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 Has anyone heard of a bone spurs in your ankle?
I broke my the bone on the outside of my left ankle about 15 yrs ago and now I have pain in the same stop and it hurts to walk normal now in the last few days. Friends say it is a bone spurs. I don&...

 pain and high blood pressure?
i recently rolled my ankle/foot during a basketball game. i went to the hospital and my blood pressure was high. it is never high. the nurse said injuries/pain can cause a spike in your blood ...

 What would most likely happen if you take 10 ibuprofen?

 Should I go to school with a cast on the right arm and I can't write with my left arm and I got HW over night?
With no body to write the answer for me.

 Wine bottle, anus, broken glass.?
I was playing with a wine bottle earlier and putting it up my anus. I didn't realise how sensitive the glass was and it shattered inside my butt. What do I do? Please help. It is so sore that I ...

 cause of muscle spasms in neck and shoulder area ?

 I broke my ankle on holiday and tore my ligaments (5 mths ago)?
Im still in pain is there anything i can do or take 2 ease the pain

 doctors and nurses only pls?
ok i have irregualar breathing like i hold it in for a couple seconds and let it out it doesnt bother me im used to it but i have problems with running and stuff i feel like my lungs are going to ...

 muscle and body aches....?
i went to the gym yesterday and i dont go that often.... last time i went was like a few months....
well now that i went to the gym yesterday my body didnt react well to it.... i am having a lot ...

 Has anyone had ingrown toenail surgery?
I'm going to have ingrown toenail surgery in a couple days. The doc said the recovery is worse than the surgery itself. Has anyone had this surgery? If so, please describe and share some use ...

 have i broken my index finger (on both hands)?
everytime i streghten my index finger on either hand the bone clicks it's more painful on my right hand.just above middle nuckle
how did i do it? i do karate im always breaking bones how do ...

 really sore?
ok i wake up at 5:30 every day to go to basketball practice! we run alot and i am really sore can someone tell me how to make the soreness go away or atleast help it??? PLEASE!!


 If I hit my head on the table long enough...can I die from it?
I've been really stressed about finals lately and studying like crazy. And when I come to a problem that I can't figure out, I pound my head on the table with cartoony fashion. Then my ...

 ok, i have a blocked ear cause of wax, its semi blocked anyway. it just feels heavy, should i just leave it? ?
will the wax go on its own? or not?...

 have i broke or cracked my ribs?
i was getting into the cab of my lorry and reached up to grab the handle to pull myself up and in and my hand slipped causing me to lose grip and i fell down onto the metal steps with my ribs taking ...

 Which is worse, a fracture or break on the tibia bone?
I would also like to know what is the average healing time for a hairline fracture just below the knee. I was in a bad multi car accident 3 weeks ago and am anxious to get back to work since I am ...

 Can you get a concussion without a sharp blow to the head?
I have had to drive a rented delivery truck a few times for my job. The cab of the truck shakes pretty violently when it's at interstate speeds. After a round trip of about 4 to 5 hours, I get ...

 I fell down and hit my head, knocking myself unconscious. This was two days ago and I am still dizzy.?
Is this ok or should I be concerned?...

 i hit my nose on the steering wheel in a car wreck...?
first of all the accident was the other persons fault, and im ok. i was just wonder if i could have had some damage because ever since then my nose still hurts to the touch just below my nostrils (...

 how long off work with knee cartlidge operation?

what happens when i can not return to work because of job injury?

If it is a work related injury, you are off work for a week sigh up for disability. The employer can not do any thing to you as long as the doctor hasn't released you.

nothing, since it was work related, you'll get paid for pretty much sitting at home and going to doctors.

you better get a good lawyer ,because it's going to be tied up in court for years, till you lose everything, because the work comp insurance companies don't want to pay anything for your injury.same thing happen to me as did C.j. they fired me after 10+years ,,no insurance , no job , no retraining, or any benefits . because work comp insurance tried to deny , that it was work related injury,

You are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. The benefits include payment in place of lost wages, payment for medical treatment for the specific injury or injuries, possibly job retraining, and possibly money for the injury itself. The 1st thing you want to do is notify your employer immediately that you were injured on the job and complete whatever report forms they have for you. If you are unable to return to work right now because of the injury, you'll need confirmation of that from a physician, in writing. That information will be verified by your employer's claims specialist, usually an employee of an insurance company or what's called a Third Party Claims Administrator. I'm an expert in this area and I could go on and on telling how it all works. So that I don't bore you with too much talk, I'll end by reminding you to get the ball rolling, if not already done, by notifying your employer and seeing the doctor.

This happened to me I was injured on a job, off work for 6 month had seen more than one Dr. one DR said it was OK to return to work another said pernmant restrictions, can not return to work, I went to my employer and informed them there was a conflict what would they like to do, they said they would make some call and get back to me, about a week later I received a letter from my employer informing me I was no longer a employee, dirty, I lost my job of over 7 yrs, my health insurance, life insurance, bonus program, 2 weeks paid vac. and 6 days of sick pay, this is now over a year ago, I am fincially wiped out as I have not beable to find employment it is as I have been blackballed, no one will hire me, to big of a risk in the mean time I'm losing everything, I can't even buy my children and granchild anthing for Christmas, it has had me so worried I have ended up with a serious stomach problem, severe headaches, dizzy spells, undera great deal of stress because of it, it has made me feel like a out cast, hopefully your employer will be a little more kind.

Aside from the worker's comp cited already...
If the injury is permanent and prevents you from working at all, check out the site below. I think you'd need to look at the disability section.

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