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Question Queen ?
Have you ever gotten so angry that you got physically ill?
It happens to me all the time.

Grand pa
less now that im retired

jeez you've gotten ill from being angry? and i thought i had a temper

No, but I've seen this happen to people.

No, but i've had to repair walls and doors before. Ahh, my youth was wild and crazy!

Yup, has happened to me before.Where I was so mad that I couldn't do anything about it, cos I didn't want to hit the person and all I could do was screem and that made me sick. Doesn't happend often thought, Thank god for that.

Once or twice. Mostly not.

One time, this woman hit my little girl & her friend (who were riding double on her friend's bike.) It seems that the girls rode on the sidewalk, crossing the woman's driveway when she wanted to drive down it. Her driveway, she drove down it anyway, no matter that there were 2 kids in the way.
The other Mom & I went to talk to this woman. When she answered the door, she was so enraged, the force of her anger knocked us both right off her porch. Really, a demonic force.
We went to the police, and the cop at the station said that almost every day, someone had trouble with her, and had to call the police. (Girls were scratched, bruised, not seriously injured.)

Yes all of that adrenalin and anxiety that builds up and you don't physically release it will make you dog sick feels like your guts are just gonna rip out of your body, its only happened once for me on a full scale, but sometimes I get headaches from just getting P.O. about something but they go away.

Yes. It is called stress, panic/anxiety attacks. You need to get rid of whatever is making you angry in your life becuase it is very unhealthy.

Patti C
Yes, I have. I was finally able to get rid of all the people who made me feel that way.

Yes, I am learning to control that. I get so angry that I have clentched my teeth so hard that I chipped one slightly.

Yes, I used to get real sick from anger all the time. I didn't realise that I was such an angry person until I wasn't angry anymore. I also didn't realise how much of an effect it was having on my life until it was gone. It was poinsoning everything, spreading out into everything I did, and I didn't even realise it until things got so bad I couldn't ignore it anymore.
I went to a counsellor and that was a huge help. At first, I thought counselling was a waste of time, but eventually, I came to realise it was helping slowly but surely. I learned how to deal with all the anger I had inside and when I did, suddenly I started feeling happy. Now I go round smiling at people, which is something I'd NEVER done!

If you think this sounds familiar to you, maybe it's time you thought about getting a counsellor for yourself. Don't just settle for any old one, find someone you feel comfortable with, someone you trust. Good luck on your journey to feeling better!

The body often gives "short term" warnings about health issues that have "long term" health / wellness consequences. For example, when I eat a lot of sweet stuff on a holiday, it makes my sugar level go way off, and I feel lousy. This is kind of like a warning that if I am not careful about my sugar intake, I may get diabetes.

What this has to do with your question is simple: your physical reaction to anger may be warning you to find a way to deal with it now, so you won't have the results shown in the article the link goes to, and this bit of advice isn't just for you, but for many of us who suffer from this affliction.

Yes. Several times, and all with my ex-boyfriend.

Yes. I end up getting so angry that I have a panic attack. Try to stay calm, breathe and relax. Having a friend talk you through it helps too. I usually excuse myself and go to the restroom when in public and just put water on my face to cool down and relax and breathe until I feel calm enough to go out again.

Yes :( I go crazy when I get that angry.

yea, mostly sick to my stomach or a head-ache.

yes, i have. it happens to me a lot. when i'm sad or angry or stressed out, i get sick. like i can't eat or sleep and i'm unfocused. the only cure, unfortunately, is just letting go of whatever it is that is bothering us. life's too short to be angry all the time.

I've seen ppl so angry that they started crying. I was just glad that they weren't angry at me

Kathryn R
Yes there are several issues that make me so angry that I get physically sick. Any time I see or hear about child abuse, spouse abuse or abuse basically of any kind. I hate it when people are mean to others and I particularly hate when adults condone it.

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