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 I had my naval pierced over nine months ago but it has never healed. It's never been infected, just not?
healed. It is as raw and tender today as it was the day I had it done. Iv tried surgical spirits,antiseptic cream and herbal remedies but to no avail. Has anybody had the same trouble and if so how ...

 Are brace knuckles legal in ireland?
just ...

 Is it possible to injury an ankle while having a bad dream in my sleep?
It happened two nights ago and yesterday I just relaxed and iced it a couple of times but this morning it's a little swollen. I also have a reoccuring foot/ankle problem that comes and goes ...

 Sprained Wrist?
What is the fastest way to heal a sprained wrist? I am a tennis player so i want to heal quick. I know rest is a key factor. Should i ice it or should i use heat? Is there anything else i should ...

 Fell on arm... hurts my pinky and finger when i type...and when i rotate my arm it hurts?

 my finger is swollen,its all black and blue underneath and i cant bend it i need something to do?
my mom says i dont need to go to a doctor
Additional Details
she thinks it well take a couple days, its already has ben 1 but it seems to be getting worse my friend realy just thinks ...

 is there anything you can do to get rid of bruising faster?
i got a big one on my bum and elbow, from skateboarding...im a girl and i want them to go away...and fast!!...

 How long should I wait?
Ok, so on saturday my boyfriend proposed to me and gave me a ring, well the ring was WAYY too big, like it falls off my middle finger without any resistance big. Anyway, I planned on getting it sized ...

 OWW! im in so much painn ouchh!?
so today at school we were doing the long jump and so i went running and jumped but the sand wasnt raked out so then i fell back and right there i fell on my tailbone and it hurt so bad i have never ...

 I have have a droopy eyelid for a couple of months. How well do eyelid muscles heal on their own?
I was in a car accident and hit my face hard enough on the side panel to rip open my eyelid, and I had to have it stitched back together. The cut healed fine, but now my eyelid droops down so far ...

 Has anyone else had to wear a full length knee brace?
I have to wear one for 4-6 weeks and its so heavy I cannot move. The surgeon put it on after he repaired my meniscus. It hurts so much, although surgery was only yesterday so I hope it gets better.<...

 Need help understanding the results of my daughters MRI?
My daughter was thrown from the bed of a pickup truck in 2004. She recently got another MRI and I really don't know what I'm looking at. The following are the results:"There is focal ...

 How fast does a fused disc heal?
I'm having L 4 and 5 fused in 3 weeks and I've read a lot on the 'net about it being up to a hear to heal. I'm aware that it depends on what discs, why you're having them ...

 Severed Extensor Tendon of Toe?
I am 100% sure now that the extensor tendon going to my fifth toe in my left foot is completely severed. This is the one that you can see running down the top of your foot if you flex your toe. W...

 What could this be on my knee?
Ok So there is this one part on the side of my knee that is kind of swollen & bruised. I can walk on it and everything though it just hurts when I touch it. What is it?...

 is my arm broken???please help?
i fell of a stool yesterday and landed on my arm with my friend landing on top of me. it hurts a lot..i couldnt move my fingers but now i can, but when i bend my wrist im in a lot of pain and i ...

 Bad Backs????
How many people out there have had any sort of spinal fusion?? What was fussed? How long ago? And did it help????...

ok, well i have really straight hair and my friend wanted to curl it. So we were sitting down on the floor while she curled my hair with a curling iron. She put it down to use the bathroom behind me. ...

 Question for lawyer?
I was injured on 12-18-2006, misdiagnosed as only having a shoulder strain for months,then due to constant pain went to pt,then finally doc sends me for MRI,turns out to be the wrong MRI,then sent by ...

 How To Get Rid Of Muscle Sores?
I want to continue working out, but I have muscle sores that cannot be resolved with regular stretching. How do I relieve them because I want to remain focus and can't take a day off. They aren&#...

why would my foot feel like its on fire sometimes?

peabody xyz
athelete's foot (fungal infection)?

Lil Wayne
get boom! tough actin tinactic


does it feel like it's on fire on the inside of your foot or on your skin? if it's on your skin then it's probably athlete's foot. if not then you should check with a dr.

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