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 Can anyone tell me what to do?
It's a long story, so I'll try to keep it short.

I broke my foot
Was in plaster for 6 weeks
Got plaster removed
Foot still hadn't healed
Doctor said the ...

 serious answers please! i think i have a bruised vein..?
I went snowboarding the other day and I guess I fell on my hands because now the vein itself in my right hand seems darker and bruised, although theres no discoloration around it. Its also bumpy and ...

 Got punched...hurtts!?
ight....i got punched really hard and got in to a fight (i won =) ) but the first punch he threw was at my shoulder on the side and now it kills... it hurts really bad... any thing i can do to heal ...

 I had a blood clot in my calf, now the dr wants me to wear a stocking must I?
I have taken four months of coumadin. Is there any other way to avoid the stocking? I hate it. My leg and ankle still swells up badly....

 I pulled something in my back. If I move to the right it leaves me yelling in pain..can this be serious?
I have been hurting for 4 days now..I was climbing up and down on a chair doing trim painting....

 Need some encouragement.
I am an athlete and I blew out my knee. I am going to get my results for my knee tomorrow and I'm so nervous I can't sleep. Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated....

 How do you treat a twisted ankle?
last night at gymnastics i came down on my feet and my right ankle rolled out to the side and the noise it made was so loud. now i have put ice on it and im going to the doctor tonight, but what do i ...

 Why do they cool the brain if someone has a sever brain injury.?

 Was the ER doctor wrong?
I was out skiing yesterday, and I fell and hit the back of my head. I was totally out of it for about 2 minutes, and when I finally came to, I was dizzy, disoriented and started throwing up. I was ...

 how can you tell if you have a big nose. i think i do, but what are the signs?

 Doctor want my casts off............... i don't feel i am ready?
I have a full cast on my right arm and a short cast on my left ankle and i hate having them but for some reason i don't want to get them off. I would feel naked. I guess,i got use to having them ...

 It's been couple weeks since hurt knee. @ time of injury felt sudden pop, followed by swelling. what is it?
cant fully bend, hurts going up down stairs. had an xray shows joint effusion... soft tissue damage, however no fracture. when walk with out brace dosen't feel stable at all. suppose to go 2 ...

 I got in a car accident and hit my head, now I'm starting to get really bad headaches.?
When i had gotten into this accident we rolled the car three times and i ended up hitting my head on the floor board and the roof of the car. The contusion didn't bother me much but now that the ...

 Rusty Metal?
I cut myself with a rusty nail just now, its just a little cut, about 2mm long, should I be worried? I put some alcohol and neosporin on it, and covered it with a bandage. Should I go to the doctor? I...

 My hubby did my butt, it hurts and its all swollen will it go back. ?
I only did this after repeat begging and I figured I had to, now I am scared I will feel like this forever. He loved it and it only scares me more he will want to do this again....

 Does punching your own head cause alot of damage?
If a person punches themselves in the head 4 times every couple days... how much damage does it cause?
Additional Details
Hey so many angry answers, jeez. I didn't say I do it. I ...

Additional Details

 I broke my ankle several months ago, and it's finally been feeling normal. But this past Sunday I?
went to my karate class to stretch with them for the first time since my injury, and in the afternoon I went on a walking tour. When I woke up monday morning, I had a lot of pain and swelling from my ...

 What's wrong with my muscles?
Sometimes my muscles are so tight It's hard for me to move.
Example: It's really hard for me to walk sometimes because my muscles won't stretch for me to move my legs.

 When someone gets shot ...?
When someone is standing up and they get shot, why do they ALWAYS fall down, even if they got shot in the arm or in the stomach? I just watched a film & lots of people got shot whilst they where ...

when you dislocate your finger, does it hurt to get it popped back in?

yes but it is such a relief when it is put back into place. It will be quite painful but only for a few seconds. Then once its back in place it can start to heal.

I went to the ER and the nurse gave me a something, It didn't hurt a bit. If you try and do it yourself, that might hurt

Well, it is more discomfort to have a dislocated finger for a long time then to pop it back in and get it over with :P

seriously it doesn't. when i dislocated my finger, yes it hurt, but when my friend popped it back in i didn't feel a thing, all i heard was a crackle. but now my finger is freakin' flexible, it's weird ^_^

not to scare you but OH GOD YES! well for me it did almost as bad as it dislocating it

Hurts worse if you leave it dislocated.

But might I suggest a shot of tequila before you pop it back in..!

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