bad temper ? I will keep an eye on this question answers. ...Ehhhh, now that I think about it maybe Im both of them and it means the same thing....I dont know.... Good Luck !.

the disease can produce dramatic mood swings—and can seriously disrupt a person's life and the lives of those around them. While most people have their share of ups and downs, people with bipolar disorder experience a vicious cycle of dangerous highs called "mania" and debilitating lows known as "depression." there is more to biploar than a bad temper there are many web sites that can help you understand his disease

There is a difference. People with bipolar disorders have huge mood swings, worse than a bad temper tantrum. They will go days on extreme highs in which they feel like they are on top of the world and will sometimes get out of control and act in outrageous and often risky and dangerous behavior. Then they fall from that high and go the lowest of lows being in a fowl mood and irrational for days. then it can happen over and over again. Their minds race and it's much more worse than bad temper.

It can take a while to diagnose and if all it is is a bad temper, after having it diagnosed by a professional only, then you can take anger management classes. Bipolar disorder is a serious thing and make sure you get treated.

A normal person has a temper tantrum. A bipolar person's temper is displayed in a manic episode, which includes other symptoms like crying or laughing uncontrollably, talking nonstop for days, thinking they have super powers to influence millions of people, going without sleep for days, jumping up and down screaming at the world, etc. These symptoms occur at the same time of the anger.

My boyfriend is bipolar and he can actually talk for 3 days without stopping to go to sleep. When I go to sleep, he just talks to himself.

Hope that helps.

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