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How do you forget about someone who has hurt you deeply?
How do you forget about someone who has hurt you deeply?

I just want to forget about the whole experience. To make it worst, I am angry at myself for even letting my guard down in the first place. That experience makes me want to put up a wall in order to protect my heart. It's still hard to believe that someone could ever be so cruel. I got my revenge by deflating his ego but at the same time I'm not satisfied. I'm so angry.... Everyday I wake up I always feel like punching a wall or break something. I hold it in but it's getting harder and harder everyday...

Time.... TIme will ease the pain... Then when u find someone who make su happy and u can compare it... that the other wasn't no good... U will appreciate that the other person hurt it u... cuz if that person never hurt it u... u would of never met the person u are happy with now......... time is what it takes... it is going to hurt... cuz u cant forget about stuff like that immediately. Its impossible, its not like u have an eraser that can just erase that incident... just go with the pain. Pain means= something good is about to happen. But, first u have to accept the pain and try to let it go and not do anything negative. Live your life, it will pop up and give u anxiety and anger etc. Just take it. It will go away eventually.... maybe30 days to a few months... i too was goin thru something similar... when someone i loved pasted away.. I was angry and sad and depressed and couldnt do anything about it.. but pray anc cry out to God and took it a day at a time... now I know everything happens for a reason.


The only way to forget, is to truly forgive...and God and Jesus will take the pain away..it is the only way...forgive him...God tells us that if we don't forgive our enemies, He won't forgive us, and we are all sinners...please, you will be amazed, if you TRULY forgive this person...it will set you free

You need to work through the pain to get past it. If you just hold it in it will rip you to pieces. find a friend or a councilor to work through it with. It was the most freeing way for me to deal with it.

Its tough when we part company with someone we were close to. Worse, that someone knows a lot about us that can be used for an evil purpose. How could we have been so stupid as to let someone in?!? The truth is, Sweetie, its happened to all of us at one time or another. Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives. How do you forget? Put yourself together, move on and be blessed that you had a chance to love another.

Just forget about what that hurt you deeply. But don't think that it's your enemy because your enemy is yourself. You can't forgive people because one side of your heart that is bad will give bad opinion that means it's your enemy. That bad side in your heart is what you must destroy and try to win from the bad opinion that you think become positive or good. So, forgive people like God can forgive all of the people in this world.

When you find a new love the old one will seem distant. In the mean time do what all guys will do, drink too much and smash doors with your fist. If you really want to hit the wall buy an inexpensive stud finder so you dont hit the 2x4.

For me, the only way I can become relaxed after such an experience is with TIME. It may be painful and seem forever, but after a few months or even years you will be feeling much better. That's the magic of time.

However, if that "him" is going to be around you in your life, it may be hard to forget about what he's done to you. You would just have to hope that things will go the positive way.

But since you know more about yourself than any other, I think you're capable of figuring out the best thing you could do in order to make yourself feel better. I would strongly oppose another revenge - it can create dangerous hostility (which could hurt you more), but I believe you would know the limits.

What ever happens and whatever you decide to do, we all wish you the best of luck! Feel better soon, okay.

Narita Ayu Y
Think happy thoughts. I know it's hard sometimes but you gotta try. LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR BEING MISERABLE!

Think of all the happy times you guys had together. And I know a lot of ppl here have said it and I don't think it's being said enough. Forgive the situation ever happened to you and forgive to those who had done it. Then try (keyword: TRY) to forget the whole situation. Make yourself a better person so next time you won't let it happen to you again. Put your guard up but also open up to those who mattered. Enjoy good companies like family and really good friends (you know which one they are).

Think of all the positive things that you have and you have done in your life, to yourself and to others. And give yourself something to celebrate that.

Be happy, be joyful and think of all the things you have in your life and feel blessed that you have them.

There's not worth of your time and energy to still be angry and be revengeful, or even hurting yourself.

Prof. Dud
Just forget it. No meaning in remembering and it will destroy you so badly. Believe in mind that it is the work of GOD to take revenge not your duty. GOD will definitely punish that person who hurt u so badly.

Just to tell you that to whom you love deeply will give you more of pain. So, it is difficult to forget but let me tell you dear time is the best hell for the problems and you should divert your time in some other thing rather than thinking of that person.

What you are feeling is a natural reaction to getting hurt by a loved one. You are angry and want to get revenge. That's understandable. The fact is you will never forget, but in time the hurt will go away. The best revenge you can get is getting on with your life. Go out with friends, find a hobby, immerse yourself in other things. You will feel better eventually, it isn't easy, it just takes time. Hope this helps.

Don,t give the person the time in your mind!Whenever you think about the person the person is using time in your mind.This is like free rent.If you hate someone it is going to hurt you more than the person who is being hated.Just don,t give him the time off your day he does not deserve it.Trying to get even does not work just thing what goes around comes around.

i have been in that situation 3 years ago. i know the pain can be compared to an open wound that is being poked repeatedly. anyway how did i went through the "getting over stage?"
First, admit and accept personally that you will never have that "special someone" acknowledge the pain/hurt and let yourself cry.
Second, you must know how to "rise from the fall." Know and acknowledge that you are beautiful/ complete without that "someone." Try to be independent and get rid of the attachments to the things/place that reminds you of that "someone."
Third, Help yourself to " feel good about yourself" you must love yourself first. Do some make over! Buy yourself a "feel good about myself" gift. Go shopping and visit a spa or beauty parlor.
fourth, try to go out with friend. Meet new persons. Indulge into your favorite sports and make yourself busy...

Witness your pain, experience it. Feel it all the way and let it consume you..... it won't, really, instead you'll transcend it.

I'm sorry to tell you this but you don't forget. The best thing to do is to forgive. By forgive the one who hurt you, you release yourself from being held captive to the pain, anger, bitterness, and from being a slave to that situation. Forgiving the other person allows you to move on. In no way does forgiving makes what they did right or diminishes the wrong of the other. It simply releases you from the pain and anguish associated to the situation.

There will still be a lot of feelings and emotions but take each feeling, one at a time, write it down and how you feel about it and journal it. After a few days of journaling you'll find you feel a lot better.

Remember the most important part of healing in NOT revenge, NOT seeing the other person hurt, NOT getting an apology, but to get healing for YOURSELF so that you can build better relationships and not make the same mistakes again.

out for justice.
I also let my guard down about 6 months ago, and let a girl into my life. I found out that she was cheating on me the whole time, and that I did not mean anything to her. I will never let that wall down again. That was 2 months ago, and i am just now feeling a lot better. I hate to say it, but i got over her by switching from loving her more than anyone, to despising her now. I wish nothing but bad for her now, and with her lifestyle, I am sure that this is what she will eventually receive. Build that wall , and don't let anyone break through it again.Good luck to you.

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