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How should i treat it, so its all good to play

( minor swelling ... hurts to walk on it, but i can walk on it ...

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 cut lip help?
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treatment for broken ribs?
Hi-could anybody tell me the best treatment for broken ribs and a concussion-also what are the best pain medications to use?

talk to the doctor who diagnosed you.

this is DEFINITELY a go to the doctor question..
For ribs they will wrap them in ace bandages unless there is risk of the broken piece puncturing something important (another reason to make sure the doc checks it out) then stay in bed for a few days to let them settle.
Concussion has no real treatment but watching to make sure no other symptoms arise. If pupils remain dilated under change in light or eyes don't track light properly GO TO THE DOC.. and don't let the person go to sleep until checked. This could indicate other more deadly issues.
Pain is different for everyone and for different types of problems for these issues it is prescription meds that I won't cover.

i agree, u should definitely go to a Dr. my best friend watched her friend get hit with a baseball bat and a baseball simultaneously when she was ten. he had to wear a brace....but anyways, go to a Dr!!

You should wear a rib wrap. it's like the ones for a wrist, knee etc. except wraps around your torso with velcro to pull and place snugly. wear it tight but not too tight. about 2 weeks as far as pain over the counter Tylenol or those like it you can take. As long as you wear the apparatus. continuously for those 2 weeks. Hope you try this.and it works for you as well.

Go to the ER, they will give you treatement and medicine to take home.


Diane A
There is no real good treatment for broken ribs--no way to immobilize them and wrapping is no longer always recommended as it causes more problems such as lung collapse and pneumonia. You need to do coughing & deep breathing exercises to prevent pneumonia--you hold a pillow to the broken rib area to protect and cough & take a deep breath 10 times every 4 hours. However, you should have a Chest Xray to make sure a rib did not puncture the lung or cause bleeding. You may be given vicodin or even dilaudid for pain.
The concussion should be evaluated but basically for the first 24 hours the person needs to be woken up every hours for fisrt few and then every 2-3 to make sure there are no neurological changes (blurry vision, gait problems, headache, pupil changes, mental changes, confusion, vomiting). With a concussion you pain meds may be more limited. Do not take advil or aspirin as that may cause bleeding.

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