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Can a psychiatrist admit you to the psych ward for having suicidal thoughts ?
I have very intense suicidal thoughts.
Thinking about suicide makes me happy and I fantasize about different ways of killing myself.
I am not planning on killing myself but these thoughts of mine are pretty intense.
And I am on medication.
But my thoughts are really quite annoying. I think of all the different ways I could die and how much I want to die. I want to die, that's for sure. I have the will to die but I just don't have the guts to do it.
So what would a psychiatrist say in a situation like this ?

sick samoan
Do not tell your psychiatrist this. He or she will put you in a psych ward. Tell them what they want to hear then cope with it by smoking marijuana. It helps big time.

i <3 my eye makeup =]
I'm 14 and I had thoughts a lot like you described. I told my psychiatrist and yes, I was admitted to the psych ward. I was there for 6 days though, the average stay was 3-5 days.

There is a difference between suicidal thoughts and suicidal tendencies (suicidal ideation).

You don't say what you're on medication for, or how long you've been on it, but I imagine depression is part of the problem. Your shrink would have to assess your total situation, factoring in your mental illnesses.

You seem obsessed with suicide, there are many books written about it in your local library if you want to learn more. Maybe you'll be an investigator someday, who knows.

It depends on the situation and what they get from it.
If you don't have the guts to do it, chances are the problem isn't what you think. Your meds might make it happen too. (One reason why after being on them- I HATE psyche meds.)
Talk to your shrink. Describe what's going on and talk about your medication. You might need to switch to something else.

T Paper Party
A psychiatris hears this every day. Now if you are having thoughts of harming yourself right then they may ask you to go to an intake counselor at an emergency room. If you do get committed it is usually three days to three weeks and they help you work on your coping skills and get your meds straightened out.
Hope the best for you,
Your assistant

You can share these thoughts with your psychiatrist, it's one thing to think

about them, it's something else to act upon them.

The doctor might want to talk to you in depth about them, that's about it.

I know because a family member actually did try only then were they
hospitalized and only for a short time.

It depends. Suicidal ideation is a lot more common than many people think. Ideation is thinking about it, without any intention of actually going through with the act. Fantasizing about your death, how you would do it, how people would react, all of that is ideation. When you start making plans, giving away your belongings, buying materials, and writing suicide notes... that is beyond ideation.

If you told your psychiatrist you were having thoughts about killing yourself, they might respond in a variety of ways. They might ask you to elaborate on those thoughts, to see if it is ideation or if you are a genuine risk to yourself. They might change your medication and send you home, with a follow-up appointment within a week or so. If they feel, from what you have described, that you are a threat to yourself then they can and probably will have you involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric unit.

Every state has some form of a mental health act that allows a mental health professional (and in some states, any health professional, and even immediate family) to involuntarily hospitalize someone who is a risk to themselves - harming themselves or thinking about/attempting to kill themselves. These involuntary hospitalizations usually have a 72-hour time limit, unless it can be proven in the first 72 hours that the patient isn't able to make safe choices for themselves (as in someone having a psychotic break), in which case an immediate family member receives power of attorney and decides whether or not that person stays in the mental health facility.

So really it depends on how you describe what you're feeling, and how your psychiatrist interprets those feelings. If they think they are severe enough to warrant immediate attention, they can have you admitted for a brief period. If not, they will just keep a close eye on you as an outpatient and probably alter your medication. If you aren't seeing a therapist as well as a psychiatrist, you should probably look into finding one who you can talk to about these feelings. Good luck.

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