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 What will happen if I'm diagnosed with depression?
I get severely depressed for a few days every few weeks, and I'm tossing up whether to go to the doctor about it. My mum said I probably should. I did the K10 test and scored a 22 which means ...

 If I have BPD or schizophrenia should I not have kids?
I was wondering because I've had various conversations about this.

For awhile I've been suspecting that I may have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder, not Bipolar) and my ...

 my mom always makes rude comments about my weight..?
I'm going home for a few days (living at college now) and I was so excited, but now that I'm leaving in a few hours I'm so nervous..so nervous I could cry. The thought of seeing my M...

 My brother molested me when i was little, and im having a lot of flashbacks n i need help :(?
I really do not like talking about this but i need help :( ...

When i was about 5 my older brother started molesting me and didn't stop until i was about 7... He made me do stuff to ...

 I look happy to everyone. But i keep on wanting to kill myself!?
I look happy to my friends, my family,my partner, everyone.Noone even thinks about me wanting to harm myself.

I have at some stages broken down in front of my parther, saying i dont want ...

 How can I be more positive?

Okay well, I think I might have insomnia problems? I am 14 female, I usually can't fall asleep for around 4-5 hours even if I am tired and the room is silent. Also, I NEVER feel refreshed after ...

 Am I wasting my time going to school & trying to get a job-being mentally disabled?
I already have my BA degree in Spanish, but I'm still not fluent, & my GPA is EXTREMELY low, due to my OCD & poor concentration. I tried going back to school to boost my grades, but my ...

 When psychiatrists just want to do medication maintenance?

I'm very much lost in the world of therapy. I'm thinking of totally stopping seeing psychiatrists all together. I really don't see the point in seeing them. Today my ...

 I think my friend's anorexic??
Ok, my best friend calls herself fat and never eats anything at school.....I've talked to her about it and she says she's not but she says her family talks about her weight and it makes her ...

 I get lonely and start to panic every Sunday evening. What should I do?
All my friends have girlfriends or are married so I haven't seen anyone in about a year now. The only time I see anyone is at work and that's nothing to write home about. It was OK back two ...

 Enough is enough. Its her way or the highway all the time. Well i got news for her...?
Im outro..im a tolerant, patient, understanding man, but holy moses...the arrogance, the attitude, everything..its too much..yall dont mind if i get some stuff off my chest, do yall?
Additional ...

 How can I stop Cutting myself???
I starting cutting 2 years ago and all my friends want me to stop because they hate coming with me to the bathroom at school (im in 7th grade) and seeing me cut.How
Additional Details
I ...

 what is the name of this phobia, my friend had? she is afraid of people affected by leukoderma. read details.?
whenever she sees a person affected by leukoderma, she would not get sound sleep on that day and she would think the whole day that she would also get leukoderma. she does not have any other phobias....

 Has schizophrenia or other psychosis ever been observed in animals other than humans?
I'm curious if our primate relatives, in particular, have ever shown similar examples of mental illness.
Additional Details
Maybe non-humans simply don't have enough cognitive ...

 Advice for a bipolar boyfriend?
I just recently found out that my boyfriend is bipolar. He explained to me that he has had it for a while and that he decided to tell me because he doesnt want me to worry. (i was worried because he ...

 The long and short term causes for anorexia?
I need this info for my project. And i mean like and a HUGE list. Not just bits and pieces. Please and thank you
Additional Details
Haha people. I meant ...

 my whole life has been an embarrassment how do i over come?
Because of borderline personality disorder, how can I overcome this, how do I move forward and speak to the people knowing all my behaviour is embarrassing and humiliating, and please don’t say donâ...

 how do you live & survive with a disfunctional mother?
My mother has a drug addiction...
she get mopdy, getmad at anyone, even trys to find a reason to get mad at her kids, epescailly me cuz she knows thati have a short fuse with her..
he ...

 Girls only. If you found a guy and he was 3 inches tall, what would you do?
Would you have him paint your toes?
Would you step on him?
Would you enslave him?
Have him kiss your feet?
Have him rub your feet?
Sit on him?
Tattoo him and (where)?

How do you cut your wrists WITHOUT killing yourself and where?
i am not gunna cut myself but i am writing an article about cutting and all that junk but i cant find how you can cut w/o killing yourself where on your ARM/HAND??

What an awful question to ask & what horrible answers you are getting. Don't you respect yourself. Apparently you can't see any of the blessings you have in your life. Start looking for them.

•°•°LiL EmO PrInCeSs•°•°
well, I'm emo so...yeah i do cut...little.
Emos cut their wrist cause sometimes
there mad, and That's how most emos
do to stop being angry. But emos who
kill themself means they hate their life.
so.....yeh when u get mad you'll get over

You have a life...Use it for something better than pretending to "TRY" something that is only going to hurt and possibly just get YOU attention! Get HELP!

Crystal A
The same way that most people attempting suicide do Straight down your wrist.

thats what they all say. "Oh im not gunna go do it, im doing a papper on it" seriously think of something new.

you girls need help.. :) take it easy.. brake something else.. :)

Wrist cutting is one of the most failed suicide methods. Most cuts won't kill you, but that doesn't make it healthy or a good idea.

You can cut yourself anywhere on your arm. It hurts all the same. And it also depends on how deep you go. If you go deep enough and just let the blood come out you'll most likely die of blood loss. But yes. Anywhere but it depends how deep.

I love my Mother dearly ♥
I done it once in awhile when I'm really out of it.

Rachel _Not_Idiot
What Magic_Pie1 said. It is a lot more difficult than most people think to die by cutting your wrists.

Amy M
you know how on the your wrist and forearm you can see veins, that's where most people do it if they want it to be pretty bad, but other places such as upper arms and legs are good if you don't wanna do too much damage or let people see. i answered this assuming you are writing an article, please don't use what i've said to hurt yourself. if you want to do that use a rubber band or email me via my profile. :)

The most important thing is depth, sterilization and proper bandaging. You can even cut strips out if you do a .3cm cut at a 45degree angle twice ^^

you can cut anywhere on the top of your hand, but only do as far as a kitchen knife can do when you put it on top of your hand and pull it back, that's about as deep as it'll be safe to cut, less than 2mm.

You can make the scar more prominent by aggravating it while it's healing. Also burning can be done anywhere for pain purposes, really any small heated surface like a glue gun or a small point brand heated in coals

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