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Celtic Egghead, Sunny Side Up
How do people who have had past PTSD episodes convince others that they are not/were not crazy?
Something VERY misunderstood by most people.
Additional Details
hmmm... well HONESTLY I've had episodes of PTSD I think 3 times and they were spaced out by several years each time but lasted for what seemed a long time, each time has been like a wrecking ball. Now feeling perfectly normal but laboring to pick up the pieces. Never was crazy but I can understand how it might have appeared to a few people.

crazy means scattered. A person can feel overwhelmed or that they can't do what they need to do cause they get stuck & it can go in all kinds of ways so it is crazy. This doesn't mean they have the same things others have who have chemical imbalances or other mental illnesses. It is all the same though when you boil it down. A person has something that has happen & they can't control their thinking at all times. They might have frightening feelings or they might not be able to move or their moods change. So you are trying to convince people you have a sane, steady mind yet you are denying & admitting you have PTSD. Is that scattered or is that together thinking?...I think you question about how can you convince someone this is not scattered thinking but controlled thinking is not going to happen. It just can't cause it is what it is.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) only your loved one can understand and that is sufficient.

heather m
Ones mental health stability or difficulty in the past is a personal issue. Its not necessary to share such private information to everyone or anyone. People who get to know over time will learn what you are about.

Blessings and Hope to everyone.I think we do not need to convince any one that we are not crazy it's good to educate the people but until this touch home it's a different Ball-game I have lived surrounded by people who had experienced, living with PT SD episodes i never think that they were crazy neither, but until this happens to me couple of years ago i do know now how one feel it's worse than an earthquake moving your whole body around.my baby sister husband pass on November of 2007 and that same year in December of 2007 my older sister was run over by a big SUV and was left on a cold winter morning in the road of New York City to die, a passing car saw her laying in the middle of the street, called the Ambulance and she was rushed to the Hospital the doctors said she had to many broken bones and will not make it with 25%to survive i got that bad news and something happen to me i could not explain my feelings i got so sick i had to take medicine for a whole year, something like this will mess up your mind. it took 8 months for my older sister to learn how to walk again, family members came from Panama to help her to help my baby sister who husband had pass away a month after and to help me too, i was under my Doctor Care i thank God i had family and friends who really care they were loving and caring, i got over this to by trusting in God reading the Bible and praying i kept pretty busy and try not to worry about what people think and said about me, because until this happen to a person they will understand that we are not crazy this is too much for the body to cope with so it react this way so it can begging to heal once you are there then it's up to you to move on with God grace if you want to talk about it it's really up to you i did and it even made me feel better to tell my love ones and friend what was happening to me . You are so brave and bold to come on here knowing that some people on here do not show sympathy nor mercy towards others, I thank God that we are not alone especially me i didn't know that so many people all over the World was suffering like this until when this happens to me.For those of you here that have encouraged me today by reading your sincere answers to your friend Celtic peace i salute and appreciate you. Celtic I"m glad you are my friend and contact i'm glad that you have seen the light like me putting the past behind you and moving on with your life, May God bless and keep you safe from any harm or danger and this go for all of you good people on here thank you for your time. Peace and light.

She Dances With Love
Who down here... has not had episodes of something ... dark, and everyone is normal, until you get to know them, crazy ... hey?
the good thing to keep in heart and mind, is that my kinda normal, likes your kind, and same with crazy... it is a wonderful world we chive in... and you know love, sweet, precious love, is what makes us all sane! :)) sow the love, and you reap the love... and that is some thing kinda sound... kinda brings a great deliverance UP. Love never Faileth, and it gives balance, to all... Soul food, heart food, mind food , and definitely Spiritual food...


Leave the past, and let it be buried, and then bury the shovel... also, leap into faith... Love you C.

EMDR is very effective for treating PTSD.
That stands for Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing It's where
the bad memory runs like an annoying broken record. EMDR helps restore
the tangled memory processes so that your thought processes flow
freely, unblocked, unrestricted again.

Everybody has PTSD to some degree if something bad ever happened to them.
It shows up as a fear or phobia, even after the trauma causing event is over.

These traumas can affect more than just the mind! The bodily injury sites
produce an inflammatory response and don't always heal right, and can also
get "restricted" and hold the memory in the tissue. So if PTSD was accompanied
with bodily injury, and/or shock - MFR (Myofascial Release) is the form of Bodywork you need to try as well.

Unwinding! Your therapist can teach you how to self-treat at home. It feels awesome!

These therapies are so natural and can save you so much money, unnecessary pain
and medical headaches it amazes us therapists how few people know about the
simple effective relief EMDR and MFR can provide.

This is hard, and is compounded by the difficult of suffering/knowing someone who suffers from PTSD. People will understand what they will, and you can't force them to change: you can, however, provide awareness. Tell people what PTSD sufferers go through, tell them what it's like, tell them how it arises. Let them know it isn't insanity, but a reaction to a terrible trauma that no human should have lived through.

Basically by trusting you, it is what you know inside, it is coming from you, hey it must be you, you say you are not/were not, it is you, you are you, your sane by you, you must be sane, whom am I to say your not sane, your sane may be sane, I may be/was crazy, then it would be me not you, O, man, then you would be saying you. LOL. I believe you ! I do not want to go into insanity trying to figure if you are not what you say you are where then and now, I will use as an insight into what you say is and was as you say it was. The world effects us, this is how it is, when the testimony is trusted, insight is gathered, in trust does truth shine, all of us give insight, every single one of us in one way or another

Diamond Studded Apple of His Eye
Both very good answers above me. Just talk honestly and be as candid as you can. Listen to their questions and if you do not feel comfortable answering them, tel them so. Hopefully, the person you want to hear you will.


I have PTSD. It is some thing most people do not understand. It is my experience that most people do not want to understand. They would rather label you and move on. Once again in life you have to deal with others the best you can. If they cannot understand or do not want to work to understand you, it is not your problem. You have to put forth the effort to explain and make admends, but you cannot force another person to "get it."

I think that if people are immature and uneducated enough to call you crazy for something that you could not control, they're not much worth it. Let them think what they will.

I love EmanCipated's answer!! It makes so much sense; it really does. It helps to remind yourself that the "past" is just a story you tell yourself. There are any number of perspectives...

I will no longer try to convince anyone of anything. Ever.

☼ GƖơώ ✞ Ѡɪηǥs ☼
Hey, I'm carazy and, I'll be the first to admit it! lol! I'm easy! :D
If someone does not accept or like me, that's their problem not mine. But, I also know that personalities do clash.
"You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time."
I like to be positive and project only that which is positive and loving. If people can't handle this, they can go find somebody else to be miserable with. :D

"but being the positive guy that I am, I remain hopeful. ; )" - You'll be just fine! :D

Peace and Blessings

They don't have to convince anyone! This is the beauty. The "victim" of the PTSD must realize this is what happened and it is just a story. It is no longer in the present and then there is a time of forgiving the "self" and detaching from all the old stuff. You have served your sentence. It is time to move forward and realize you have your own beliefs. I choose to wear high heels because I choose to wear high heels. It doesn't matter if someone tells me they are not good for my feet. This is their belief.

Hope this helps
All is well
amelia mudslinger

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