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 Ok, now deppression is sinking in, you want to know why?
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 Why do so many people seem to want to have bipolar disorder?

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Hardly a day goes by when there isn't someone in the mental health section saying "OMG i think i'm bipolar!!!!!!"

I wouldn't mind ...

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 Where can I get free online live chat 24/7 counseling?
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beh io volevo solo tastare il terreno! e in effetti questi hanno un ottimo humor...mi sono già simpatici!...

Chronically depressed people-how do you keep up with chores?
I have bipolar disorder, but mostly have chronic moderate to severe depression, because the meds don't help me enough. I get counseling and go to a support group and all that, and have tweaked my meds for years, so I will have to deal with the depression permanently unless something else comes along or I give up and get my brain zapped (ECT). Not willing to do that.

So my question is, how do other depressed people keep up with chores, like housework and cleaning and paying bills and weeding etc.? I only have a few hours a day where I have enough energy to do anything at all, and only a few days a month like that. If I spend all that time doing chores, I can't do anything I actually enjoy, which keeps me from suicide. But when my house is cluttered and my husband and I have only junky food to eat, then I get more depressed too. Just wondering what others do to cope!!

mark s
mayby you could higher an extra hand or even have someone help you out a day a week, im depressed and definately dont cleen like i used to but when it is cleen im happier,,i feel for you wish you a bright sun shiney day

Chores get overlooked from wherever I became motionless. Maybe hire someone to help you with cleaning and such. Good luck!

ello please answer my questions.
Listen to your favorite music. Or watch somthing ******* hillarious on tv.

I am a depressed person also.I don't have any meds.I need something to help me cope with my depression.It gets worse everyday.As far as my chores go.I finish some of them I start and the other I dont finish.Or I don't even get started on some.I don't get any therapy.Or no support or any thing like that or counseling.Which I also need.I feel like a fat pig.I get more depressed with my self,and my life.

there is a yahoo group at flylady.com (dont sign up if you dont want 10 email reminders everyday) but the concepts are great. basically you can do anything for 15 mins. She has a daily plan for systematticaly cleaning your house. Its very workable.........one of her sayings is that house work done incorrectly is still a blessing to you and your family. Please check it out............its not based on perfect just little spurts of activity focused on certain areas, you have nothing to loose

You know what motivates me is watching those Clean Sweep shows on TV. They really get me moving and wanting to do things in my house... and in reference to the weeds in the garden... weeds and flowers growing together .... what a concept... things that are supposed to live together do!!! LOL... i just read that the other day somewhere and it made me smile.... so when the weeds grow.... they grow... big deal.. i happen to think dandelions are beautiful flowers. Who decided a pretty yellow flower was a weed anyway??? The same people who sit around the table and say we need spotless clean houses???? WHO ARE THEY? I'd love to meet "them" one day! Enjoy life and don't sweat the small stuff.

Ms. CityKitty
i have the same problem sometimes. its hard to bring myself to do anything sometimes and i usually don't do anything until i feel good.

Wow............you've just described how I've been for many years! Only limited energy, I didn't keep up with chores such as housework, cleaning, or paying bills. I've wondered if I was depressed, or if it was just me not doing what I should be doing, but I pretty much just blamed myself for being such a lousy housekeeper thinking I should be able to do better. I've actually been doing very well for the past couple of months, though. For the first time since I don't even remember when I actually have kept my house clean and laundry and dishes done! That's huge for me! I attributed the energy and stamina to taking doses of vinegar each day for the past couple of months..........I've read it has HUGE health benefits. I don't know what else could explain the change. The vinegar is the only thing different I've done. BUT.............I've rambled! Sorry! I was just amazed to read about myself in your question! I just never really thought I was bipolar or had chronic depression..........but what you just described sure does sound like me! Wow! Again.....sorry for rambling in your question without answering it. It just caught me off guard I guess............and I tend to be a rather guarded and seemingly together person. I don't often let it show that I am not necessarily as together as I seem! lol

Brown-eyed girl
Just take baby steps. Find a small chore to do and concentrate on that until you finish it. Then, you go to the next until it's all done.

Stimpson J. Cat
Don't worry about keeping everything super-clean. It takes too much time. Get your husband to help you with the chores. He lives there too, right?

Make a schedule or list of what you need to accomplish each day and check each item off as completed. Save your schedules or lists and review them at week's end. That will give you a tangible list of your progress. Energy begets energy. A body in motion tend to remain in motion. A body at rest tends to remain at rest (that's physics law or something, but it also applies to psychological motivation).

Sometimes keeping after those small things make the difference. I know, I can get quite depressed too!

I'm the same way.. I live off mcdonalds and my apartment is trashed. Its hard as hell to manage it all. Heres a trick I learned from my mother; 15 minutes a day. Spend 15 minutes doing dishes, then go sit and recuperate. When you can, spend 15 minutes throwing clothes into a hamper. Stop at a grocery store after work and shop for 15 minutes.You don't need to finish what you start, just try to get some done. That way, when you spend another 15 minutes on it another day, you'll have less to do. Make one or two big meals a week, break up the leftovers into meal-sized tupperware containers and stick them in the freezer. That way you can just nuke a meal instead of doing drive through. When you're only doing 15 minutes at a time, it really does become easier to handle. Set a timer you can keep an eye on, or make a cd or playlist with about 15 minutes of music on it. When its finished, so are you. Yoga in the morning really helps me have more energy all day. Its low impact enough so it dosen't exaust me, but all the stretching makes me feel great all day. I wish you all the luck in the world, love, and I hope that they come out with a miracle cure some day for all of us.

Don't give up doing things you enjoy.. look into something that dosen't take alot of energy! Pick up a new book, a new game, or take up knitting or crochet ( its perfect for me). Knitting is perfect because its relaxing, dosen't take much concentration, and you really feel like you accomplished something when you put it down. Good luck!

I completely understand. This is my motivation to try and find the littlest joy in the chores. Believe it or not but it comes. I get happy about accomplishing loads and loads of laundry. I get happy about going to the grocery store and buying easy to prep frozen meals and chicken. You'll get better - you want to - you asked how to! Great step and way to go!

And if at first you start the day at 3pm ok so waht and eventually you'll be up at 7 ot 8am doing chores and having a clean house and lots of free time.

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