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 Should I get my hand looked at?
I slammed my hand in my camp trunk in June. The nurse said the swelling would go down in about an hour... WRONG!!! It is October now and it's still a little deformed an bruised... My dad said it ...

 i got pushed into a wall and heard a crack from my wrist?
and i went to stop myself with my hand. there was an extremely loud crack (several people heard it) i went to the nurse she gave me ice since it was the aid and she wasn't allowed to touch me. ...

 y is my head falling of?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… my head Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… .p.t.o

ow it fell of :( and i found a ...

 saw elbows?
Help iam in great pain,ive had bad elbow pain for about 4weeks and its getting worse and worse.i dont know what it is but theres no swelling its rearly stiff in the mornings cant lift the kettle,its ...

 Pain In Back Of Knee ... Help! ?
well im 13 years old and i do alot of football (soccer)
i havent really had any knee problems before .
This weekend my right knee randomely started hurting, it hurts on the part of your ...

 pectoralis major? muscle?
plz help :)

NAme a pectoralis muscle injury and a treatment for it

describe 3 types of pectoralis major muscles

u don't hafta do 'em all

 guys...I got a basketball game tonight and my wrist hurts really bad. How can i heal it even a little bit?
I know obviously its not gonna b 100% by tonight but Any help would be greatly appreciated. its my wrist/palm area. its just been aching and hard to move properly....

 Hurt Back 8 weeks ago. Still having pain that radiates?
I was doing Bikram yoga about 7 weeks ago and notices that my lower back was hurting at the end of the class. Over the next several weeks it got worse and worse. I went to my gen. pract and the gave ...

 What's wrong with my ankle?
About a month and a half ago I was on a trampoline and I landed pretty bad. I was in a lot of pain the second day and I continually put ice every night and rested it. Now a month and a half later I ...

 arm dislocation?
About 3 years ago I dislocated my shoulder while playing badminton. Since then, it has frequently dislocated on numerous occasions such as in the fitting room of clothes stores (from lifting it up to ...

 nose bleed???
i have never had a nose bleed in my life but today i felt something coming down my nose and i thought it was mucus then i blew my nose it was blood i didnt hit it just came out of nowhere it bleed ...

 How long does a tiny abrasion take to heal?
I hurt my nose and I'm wondering if it will be healed by tomorro. Its not a big or deep cut just a minor one....

 figure skater has pulled her knee and ankle hurts?
okay so im a figure skater and ive been on some vigorous training for the past few weeks because i have a competition coming up and im on vacation for about a week.
so yesterday i was on my last ...

 How long does it take for a pulled hip flexor to recover?
I haven't worked out my abs in awhile and decided to do a really
intense ab workout.. bad idea and somehow pulled my hip flexors.
I'm wonder how long will it take to fully ...

 Knee pain advice for a runner?
My knees are feeling fine, but whenever i start to run there is a bit of pain on my knee, whenever i do the rotating situps (left elbow to right knee, right elbow to left knee over and over) for my ...

 ear piercing problem?
well, my ears got pierced in february the 23, or 25. and after the few weeks i decided to take them out in the 5th week because the person said keep the earring in your ears for 6 weeks. but like i ...

 ankle broke?
i fell skateboarding and my write ankle was infront of me and it hit the ground crooked then my toes went numb and my ankle had a jelloish pain my fooot was strait but the inside and outside turnd a ...

 Why and how do i get my arm to stop hurting?
Im fourteen years old almost 15, and im a pitcher for my highschool team, lately, my arm has been killing me even after warming up before i star throwing hard. At the beginning of the season it wasnt ...

 What did I doing wrong while squating?
I started working out today I was going to work out my legs I did stretch but very briefly I did my first set and I felt good on my second set my leg cramped up severely was it from not stretching ...

 weird dream?
i had this dream where im walking down a neighborhood bare foot. i actully walk alot and just barefoot. i know im barefoot cause i keep my head down trying to watch wat i step on so i see my own feet....

toe hurts where foot and big toe meet?
I dont recall stubbing it or anything but this morning when i woke up the part where my foot and my big toe connects hurts. It doest hurt when i press on it just when i move the toe upwards and when i lift my foot up. Its not swollen from what i can see what could this be. also last night i went to a dance . i dance alot.

dancing.... make sure its not athlete's foot.

Make sure the shoes you dance in do not force your feet into unexpected positions.

Otherwise... give it some ice... 48 hours... if its doing better great... if at any point it gets worse, see a doctor.

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