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 What is the point of living? life is cruel and painful.?

 This is serious please help?
i am having a normal life but sometimes i just feel sad and hopeless. like i spent a week wth my 21 yr old brother but now he left and i feel alone and miss him. idk if i wnt to call it depressed cuz ...

 Why can't I grieve?
My mother died three weeks ago but although I loved her and thought the world of her and miss her terribly, I can't grieve. I can't even cry. I am unable to even form a picture of her in ...

 anxiety ??? please help
ok so i had some rly bad anxiety attacks... and it made me not wanna eat and i lost like two punds. and my doctor gave me some pills call Zolof, i took that and it helped for a while but then my ...

 i bite myself?
lol some really wierd habbit of myn, whether im bored or whatever ill bite my slef on my arm or hands and ill try and sink in as far as i can , it obv hurts but i like to see how far i can go in /???...

 What is the problem with me (what kind of sickness/es I have)?
I have headache, feeling agressive, dizzy, can not sleep, and I already fainted 2 days ago. Is it related to a tooth surgery I had a month ago, or just a coincidence?...

 will depression ever go away?
im on anti depressants, but ive been feeling low for about 8 years now. I just cant get on top of it. Doctors say change your lifestyle, but i cant, it is how it is hense me feeling like this. H...

 What can I do to cheer up? I'm never like this!!!?
20 year old male at college stressed out and depressed... I've tried basically everything. Everything that used to work wonders for me (hanging out with friends, playing with the pep band, ...

 hi any ideas on things to make me feel better?
i'm nearly 21 and i suffer with depression and im on fluexitine. i want rid of my low mood. i still live at home with parents, im learning to drive at mo. i work in a betting shop but dont think ...

 I can't sleep I am an insomniac!!?
It is 1:00 am and I can't get myself to sleep. Anything to help me? I stay up late all the time! Please help! Thanks.
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Thank you to those who anwered positively to ...

 how to handle drepression?

 I was touched in the wrong way when I was little why is every memories coming back now!?
when I was little I was touched in the wrong way. Nobody nows what happend. I'm 14 now and now I can't stop crying because of that. Everyday I'm crying im angry I'm frustrated I�...

 are you scared of dying?
how do you feel about dying? i am terrified, not of pain or anything like that just the fact that i wont see family of friends etc again. ever since i was about 8 (i am now nearly 27) i have had ...

 I am thinking about suicide, my life is not going anywhere what should I do?

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Thank You all for answering my ?...

 Am I a medium?
It started a couple days ago when I had these strange dreams about death and anger then one day for some strange reason I started to stab a wall with a kitchen knife and I don't even know why. I ...

 I'm I Dying Right Now..?
I had taken some sleeping pills a few hours ago, not many maybe about four so I could take a nap because lately I have been really tired but not able to go to sleep. They never worked so I took a ...

 i feel really down and depressed?
have suffered with depression for a long time. can't seem to lift the cload. second christmas without my mom, don't feel i can cope. know i must go on for my my grandsons sake. feels like i ...

 what are you most afraid of?
everyone's afriad of something, how bout you?...

 what happens after the death?
been thinking about suicide a lot, and the only thing that would like to hear from other people here, is what do you think happens after one comits suicide. i mean, life is a horror movie at the ...

 Is it good to be brutely honest at any cost?

Does depression cause people to be easily irritated, and over react?

yes it does and it always or most of the time makes yu feel angry. try meditating and stay calm

Absolutely. I was a nightmare to be around at times before I got treatment for depression.

Yes, had this problem all my life. Meds have made me almost normal now. You need a psych evaluation to determine if it is only depression or a more serious illness. If this has been ongoing for a long time, you may need medication to deal with it. See you local mental health clinic or therapist.

of course?
and where do u think your depression or sorrow comes from?
read my question..it my be your answer.

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand with each other. Depression can do many physical and emotionally things to you. My advice, seek help with a mental health professional.
Good Luck.

yes depression can do those things.... depression is cause by negative energy..... once felt by spiritually sensitive people but instead of healing the world they promoted more violence against these people.... such as locking them away... tying them up..... and electroshock therapy.... so instead of seeing the signs of spiritual distress. they provoked more negative and violent energy in the world... now not only sensitive people feel it....

note: christianity is a huge builder of negative energy... other religions that followed are getting as bad.

Bipolar depression does. But sometimes it depends on the person how much they then to over-react.


I suppose it could. I'm depressed, and I'm easily irritated and I overreact a lot. I'm not positive if that's a factual trait of depression, but it's quite possible.

Depression can cause a wide range of behaviors, it can best be defined as an overwhelming sense of despair.
However you can also feel out of control and that does make it easy to over react.
Other problems can cause what you describe, including for females PMS, thyroid disorders, stress, etc...

Sure wouldn't it to you think about it.

A Whisper
depression is something that effects a persons whole life. their reactions, emotions and physical well being.

what did you say
Yes,it does but sometimes the meds you are take can make it worst

For sure

Not in my opinion. Irritability is a separate issue that has nothing to do depression. Just because the two are often both present does not mean they are the same condition. Contented, financially stable people can be irritated, it doesn't mean they are depressed; so why the opposite? The standard in the medical community this year is that irritability is a symptom of depression. The reality of it, in my view, is that these problems are existing in a close proximity to each other in the energetic chakra/kundalini continuum; seeking to balance this in humanity I think some dishonest steps are being taken; which will never work. Having an honest response to the outside world might be compared to a tennis game; depression is one way a person's soul might serve the ball, irritability happens when the intended serve goes wrong, or time is not given for a plan

It can make you feel like that. But sometimes it's the stupidity of the people you are trying to relate to. It's not always your fault when you want to pull out your hair, I know several people I would like to line up and slap. Wouldn't help though, they would still be stupid and I would feel guilty.

Yup, it's called agitated depression.

it sure does. when you are depressed, you tend to hate everything around you, so you get irritated by anything. try physical exercises, that helps get rid of anger feelings..
good luck

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