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How can I prevent being kept awake by racing thoughts at night?

Additional Details
i see a therapist bi-weekly and a psychatrist 3 times a year.

Take a bath in Lavender scents before bed. Lavender calms you.

Hope this helped, and Good luck!!:]


Lily W
Well when Im having a hard time falling asleep I take 3 deep breaths and close my eyes. What ever first comes to you after you close your eyes, focus on it and do the following. (only if that something is happy)

Lay flat on your back
Feel your feet relax into the mattress
then your legs, then stomach, then shoulders, so on.
Do this a couple of times and you will start to fell sleepy!

Hope it works!!

Marv L
There are two things I'd do. Write down your worries before you go to sleep so that they are 'parked' until morning, you cannot do anything with them overnight and your mind will be eased by knowing they are 'there'. I would also try to find ways to relax before you go to bed. There are some ideas at http://www.sleep-advice.co.uk/index.php?p=1_6_Step-2-Get-Ready-for-Sleep-

Heather Simpson
ok i used to have the same problem but my psychiatrist did not want me to go on a sleeping pill so i used to put on my ipod turn it on loud but not to loud and and just concentrate on the words ot music.

Aside from sleep aids and tranquilizers, the best method is to set yourself up a bedtime routine to prepare your body and mind for sleep. Have a small snack and some decaf tea, read a book, and then only get into bed when you are truly tired. Meditation might be appropriate.

beachbum ♥
I take Melatonin to help me get to sleep every night. Its something that occurs naturally in your brain chemistry- it controls your circadian rhythm, which tells your body when to go to sleep and when to wake up. It helps me fall asleep faster and puts me in a deeper sleep. But since its naturally occuring, you won't get the same negative effects that you might from a OTC sleep aid like Tylenol PM or something similar. You won't become addicted to Melatonin. You can find it in the vitamin aisle.

If you feel like your racing thoughts are either the cause of or the symptom of an underlying problem, you should consider therapy. Therapy is a great place to let go of your problems and work them out, and hopefully that would stop the racing thoughts altogether.

Good luck! :)

This is something your Therapist should be addressing on a "higher" level. There are different types of "therapy" she can be working with you on. There is acupuncture which can help some people...there is biofeedback which can help some people and there is a process of getting ready for sleep which helps some people. Stay out of your bedroom until you are ready for sleep. Do not watch T.V. or read in your bed or anything until you are sure you are ready to sleep. Keep your bed as comfortable and "happy" and "welcoming" as possible. Use it for "sleep" purposes only.
You may have to use a short term sleep medication or anti-anxiety medication to help you relax so that you can go to sleep. You sound like you are having anxiety before you go to sleep and that can actually "interrupt" the sleep process. Talk to your therapist about feeling "anxious" and not being able to sleep so much that it is affecting your entire day. Your Therapist is there to "serve" you. Good luck.
Peace, Love & Happiness

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