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Aneesa (=
Benefits of being a loner?
What are the benefits of being a loner?

[I am curious...]
Additional Details
I have possible the best social skills at my school, but I find it easier and faster to do things on my own. I also enjoy doing things that my friends do not; like reading. I like finding things I do not know and making them things that I know better than anyone else. While my friends rather go and get high; I like raising my intelligence levels they like killing theirs.

Here's the thing.. I go to a very very small high school, and at the end of this semester all my friends are transferring to the bigger one that is just down the street, But I don't want to. My principal keeps encouraging me to go, because all my friends are, he says that if I don't I'd be a loner. I really don't mind being a loner... I've always been the type of person that could go up to pretty much anyone, even the loners, and just talk to them. I've always been well liked, and very social.

I think I would do better off if I stayed alone, But I've been contemplating if it is the right choice.

There really aren't any benefits to being a complete loner. I like my alone time, but I also like being with others. I personally do not see why someone would want to completely shut themselves off from human contact.

Over time you go into survival mode and can things other people cant do, but you become lonely and things dont seem as real when the highs and lows are gone

Atticus J
seriously whats a loner?!

my tractor
Being a loner or a winner will soon not be a choice. One cant change after the mind is set . Our thinking becomes adjusted to the life. One thing for sure one need to know the difference in social contact. You can spin your wheels trying to please a winner if you are not in the group.

I have been there!
Actually, I'm still there... Only now I'm 18 and dealing with friends that I graduated with. lol.

There are just some days that you just want to sit at home, with a book, and turn off the phone...

Honestly, your friends are just going through a faze, some will grow out of it and unfortunately, some will not. Only time will tell.

Just keep doing what you want to do and stay happy. Ultimately, you transferring out is your choice.

You also have to think that one day you might want to hangout with your friends and they will all be at another school...

you will have more quiet time to yourself and will be able to get more work done. It's really more beneficial to have friends tho in the long run. You will be happier.

You can do things a lot faster and you'll have a lot more thinking time to yourself, there's nobody to hurt you and if you stay in the shadows unlike me then you won't get picked on and you won't be noticed. But there are bad things about being a loner too....

Have a Happy 2009!
You become very observative.

guy fawkes!!!
you don't have to worry about people getting on your nerves, and you don't have to waste your time txting and talking on the phone (or emailing, but hardly anybody I know does that anymore).

-you don't have people constantly bothering you
-you get more alone time
-you have more time to get stuff done like work/chores
-stay out of more trouble

Julia :[
Usually no drama

But I think having friends is better than not having them.

your friends wont ever get you in trouble

u can play with urself

※ Μεlίsαηde
I'm a complete loner. Personally I hate people and try to avoid them as much as possible. I'm 14 too, but everyone thinks I act a lot older. Now... I don't have good social skills... as in fun social skills. I'm completely business... I don't get along with people who go out to have 'fun' or people who are codependent. I'm the kind of person who likes to interact with intelligent individuals and perform in self-productive activities rather than to go and 'hang out' with someone... only to walk around and talk about pointless topics.

I get things done faster, don't have people get in my way, I prevent a lot of headaches and stress, going out doesn't get in my way, I have more time to do things /I/ want to do, I can go places that /I/ want, I don't get in as much trouble, I have a lot more time for studying, and a lot more...

Don't get me wrong... I do have friends who go back to elementary and I have a boyfriend, but I can only stand to go out with everyone like once a month. I see my bf and stay at his house quite often, but we don't really date and instead keep ourselves busy with talking about nerd things and doing self-productive activies... equestrian, snowboarding, water skiing, etc.

I go to an online school which makes everything even better! I would seriously shoot myself if I went to a public school. I have so much more time, flexibility, and less stress going to this school. Maybe you should look into online schools in your state. :)

time to yourself, not having to comunicate and put energy into being with others, you know, the usual anit social stuff

Kayla Day
you have time to yourself and think to your self :)

Pareidolon 6,o
I can get things done about 20x as fast alone as with a group. But that's more of a deficit in group functioning than a benefit of being alone.

Nobody to let you down.

Josh W
i was a loner i had anger problems and my school thought just because i was a loner they thought i would bring a gun to school and shoot the damn school down...Why on earth would i do that????? that was in 8th grade school expelled me for that now i am supposed to be in the 11 th grade but havent gone to school since

lil bit
No conflicts with people; you can do what you want to do basically.

theres no one to bother you<33

You know you are not a follower....

Chiara L
Never have to worry about others hurting you

you have alot of time to think, and do things just for yourself :S

No one to bother you, More time to yourself, Loners are usually much more Mature than others, and Achieve their Goals easier.

on the downside, your parents might think theres something wrong with you, lol.

I was a loner in High School, well... not really, I had friends at school, but I never did anything with Friends outside of school. I'm 19 :)
Was pretty enjoyable, athough my parents got kinda annoying about it.

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