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 how do i not tear my family apart? should i really go?
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swollen and bruised leg after flying? should i be worried?
After being on 4 hour flight lst week i realised my left leg had swollen and a large bruise has occured for no reason on the inside of my lower left leg, the leg is still swollen but the bruise is getting better. do i need to be concerned or will it get better on its own? Also it is throibbing a little bit.


Just as nannyb and Boris say - go to A&E or the walk in centre now.

I would go get it checked out just to be safe as it could be a blood clot.

This has happened to best of us, in your case do little light exercise.

The reason being that the circulation was cut of or reduced to great extent. Throbbing is a good sign, if there is very slight or no pain. Bruise was actually blood cloth and as circulation gets re established the bruise will get lighter and smaller. You need to get up and walk slowly from time to time and during resting or siting elevate the leg on a stool or pillow under the leg.

Again on the return flight inform the people on the plain of the problem and make sure to walk a little every 1/2 an hour(length of the plain few times, if the conditions permits or just try and move the knee joint, it is this joint that is pitching the blood vessel and not allowing the blood to circulate).

One of the USA VP had this problem on a flight from USA to London and on return had to undergo a surgery to correct this problem. So do mention it to your Dr. and get it corrected, there are drugs that can be tried, the surgery should be the last thing and be done not without allowing time for other things like exercises and drug to work.

Here is more:

In your case Knee support so you do not bend the knee enough to cut of circulating.

1).Use crutches. Rest. (do not play sports and lift any thing heavy, go to a pharmacy or medical supply and ask for a individual support for the injured areas, in your case get it and use it all the time but light exercises are OK). Just to reduce the swelling.
2). Cold and Hot compressions, alternately(ice the swelling in your case).
3). Pain killers such as Aspirin/Tylenol/ other. Aspirin is the one that brings down the swelling but some people are not able to take it.
4). Vitamin B6 it help rejuvenate the tissues.
5). Apply pain killer ointment and massage it lightly.

After healing, do light stretching and slowly get in to usual routing step by step.

Hope you have seen a Dr. and had a X' Rayed taken, or had MRI done (preferably both). Make an appointment for a Dr. and if need be cancel it later in time to avoid visit fees, if you get batter in time.

Treat the scratches with antibacterial. Like Bactine(it does not sting) or Equal, keep it covered and clean

See your health care provider as soon as possible (orthopedic). Three types of problems account for most leg pain not associated with injuries:

Inflammation and clots in veins--thrombophlebitis
Narrowing of arteries--intermittent claudication
"Overuse" problems associated with vigorous exercise, collectively referred to as "shin splints"

Thrombophlebitis is most likely to occur after a prolonged period of inactivity, such as a long car or plane ride. The pain is aching and usually not localized, but sometimes a firm and tender vein can be felt in the middle of the calf. Swelling doesn't always occur or may be so slight that it's hard to detect. See a (vascular surgeon), if a blood clot is possible.
I hope this helps you. And good luck.

Get it checked out at a hospital or the doctors straight away. It could be deep vein thrombosis even on a short flight.

if it was me i would go to the hospital today better safe than sorry ..they will scan it for blood clot ..go today if i was you

kellie m
Get checked out asap, it COULD be DVT, do not hesitate and go 2 A and E.

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